On Cable News, “Truth” Sometimes Resembles “1984”

1984In George Orwell’s “1984,” the central character, Winston Smith, works at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting news items from the past so they support what the all-controlling inner Party asserts as present and past reality. The slogan that sums up this process is, “He who controls the past controls the future.” Past government reports, economic plans and projections, official accounts of battles fought in remote places against whoever is the enemy, all are made to align with what the Party is doing now.

If the people would be disappointed that chocolate rations are being cut, the Party tells them that they are being increased and changes historical records so that rations from past months have lower quantities than the current rations. If apartment buildings are dilapidated, plumbing clogged, food inedible, clothing poorly made and unaffordable, the Party claims that the standard of living has improved and predicts even brighter days ahead.

The Party controls the citizens of Oceania with fear of enemies abroad and at home. It keeps people focused on perpetual war in far off lands. Every dead soldier is a hero, so questioning the reasons for war is a crime.

It is hard not to feel we are living in an Orwellian age.

In “1984,” Smith briefly held in his hands hard evidence that the Party had lied about the activities of three political figures who had been accused, tried and convicted of treason. A news clipping accidentally came across his desk proving that the three traitors were at a conference in New York City on the very day they were convicted of being in Eurasia betraying Oceania.

Smith, frightened by what would happen to him if he makes known that he has, or has even seen, this hard evidence contradicting the Party’s version of reality, sends it down the ironically named memory hole, where it is instantly burned.

Hard historical evidence like documents housed in the LBJ Library or the Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas makes true history possible, but it does not guarantee it. The art of history has been so marginalized that it is not making a dent in ongoing political discussions.

In the manufactured controversy concerning President Barack Obama’s citizenship and eligibility to be president, images shown on one news network of birth announcements in old Hawaiian newspapers are never seen by people who never watch that network.

Worse, last month on CNN, a guest anchor on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” reported that Factcheck.org, the Republican governor of Hawaii, and those very clippings established that Obama was born in Hawaii. Three days later, Lou Dobbs asserted on the same program, his own, that the questions had not been dealt with.

Worst of all, the ensuing coverage was all about the potential embarrassment to Dobbs, not about the harm done to our political process when such falsehoods are perpetuated.

palaimaWinston Smith realized that as time went by, the past would be rewritten so often that what once constituted hard evidence might no longer contradict the current version of history.

We have reached the point where truth in history is determined by whoever can buy a news network and get partisans to shout loud and long.

Hold onto your birth certificate, just in case.

Tom Palaima

Tom Palaima teaches classics at the University of Texas, Austin.

Republished with permission from the History News Network. Originally published in the Austin American-Statesman (8-21-09)


  1. in_awe says

    Some historically aware people know that the “newspaper of record” – the NY Times – reporter Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for his unrepentant whitewashing of the Soviet famines in the Ukraine, the widespread purges and showtrials in the 1930’s. Finally, after decades of supporting Duranty, the NY Times admitted that he fabricated and wrote a (Soviet) government approved narrative of reality.

    I recall that in 1968, based purely on personal opinion, Walter Cronkite of CBS declared that the Tet Offensive proved conclusively that the US and S. Vietnam had lost the war militarily. All facts proved otherwise.

    As the North Vietnamese leaders later admitted, the Tet Offensive was militarily a major disaster for the NVA and was the last sizable effort ever undertaken by the Viet Cong. Yet, their “Hail Mary” offensive won the public opinion war due to the “dean of American journalism” declaring the war lost and that the the troops should be brought home.

    Fast forward over decades of untold thousands of untruths spoken in the MSM to September, 2004 when Dan Rather (another paragon of truth at CBS) gave us the “fake but accurate” take on “the news”.

    Of more recent vintage are the AP fauxtography hijinx using obviously Photoshopped images from the Middle East. These ranged from photos of the same wailing woman used in several different photographs purportedly taken in countries separated by hundreds of miles, to faked Israeli air attacks in Lebanon to tampered images of Iranian anti-aircraft missile launches.

    I dare say that the author’s grasp of mainstream media distortion is greatly attenuated and biased.

  2. jacksmith says

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