Free Film Screening: “On These Shoulders We Stand” Dec 7th


Free Documentary Film Screening and Discussion


You are invited to join us at a free screening of Glenne McElhinney’s documentary, “On These Shoulders We Stand,” about LGBT civil rights in the 60s and 70s in Los Angeles. After the screening a panel of local community activists including Wes Jo and Don Norman will discuss LGBT civil rights in LA then and now.

Friday, December 7, 2012
5:00pm until 7:00pm

Echo Park Film Center
1200 N. Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, California 90026

Sponsored by: Celebrate, Educate, Stop Hate

The Celebrate, Educate, Stop Hate Coalition of Los Angeles was formed this past summer in response to a violent attack on two young men in the Echo Park area that was apparently motivated by anti-gay bigotry.

In response to that event, community residents and leaders came together to discuss the problems of hate crimes and incidents of ALL types, and how to move proactively to prevent them.

We also wanted to provide meaningful community support for those who have been the targets of hate crimes or incidents.

We have held several workshops and educational events for youths and adults that have been very well attended. We are currently involved in doing outreach to the schools in our area, in order to connect with parents, teachers and young people who are making efforts to address the problem of bullying and other forms of conflict which are often generated by bigoted attitudes.

We are convinced that these attitudes must be recognized and addressed, whether they find their origins within our own homes or in the community at large. Our goal is to make our community, our city and our society as a whole, a peaceful, harmonious, respectful, and fundamentally safe place for everyone who lives in it.

For all of these reasons, our coalition has grown beyond the limits of Echo Park and has decided to continue to work to educate and activate community residents to understand the threat that bigotry and hate crimes pose to the well-being of all of us. We hold regular monthly meetings as well as special events. Everyone is invited to participate and attend!

After the movie you are also welcome to join us in supporting the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic 25th Annul AIDS Posada. The procession will pass by the theater where we can join and walk the last block to the Echo Park Methodist Church. The restaurant Alegria on Sunset is providing a delicious chicken pozole for everyone to enjoy. Community members, business owners and residents will share their personal experiences with, and efforts to combat the HIV/AIDS crisis.

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