One Year Later: Ten Things President Obama HAS Done Since He’s Been in Office

Good Things Obama Has DoneIn 2008, the United States witnessed the people take its government back from ideological tyranny, greed, and anti-intellectualism. The election of President Barack Obama was a worldwide event — a signal to the world that America, at last, had overcome it’s last taboo (at least publicly), race. Graveyards all over America with generations of three centuries of racialized pasts either roared, “Finally,” or rolled over in amazement that this could happen here of all places.


One year later, the nation is a lot more sober with the reality of what change really is, and what was necessary to bring change about. The most amazing thing about the past year is the short memories everybody seems to have about how bad things really were. People seem to have forgotten that the economy was in a free fall, two misguided wars were draining the U.S. treasury ,and we had little goodwill to be found anywhere around the globe.


All guns were pointed at us with no calvary in sight. Everybody thought Barack Obama was the better candidate. Everybody agreed that Barack Obama should be elected President. But NOBODY was going to call it, bet the farm on it, or even say it, above a whisper, that Barack Obama would be the next President — until they saw it with their own eyes. The reality of the America’s situation, however, is that no matter who was elected President, the country was in trouble. And that’s exactly how it’s gone down.


The ignorant (who are not really ignorant, just still mad), the foolish, and the partisans all want to suggest that President Obama hasn’t done anything in the 10 months since he’s been President. They even want to blame the outcomes of this month’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey as a referendum on the job Obama is doing. Like things were just going to turn around because Barack showed up. It’s simple-minded and disingenuous to suggest nothing has been done. So, let’s look at (at least) ten things President Obama managed to achieve within his first year:

  • Ten: President Obama has slowed down the recession. Nobody is talking depression anymore, and some are talking recovery. Trying to catch this economy from crashing was like trying to catch a 100 ton boulder dropped off a 70-story building. The inertia alone is going to push you backwards until you can slow the force. Most wouldn’t even step in front of a boulder coming at them like this. Obama stepped in the gap and stuck to a measured recovery plan of stimulus dollars and labor force transition.
  • Nine: President Obama saved Wall Street. And Wall Street tried to punk him by paying itself first. He exposed the absence of regulatory oversight on Wall Street, and economic and financial investment reform is being discussed like never before.
  • Eight: President Obama saved the collapse of the American automotive industry. By making GM restructure before bailing them out, and putting incentive money to help the industry, he saved the industry. People want to make jokes about “cash for clunkers” but the automakers aren’t laughing. They’re thanking him.
  • Seven: President Obama shifted the focus of the war from Iraq to Afghanistan, and putting the emphasis on reducing terrorism where it should have been all along-but now they want to say he’s making war, not peace. Well, at least he didn’t destabilize a whole region on a false premise. It’s better than what we had.
  • Six: President Obama relaxed Anti-American tensions throughout the world. This was more serious than the previous administration was willing to let on. The President made good on his promise to make a major address on American-Muslim relations and he did it in a Muslim country, showing a good faith that America hadn’t shown in a while.
  • Five: President Obama closed the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay. Holding prisoners for eight years without charging them was acceptable under the previous administration.  It is not acceptable under this administration. Obama’s  next challenge is what to do with the detainees.
  • Four: President Obama has made the environment a national priority, and a primary source for job creation. The era of polluting industrialists is over, and with a President that understands the benefits of green conversion, America can become a leader in the industry of the future.
  • Three: President Obama has made education a national priority by putting emphasis and money behind new ideas like charter schools, but speaking directly to school children in telling them they have to do their part. It’s what any President should be encouraging but Obama’s so popular, he was accused of trying to “socialize” or “proselytize” the children. It’s a sad day when the President of the United States can’t speak to school children because their parent’s views conflict.
  • Two: President Obama is on the verge of passing universal health care, with a public option, to insure everybody in America has care when they are sick. He’s doing it, despite vilification of ideologues and while in the midst of an H1N1 epidemic where millions could get sick this winter. The people feel him on this.
  • One: President Obama has restored credibility to the American Presidency where the world is looking to him to lead America out of unilateralism and back into multilateral global cooperation. The Nobel Peace Prize was an acknowledgment that Obama had led and is leading a non-violent cultural revolution in America. Everybody, except for a few in America, can see the change. Still, the world understands what happened one year ago, and they thought they’d never see such a shift occur. The election of Obama helped the world see the light that America wasn’t ready to self-destruct.

samad.jpgNot bad, for less than a year in office. People need to stop complaining that he hasn’t done enough. Obama was elected President. He wasn’t elected Jesus. Like Al Sharpton said on Meet The Press, “we now realize that Obama doesn’t walk on water, but he’s still the fastest swimmer in America.”

Anthony Asadullah Samad


  1. Lisa says

    This is funny and sad to read today, 12/29/14. It is pathetic to support anyone because of the color of his skin. Every single point made her is the opposite of what this guy has done. First and foremost, he lies. He lies about everything, everywhere, anytime, any place, for the sole reason of making himself feel good and to get what he wants. There is an oath he took. There is a constitution to uphold. There are people, American citizens that he is accountable to. The biggest pun of all though, is what he has done to black people. Barry is half Caucasian, BTW. The war on poverty has done nothing but control people and make them stay poor. Giving out food stamps and EBT cards and free tuition and free healthcare (joke) and free abortions isn’t helping. This country became great by instilling morals and laws and accountability and work ethic. The black community has aborted more than half their own population since the early ’70’s. The black community commits triple the crime to each other than any other race to them. The black community has learned racism matters from Barry Soetero. He has divided the country and put it back to pre-MLK days. He doesn’t follow one principle MLK spoke of. The black community will be the most affected by 40million more illegals coming here……move over and be prepared to share your freebies and jobs and doctor visits with another continent that was never born here and not entitled to anything Americans have worked for. The black community just witnessed the POTUS and TFLOTUS lie about racism in Target and get it published in People magazine even after the public found out it was a lie. There is no integrity, no morals, no future for any color or race if we are lawless and immoral and lie. Barry Soetoro has done severe damage to the greatest country of made. He has turned it on itself, diminished it’s reputation, weakened it’s strength and embarrassed it.

  2. MaverickCoast says

    How’s the State Of California doing with DEMOCRAT leadership? It’s the h*llhole of the nation because it’s just one big ENTITLEMENT state. Morality is in free fall, and Democrats/Liberals never did understand responsibility and how a economy works!

  3. ano says

    a disappointing president who is all talk, and wastes money that the United States doesn’t have to fulfill his big unrealistic dreams

  4. says

    This writer is apparently an outright liar or delusional. Guantanamo Bay is and has been open for business. After reading this I’m sure he is just a pathetic liar.

  5. melene nacirema says

    i agree with al! obama has done pretty great things.. what do u think romney would have done in this situation if he had to be president after bush?! bush left this country a mess now he was a piece of shit for a president.. but obama had to clean up the mess do u think it was easy cleaning up the mess bush left?! and yeahh sorry to break the news to you but every channel on television lies.. you guys need to do independent research not take some channels news for being the right answer..

  6. Joey:D says

    Okay, if you’re on here, looking at obama stuff and what he’s accomplished, WHY are you here talking smack about it, really, if you dont like it, tell all your anti-obama friends and not us. geeze.

  7. kal98 says

    they are all on the same ticket there are no political sides it is all the same dog and pony show to cause diversion, illusion, and the real truth is your planet is being destroyed by endless gold and other mining, oil drilling and endless spills, air pollution, by the death of most of the variety of seed, plants, farm animals, marine wildlife, and all wildlife is fighting for survival. you could be using the aircar, the water motor, the hempoil biofuel, is-ra-el totally solar thanks to endless money from usa, they also collect a kosher tax, beware of the noahide laws, chocolate mt was the largest gold reserves on the planet and was owned by the american people but it was stolen from you, one world means one world, bank, judges, law, and government the jan1 sequestration federal entitlement cuts are not good for certain people, it goes on and on but your planet is being destroyed at an alarming rate, gmo seed will lead to total starvation from a fungus, you are weak from your modern lifestyle, low frequency and stress and smart meters, towers and all the rest the massive death of bees and bats is from fungus and cell phones, fracking, mining and drilling, oil spills, the death of millions of animals and fish and marine life and yet for the most part you do nothing, they tell you in your movies what will happen make millions off you showing your own demise. may you find the truth and may it be soon.

  8. kal98 says

    this is total bs he does whatever his handlers want him to do its the chicago way, there is no h1n1 epidemic coming swine flu has been around since the 70’s he’s done nothing really just like all the rest and in 2013 we will lose across the board with the sequestration act just like many, he found 1million money for guy in chicago for renovation in- never done, he said no more drilling now they are in artic, it goes on and on we could be using hempoil, the water motor, the compressed aircar, the 5 so called green companies all went bankrupt on taxpayers money and the top and few others got millions so its all the same, death of the middle class, and the rich do not pay taxes anyway as they have corporations to hide behind, endless deductions. I don’t see any new jobs less and now more cut backs and out sourceing in 2013 many living on fixed incomes will get cuts so called entitlement cuts although we paid into the programs. I was hopeful and voted for him but yes we can what? work real hard, his track record as a senator was mainly a no show, he received a mansion to live in, his wif was given 300k year jobs, oh what about those family accounts in the hondurus? and he said he knew noone in chicago the ayers supported him all the way, whatever Im moving to another country while I can still get out alive! I voted for him and be-lie-ved in him he went to school on entitlement programs once as a foreign student and acorn was found to have been embezzeling so he just like all the poli-tics!

  9. MiddleClassMan says

    All that listed on this page is BULLSHIT. Go figure it is coming from a black man. He’s happy bc his ghettos now get free health insurance paid for by the WORKING middle class, the people that financial support this country and the free loading black people.

  10. Breonna says

    Lets not forget George W. Bush, he started this. The main reason why people scream and holler about Obama is his race. Hands down.

  11. Lynnette says

    I’m pretty sure we cant count on Presidents anyway. If we want change then we best eat whole foods, organic, non GMO produce and 100% grass fed meat and wild fish, and refuse to vote until they take regulations away for those farmers. If we want change then we best grow our own food, get off the grid with solar, and drill a water well if we live where water is still clean. And stand up for our neighborhoods. If we want change then we best show our kids compassion, acceptance and encouragement and appreciation for diversity so they don’t become bullies. Teach them to be activists instead. Somehow we have to take our country back and by not leaving it up to Washington and Big Business. Vandana Shiva told me we haven’t kicked out big corporations like India did in the 70’s because we don’t have communities. No wonder our occupy movement was unclear. Americans are novices content on couches. Instead we send money to political action committees and expect them to do it for us. Indians marched on IBM and Coke and kaboom out. Coke was forcing them to walk further to get their water. Maybe we should march before it gets that bad. Unemployment is a good reason right?

  12. says

    Sorry this president has a different agenda. He is not a normal democrat. The bottom line is: no jobs and he cannot even show up to his own committee meetings that he set up to find a solution to stimulate the economy. Sorry he gets a big fat NO! He tells american that we are a country that is not that great. Yeah he’s a great president. NOT! How about cramming down our throats a healthcare plan that will raise taxes and wow we have to pass first to see what’s in it! Puts extreme regulations on businesses so they can’t hire. so wonderful! stop the BS

  13. Mr.D says

    @bfe5fdb205fead3517b5885513cd0f67:disqus Obviously he has done something there’s a FREAKING LIST RIGHT ABOVE THE COMMENT SECTION. Obama had been alot better than Bush. It doesn’t take 4 years to fix a big problem that grew out of 8 years. Stop being a small minded person that won’t see straight. If you want to vote for another white, male, repulican who wants America to back on a big decline than go ahead. When Bush was President EVERYONE was scared of losing their jobs. Since Obama, EMPLOYMENT HAS ROSE. It’s all the stupid people who just watch a Rommney commmericial that just accept the wild facts he throws without doing research. that;s the bureau of labor statistics. Read it, stop Bullying Obama, and STFU.

  14. says

    Obama saved wall street, you fucking kidding me? He printed trillions of dollars and gave it to both American and Foreign banks? Where did all this money go that Wall Street supposedly lost? Why is it the job of the American tax payer to bail-out banks that were utter failures?

  15. says

    This article is complete bull sh*t, even if I gave you credit for the ten ‘positive’ things you state he has done, I can name plenty more that are negative. Romney would be just as bad – We need to abolish the two party system and elect the best person for our nation. Sadly, the global elite own our election system (Citizen’s United). All you democrips and republibloods will be sorely sorry you didn’t consider Gary Johnson.

      • Dizzy79 says

        Well how about the fact that the 10 positive are all not true.But 1.Extended the war in Iraq after he promised to end it.2.Bombed 6 soverign nations in 4 years,3.allowed 4 diplomats to die in a 7 hour attack in Benghazi4.Signed NDAA without amending it to gurantee it didnt apply to US citizens.5.Affordable Healthcare ACT6.Extended the Patriot Act7.Gave wall street trillions of dollars with zero oversight.8.Fast and Furious where he sold guns to cartels that in turn killed federal agents9.Has helped to destabilize the Middle east and allow the muslim brotherhood and jihadist to take control in Libya and Egypt10.Has murdered 3 american civilians without due process and I can keep going its easy.

    • Pete Perry says

      The positive things are all wrong as well! They can be debunked! I don’t remember the middle east being this jacked up under Bush, and I don’t know about this Green Energy Job Creation when almost all of the cutting edge Green Tech companies are losing money or going Bankrupt and laying off their staff!

      1.3% GDP and no new trade agreements isn’t stopping the recession! That’s just prolonging it!

      The Bush Stimulus Saved “Wall Street” but, the Obama camp was responsible for handing out fund! Now Obama’s group is changing the rules on payback and refusing payback for some financial institutions (can you say Nationalized?)…

      GM is Majority owned by the US and Canada while still borrowing money because they’re in the RED! Obama has used government funds to finance the building of multiple manufacturing plants for GM in China and we’re told that GM is Alive! GM is a vegetable on life support and as soon as the Government pulls the plug, it collapses!

      As for Gary Johnson, if he were a real leader we wouldn’t have had to wait for Ron Paul to be removed from the National Headlines to hear his name! Face it, he’s an also ran and Romney has been working closely Ron Paul through the whole campaign! What if what Romney plans to do is what Ron Paul had planned but he cannot say it because he’ll be thrown under the bus like Ron Paul was!

  16. Bmaxine77 says

    I don’t understand some of the people in this country when it is as PLAIN AS DAY. President Obama has slowed down the recession tremendously and he saved Wall Street. He also saved the Automotive Industry from collapsing. What was more important than shifting the focus of the war from Iraq to Afghanistan, which put more emphasis on reducing terrorism where it should have been since the beginning.  At least he didn’t drag us into war under false pretences supposedly looking for weapons of mass destruction. Then kill the leader and his two sons by violating a country who posed no threat to the United States. In actuality Ronald Reagan is the one helped create the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Reagan fought a proxy war with the Soviet Union by training them, providing arms for them, and making sure they were fully equipped, and provided funding for Islamist fighters in Afghanistan and yet they give him so much credit. Pleeeeaassse!!!!!!! Eventually the US began trying to stop them from doing something they taught them how to do, which is what caused most of these problems. Just do the research and you will see that certain leaders who died in 911 were actually educated in the US…..

    • Anonymous says

      Maybe he should’ve let them crash instead of not teaching them a lesson. What happened “Oh you messed up again? And need help? Sure… Here’s money I should be paying off debt with.” Instead of what should have been said which any middle class business owner would’ve gotten “Oh you messed up? Going down the tube? Too bad. Life’s tough”

    • WhyAreYouSoBlind says

      Now look at GM, they’re moving to China to manufacture vehicles. What else is despicable, after the Government gives them money they turn around and buy from GM making it GM’s most profitable year in history accounting for 79% of their sales. I don’t know why you look at the Government bailing out the auto industry (on borrowed money) as a positive thing. GM should have fallen so that our future does not have to pay of the debt gained for a company the produces a sub-par product.

  17. Fisch12 says

    No one knows if Obamacare will be successful or not, it has barely been initiated, the current system charges you $35,000 for a simple appendectomy, that is an example of failed healthcare, along with a nation that overweight and out of shape, another example of failed healthcare. Were the best nation as far as diagnosing diseases with state of the art technology and treating various conditions, but the final outcomes are no better than any other industrialized country, and we pay twice as much as our counterparts.THAS IS FAILED HEALTH CARE. In  31/2 years no one has taken away your freedoms, Christians can still freely attend their place of worship, they can minister in any form. Obama hasn’t taken that away. People can own fire arms( someone might raise an eyebrow if you are openly carring an M-16 around, but they still won’t do anything. If you wanna be gay, you can be gay. If you wannabe straight, you can be staight. So Someone is an oversensitive crybaby

  18. idk says

    Joe Lieberman for president!! He sticks to his own views and isn’t swayed by his party.  Romney sucks and Obama sucks even more!!!!

  19. Ewb1031 says

    Fuel prices doubled foreclosures are at their highest unemployment through the roof Obama care is a joke and my son in law was just sent to Iraq for the 4th time yah we are pulling out lol what a joke . Whoever voted for Obama didnt stop to look he was only in politics for just over a half a year and his voting record was appauling he is the most under qualified president in history . Yah some accomplishments  ha ha

  20. C_g_p2000 says

    All of things mentioned above were not accomplished by Obama. They were accomplished by many people from different parties woking together. Obama, as a stand alone president, has accomplished nothing. You can look at something as simple as gas prices…..a little over a dollar a gallon when Bush left office, to almost four dollars a gallon now. When Bush was president, everyone wanted to blame him, “Oh he is in with all the oil companies.” Now, no one has an excuse. Why? Because they would have to point it back at Obama. Facts are facts. Obama wants a socialist agenda, and socialism is the worst thing for this country, or any other for that matter. No where in our constitution does it say that the government is suppose to take care of us. We do not need a bigger government with all of the exspensive programs to take care of everybody. Didnt have it in the past when this country started, dont need it now.

  21. Whitten7182 says

    I love how most of the people here that are against Obama don’t even write their comments with correct grammar, showing how unintelligent they actually are. I agree completely with inb4stupidcomeback. People will never be pleased with their current president. Once there’s a new president, nobody will hate on Obama and will instead complain about how terrible their new one is compaired to him. Yes, Obama has made possibly more than his share of mistakes, but like I’ve heard a lot of people say; He’s not Jesus! He’s done a lot of good for our country as well, which are all mentioned above. I suggest some of you read them before coming down here just to give your brainless views on something you probably don’t even understand that well in the first place.

  22. Robertpostal says

    Too bad that all of this caused increase in tax payer out put. He has done NOTHING to help our country out. Add debt, not ok, add distrust, knew that was happening, and he is talking about othing except increasing our tax burden. He is an idiot, and it is understandable where people like Ted Nudgent gets his thoughts from.

  23. Justine98898 says

    Against number five, what about the prisoners of Bagram? Guantanamo was an amusement park compared to the torture we still inflect at Bagram. And against number four…most of Obama’s “green energy” plans have been politically based (take the Solyndra scandal for example)

  24. says


  25. RonPaul2012 says

    Ok ya’ll what happened to the first part of Obama’s term to result in the Republicans retaking the majority…he seemed so preparted prior to election :he surely watched the news if nothing else ..he spent time in Washington as a Senator? So all you Obama supporters sound like litlle girls “the republicans won’t let him do what he wants:” or he has done a so much “yeah he has America going at each others throats, Europe doesn’t like him,South America don’t like him either…he is not the man for the job and Romney =Obama Corporate greed..forgetting about the little guy ..the real need for jobs in rural America! I am not republican I am not a tea party supporter but I know lame duck when I see and hear it..Obama has no respect for life he has not respect for you! it is all corporation greed..This country sends women and men to fight for rights in other countries they die for others to have freedom while ours is being ripped out from under our noses like a good table cloth trick and pick pockets, you want jobs better edcucation, lower student loan rates, rights for women and men alike , you want confidence in your self and your country VOTE RON PAUL he will show you what good change is all about ..he has proven it for over 30 years HE IS ALWAY CORRECT….

  26. Hishieba says

    ok I have seen a  list that has not helped out the majority of Americans “what good is education when you can’t find a job”?
    and people do not feel better “I listen and read” I do not hear the people less concerned about the economy “and this is 4 years later! I am not a republican I was registered as a democrat my complete adult life “I am now non partisan” and Vote Ron Paul….so I can see some real change not weak claims for a pat on the back…the only thing Mr. Obama has changed is his mind! pretty much on everything and the miles flown on airforce one from one vacation to another

  27. says

    Five: President Obama closed the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay.  When the hell did he do this? Whoevers putting up this website is delusional. What about giving 2billion to brazil to drill for oil? Yes he did that. What about all the vacations he’s taken while he’s telling US to sacrifice? What about all the new IRS agents hired to inforce obamacare? This website is nothing but BS!

    • RonPaul2012 says

      No he didn’t No he did not!  you are right these deaf dumb and blind brain washed Obama supporter’s are humorous at best!
      The best post on here is the girl that was asking for anyone to please verify what exactly Obama has done because she could not find a single thing and it was her home work project…priceless and should be used to demonstrate to these fluoide induced comatose Obama supporters that he is the Wizard of Oz..and Toto is pulling back the Curtain!

  28. Concerned American says

    It’s absolutely hilarious to look back at this rhetoric. Let’s go through this list of yours:
    10) Oblama has slowed growth and prolonged the recession with his failed stimulus package.
    9) Wall street is more volatile than it has ever been.
    8) You mean socialized the auto industry, get it right. The result would’ve been the same had he let GM go bankrupt and restructure.
    7) Obama followed President W’s plans to get out of Iraq and shift the focus.
    6) Obama relaxed Anti-American tensions? Care to reassess??
    5) Closed the “torture camp” that directly led to killing Osama.
    4) Going green: Are you refering to the collapse of Solyndra inc. (solar energy), which went bankrupt in August after receiving $535m in government loans.” This only scratches the surface.
    3) Finally, January of his re-election year, Obama addresses education.
    2) Obama Care will be overturned because of the manner in which his people structured the mandate. An entire year of his presidency wasted on this cramp!!
    1) I don’t even need to address this one!!

    Please people, WAKE UP!!! Four more years of this guy will set this great country back decades!!!

    To the author: please update this list of rhetoric!!!

    • Chill Dog says

      how has he prolonged the recession? If he did nothing it would be in totally worse shape than it is right now. And who got us into this shit hole that were in right now? President Bush! Obama has been given the impossible task of fixing Bush’s mistakes. I’m not saying that I’m voting for Obama in the election, and I’m not saying that I won’t. But i sure as hell won’t vote for another Republican!

      • Concerned American says

        Lol. Sounds to me like you are saying you will vote for Obama. You people can only blame Bush for so long. And yes, prolonged the recession with excessive spending. You don’t just throw money at the problem and dig us deeper in debt, it’s so counter intuitive.  And actually, if Obama would have done nothing, the results would be more favorable. Then he tries to pass healthcare legislation that would have increased our deficit by upwards of 1 trillion in the first year alone!! This guy is completely clueless!

        Take a look at his latest charade…Raise taxes on the wealthy (the Buffet Rule). This posturing will increase tax revenue by 5 billion dollars each year. Sounds like a lot right? Well our national deficit increases by 4 billion each day!! LOL Let me be sure I have this right, he wants to increase taxes on small business owners and job creators to increase tax revenues by a fraction of the deficit. Again counter-intuitive. How about posting some ideas, thoughts, facts, etc, that contribute to the discussion.

  29. Justin Collins says

    Your a democratic ideologist who would agree with these “positive” actions of president Obama. This article is ridiculously biased toward the democratic opinion. and your point number one is an opinion and does not hold true in any case.

  30. Mylilangel71005 says

    President Obama could do a hell of a lot more if the REPUBLICANS in office would stop voting againts everything!!!! We do not need another republican do make the country fall more and more into the toilet… What the country needs is to actually give President Obama another 4 years to clean up the mess that BUSH left behind

    • Concerned American says

       How much longer are you people really going to blame Bush? If you are going to blame everything on Bush, then you must give credit, where credit is due. Osama Bin Laden was killed because of the policies Bush put in place. This one cracks me up: Drilling is at an all time high since Obama has taken over. The truth is drilling is up on private land NOT federal land. Oil and gas production is down 40% on federal land. Obama takes credit for Bush’s Iraq withdraw timeline!! What a clown! I could go on and on.

      Here’s an fun tidbit about the 2012 budget Obama proposed this past week in the House and Senate. House voted 0-414 and the Senate voted 0-97. This clearly shows this guy has no clue what the hell he is doing. Just stick to reading other peoples words off of the teleprompter. HYPE not HOPE!!

    • Anonymous says

      Really? Because as far as I’m concerned he hasn’t even started “Cleaning up the mess Bush left behind.” Yeah, things weren’t so great, but they weren’t this bad either. The Recession is worse than it’s ever been. And it doesn’t help when Obama goes around saying, “If you have your own business, you didn’t build that!!! Someone else made that happen!” WTF kind of “Leader” makes a mockery out of the entirety of Middle American business owners? It’s not REPUBLICANS that are the problem, it’s finger pointing and childish arguments. “Well, you’re republican I can’t agree with you even though your ideas make sense,” And “Well, you’re a democrat/Liberal so I can’t agree with you… etc…” It’s bullshit, grow up, work together and stop implementing such big Socialist government. There’s no need. In smaller government presidencies our country has thrived. Why change what works?

  31. iseedumbpeople says

    everybody wants to find a new way to pin there problems on the current president. what you dont realize is that the president ( i dont care who he is) can change the country for the better in just 4 years. it will take alot longer. obama can only get the weel turning. you can definetly change the country for the worse like bush did by starting that war.

  32. Vv says

    I teach elementary school.  Obama has done nothing for the school systems that I have seen!  I don’t agree with #3 above.

  33. Barackillbomya says

    Oh great, another “educated” man spouting nonsense. Next time you decide to blog some bullshit, bring some data to the discussion. Pretty much everything you’ve said here is completely false or incredibly misleading. You twist the truth more than liberal and conservative media combined. I’d correct your intentional and blatant lies, but why bother, people like you never listen. Oh and you’re a racist. Which is funny. Obviously, not revealed in this post but your blind favoritism of any black man’s accomplishment and over-valuing them simply because of race is really ignorant and offensive. P.S. Never put a Sharpton quote in a post if you want to be taken seriously; I’m sure you agree with his actions on a regular basis, which again proves how ignorant, biased/double standard and uneducated you views really are.

  34. Blahblah says

    Yo inb4stupidcomeback i’m not sure if you realized it but the economy has kind of been in hell lately so all the “so many opportunities” you seem to love talking about havent really been quite opportunistic for quite some time.

    • youandeveryoneelse says

      During 2010 I had seven W2’s to file for my taxes, During 2011 I had three. If the economy sucks where you live, move. The entire country is not doing great, but we don’t have it that bad either. those with the time to post on forums like these most likely haven’t faced the prospect of starvation. This year I have only one job and am working on furthering my education, Obama did enact laws that made it easier to qualify for student loans. I do not credit Obama for the forward momemtum of my status. I would fight for my advancement even if Mccain had won, I will fight still if Romney gets his way

      I urge you all to pick your goverment officials more as administrators and less as potential leaders. They are all politicians, and therefore not good examples of human beings.

  35. The_artist16 says

    anyone that thinks a republican is going to make things better, you are sorely mistaken the only people who will benefit from another republican president is the rich. The middle class and the poor can kiss their chances of getting close to the ” American Dream” GOODBYE.

    • Concerned American says

       LOL. So you would rather have a completely inexperienced president that has never run a business, in fact, I would argue he couldn’t even run a popsicle stand. OR someone that has run many businesses, bought failing companies and made then profitable once again, knows the importance of cutting costs, balancing a budget, etc., etc..

      Your reasoning is completely backwards, the American Dream was built by entrepreneurs, innovators, people working hard to make something of themselves. Obama wants to socialize this country, which actually increases regulation, takes power away from these private companies, and distributes wealth equally, regardless of the work you’ve contributed. How is that the American Dream?!?!?

  36. Voxin Gnarus says

    In my American History class there are many people who have openly told me the only reason they voted for Obama was simply because he’s black. I asked them if they knew that he was actually half black and white or mulatto. They said yes. So I asked why they didn’t address his race as such. They said “Well he looks black”. I told them that, that’s how slave traders would determine how “black” a person was and how much freedom that person could have. By the way we were studding American Slavery at the time so they already knew that but it never clicked that they were doing the same thing until I pointed it out. 

    The fact that Obama is half black is NOT revolutionary or great. In my opinion I don’t care if he’s black, white, yellow, or purple. If you are running for a position of power or are in said position the only thing people should take into account is how good you are at running the country and protecting people’s rights. The fact that it’s either celebrated or hated that he’s half black only further shows the racism in America. 
    “I`m going to stop calling you a white man. And I`m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” – Morgan Freeman

  37. Anonymous says

    Instead of running your mouth and, saying Obama has done great things, why dont you explain to people these great things. You also cut yourself off when you said, “the majority of the Congress Republican.” Everytime I have heard someone try and defend Obama they make no sense what so ever. He is not just one man. He is the leader of superior country. He has enough pull and information he should be on a better track than he is now.
    Only four years? Alot can happen in four years. Alot can happen in a second. Obama has been in office four years to long. You were the only comment that I saw that had to do with race. I know people out in the world are still racist, but I am not one of them. For people to assume that others make our decisions based on another mans race is ignorant. At the end of the day its not going to matter what color my leaders skin is but that he was a great leader.

    I would take Martin Luther King Jr over Obama any day. I would also take Ghandi and he was from india. The only difference is that these men had heart. I didnt vote for Obama but I wanted to see what he was made of with all his promises. Obamacare? More Debt? “FOXNEWS” brings a republican and a democrate together in the same room to talk about what Obama is doing and has done. I wouldnt blame “FOXSNEWS” for the lack of leadership.

    “Obama has done some pretty great things for you Americans and he is trying to do even more but it is nearly impossible to do anything at all when the majority of the Congress Republican! Sure he’s made promises and sure he hasn’t necessarily done them by now but the man is just that – a man, one single man…whose been in office for only four years. You people expect miracles in a time when your country is facing economic downturn! Do all yourselves a favour and shut off FOXNEWS and get your news some where else. http://www.democracynow.orgy/
    And get all this race garbage out of your heads. People are people, get over it!”

    I was seeking information about what Obama has done in his presidency and stumbled up on an idiot.

    • melene nacirema says

      yes we would all love to take someone else besides the idiots they give us as candidates but that just in another world..

      • Dizzy79 says

        Only because that is how lazy americans view things nowadays, we can make a difference. This is supposed to be a government by the people for the people, and we have the power to impeach. So why does it have to be another world. Fight for your rights like our ancestors did. Im sure when the founding fathers wanted to secede from the crown there were folks that said yeah it would be nice if we could govern ourselves but thats another world. But here we are and with the internet we can connect instantly intercontinentally. We should all use this tool to flex our political muscle. But now people are brainwashed tax cows just following the herd. Big government has won, now people elect based on who they think will give them more and fix all there problems. Only we can fix our problems, want a better economy, start a business and hire people. Innovate, create. Not say Obama can you help us. Thats not the American spirit. We need less government we dont need them to fix our problems. Didnt Obama say he could make change but it would take all of us. Well what have you supporters done to help him. I bet nothing. All I hear is Obama gonna give me gas and pay my mortgage and give me a phone and free healthcare, none of it true. HELP YOURSELF PEOPLE

  38. Someone says

    Obama hasnt done anything. Obamacare is garbage. Obama HAD to get troops out if Iraq, because our agreement with them ran out, but guess what? We have contractors still there. Only thing Obama has done is give more power to the governmen and is trying to take away our amendments. I guess all the Obama supporters dont know about that. You guys are to blinded by ignorance.

    • Someone#2 says

      wow. Obama isn’t Jesus. Do you think you can handle the job? At least he hasn’t backed down on what he has said. If he had failed on something, he doesn’t blame it on other people.

      • obviously says

        Don’t you get it?  Who cares if he’s doing the best he can – its not good enough!  Look at the unemployment rates!  Look at the government spending!  Look at the national debt!  You’re entire American future is about to fall out from under you, and you defend the man who is the main catalyst for the fallout because he’s “doing the best he can.”  Sure, he’s not perfect, sure, he’s probably criticized too much, but would you keep your job if you were seriously under-performing, even though you were “doing the best you can?”  Nope.  You’d be out of a job, just like Obama should be.

        • Shutthehellup says

          You really thought he was going to wave a friggin’ magic wand and fix that mess in 4 years? What drug are you on?! You need to learn about the concept of “change” and what it takes to create change, especially in this country. Go do some reading. 

          • Anonymous says

            Well, since he said he could fix it in 4 years, I guess everyone was expecting that. But you shouldn’t expect much from the guy who doesn’t even know how many states are in the US.

            • PayAttention says

              If I recall Obama’s speech in 2008 he said It may take 1 term or it may take more than one but we will get there. To me he basically said that he already knew that “change” of an already failing economy was not going to happen in that short period of time but he is putting things in place for “change” to happen. Guys listen to the man and support him. He is not failing at all. The economy needs much work. This man definitely has my vote…

              • Anonymous says

                Really? You must watch CNN and msnbc, I’m not labeling myself either way, but the debt is at an all time high, job creation is at an all time low, Obama believes NO ONE has built a business by themselves and that someone else built it for them, unemployment is higher than it ever was with bush, and the middle class has disappeared. Tell me in what way has he not failed?

              • Dizzy79 says

                You probably dont even know how our monetary system works. You just say our economy needs much work. Our President has nothing to do with our economy,you cant legislate a good economy. But you can meet the budget deadline which he never does, you can propose meaningful cuts and stop taxing the shit out of everyone so we have some money to spend. That shit can be done in 4 years especially when he had the house majority.

          • doztpk says

            No magic wand required, just some common sense. Everything Obama has done has been tried before and it failed then as well. We have a blue print of what needs to be done. Both JFK and Reagan had similar issues in the country and Both did pretty much the opposite of what Obama did and it worked! Obama has done NOTHING positive for this country
            Obama himself said if he couldnt fix it his first term then he would be a one term president. Well…. how about we actually hold him to ONE of his statements instead of making excuses for him. One term it is!

        • melene nacirema says

          your an idiot this is all happening because past presidents decisions to not care about the long run its not obama..

      • nick says

        yes he has, he blamed congress then what does he do he passes a law without congress in the making, he said he’d cut the deficit in half, hes put more on the it in 4 yrs than Bush did in 8

      • Dizzy79 says

        He has backed down on everything he said thats the problem, I voted for him I drank the kool aid, and it was all politics as usual.Keep the Change.

    • Anthojeannie says

      nicely said. And someone#2 said it just right. He has done everything to his ability to do what he wanted to do in the first place. Steal America and Strip it’s founding privileges and rights.Obama supporters either are very smart by pushing this agenda or are very stuoid by not knowing what is going on right under their noses.

    • Fisch12 says

      Obama has done more to stave off what I will call the modern day GREAT BUSH DEPRESSION than most are giving him credit for.Obama did give more power to the government purely because industry took a severe recessionary downturn beginning in 2007, and begin laying people off by the millions. Therefore, your GWB signed in to legislation, giving every tax payer $1425 check from the treasury (for those filing under $250,000 income and told us to go out and spend it on everything and anything. Let’s analyze this, a Republican President giving me and millions others a check with a notice telling me to go out and spend it on consummables???? RED FLAG anyone?? Problems ahead anyone?? Then, just before the elections he summons the McCain team and Obama Team to the White House concerning  the Auto Industry pending collapse, “one of you poor suckers get that mess” GWB says, while getting his shot gun ready to shoot Quail in Midland, Texas.

      • Dizzy79 says

        What are you talking about thats how you stimulate an economy by giving people money to spend. And it was the policies of Democrats wanting everyone to own a home regardless of income or credit that created the housing bubble. It was people that dont want to save 20% like normal hardworking americans and get a fixed interest rate and own a home the right way. But liberals that want everyone from the hood with no job to be able to have granite countertops. I wonder if liberals today even know how far from the definition of liberal they really are. And how many of them know what it means to be a Democrat.

    • Shutthehellup says

      You’re the one blinded by ignorance, not to mention small-mindedness. If you are going to make silly claims like this, which is so typical and just sounds like wah wah wah wah wah by now, then BACK IT UP. Get it? You’ve got NOTHING. That’s why you can just make a stupid statement like this and then run like a little baby. You don’t have the brains to go look closely at the facts. 

    • Alex says

      Womens rights. Education funding. Cheaper medications for seniors. Saved the American auto industry. Saved us from Bush. Just to name a few of the many great things he’s done.

  39. inb4stupidcomeback says

    Everybody hates on the current president. Once Obama is out of the white house people will say, “This new guy sucks! At least Obama….” Nobody will ever be pleased. The new president could single handedly fix every problem the country is facing(along with other countries problems), eliminate the lower class(making everybody middle to high class), and give everybody in America 100 dollars out of his own pocket and people would complain about about the rent! “You don’t know how hard it is living in a country with so many opportunities! There are so many jobs I could choose from! It’s stressful trying to decide! I think I’ll just collect a government check(while continuing to complain about the government) until I can decide on what to do with my life.”

    • Anthojeannie says

      you have a great future if obam gets re-elected. Keep it up! xD In fact, I am seriously thinking that if my son grows up with out being nuked due to incompatibility in this country under obama’s rule, I will teach him how to steal from the hands of money makers. Apperently thats how obama wants it and my son will thrive in that economy and not one in which free enterprise and entrepreneurs will help create jobs and prosperity.

    • True American says

      if everyone hates Obama it is because he has given them many reasons to do so.  Your characterization of the American people is most dramatic and most inaccurate.  And, they do not want a handout; rather, they want a chance to make their own way.   Speaking of which are all those jobs available to your choice?  With all these jobs, why then is the unemployment rate above 8%?  (true rate is closer to 16%)  Obama spent 800 billion in stimulus dollars because if he didn’t, the unemployment rate would go above 8%.  well, he did and it did.  He has not the experience or knowledge to mange this great company.

      • Fisch12 says

        Yes, and what would your plan have been to change anything when Obama took office and inherited THE  GREAT BUSH DEPRESSION. I’ll say for you, I can articulate your Shaun Hannity garble for you. You would have let all the car companies go into bankruptcy, and let the Bain capitals of the world, consolidate, dismantle, allow foreign entities to purchase the bankrupt companies, and you wouldn’t have done the TARP program, you would have let millions of homeowners just go bankrupt. You would keep healthcare as it is where in 5 years 55% of Americans will not be able to afford health insurance. You would keep the two wars that your Republican party shoved down our throats, we would still be heavily involved in Iraq & Afganastan, and let me see… um…. John Bolten would be secretary of defense and you would use Iraq as a launching pad to invade Iran. At the same time you would take the Rep Paul Ryan plan and cut 6 trillion in intitlements over the next 10 years, but make damn sure the defense budget is padded to the hilt. You would get all regulations off the EPA so salt brine would flood our land as this country is fracked to oblivion.

        • themisfitjoe says

          You do understand that majority of the “great bush depression” happened because of democratic policies right?  Most of the Banking and Housing Problems were created by Liberal leadership, under the guise of making everyone a homeowner even if they can’t afford it…  

          Also, EVERY american has access to healthcare, Healthcare is a right, Health Insurance is not a right, it is a privilege that you pay for.  Insurance is a bet you make that says you won’t get sick and endure high medical costs.  

          The Defense Budget creates jobs, Entitlements cost jobs, I would rather see the majority of money being pumped into entitlements go to NASA, Research grants, and defense, then to pay people to sit at home as a pet of the state…

        • Dizzy79 says

          Why does everything have to be on Party lines. If your not for Obama you must be a Republican, this lesser of 2 evils mentality has to stop. Obama saved no home owners houses, 10 million more people out of 40 million might be insured under Obamacare but it will not be more affordable for anyone and people will lose full time jobs over it. Obama lied about ending the Iraq war and ended it on Bush’s deadline. Afgahnistan was an illegal war to the hi jackers were from audi Arabia. And Obama has bombed 6 soverign nations since taking office. And Bush had nothing to do with the economy and the housing bubble. The TARP program has given 12 trillion to wall st banks with zero oversight. And we need to cut all entitlements. If a President wont cut Medicare and Social Security they are not serious about fixing our deficit problems. How come foreigners can come here and start businesses and prosper but people who are lucky enough to be born here want handouts. Get a job and get insurance. Do you know alot of young americanms didnt have health insurance by choice. Your job offers it to you after 90 days if you aquire a skill and you can take it or you can refuse it and a lot of twenty somethings decide they dont need it. Now you have to buy in or get taxed, how is that a better sysytem. And Obama is lowering the amount of money you can make to get medicaid, so alot of folks will no longer be eligible and will have to buy private insurance. But it cant exceed 30% of your pay so thats ok.

  40. Jojamgin says

    Carl you are an idiot, The sad thing is that you think that you “have” to vote for a specific party, why not vote for the best candidate?

  41. says

    obama sucks and hopefully the new Republican president can give us some hope and change and send obama back to Chicago so he can help the community organizing going on there.

  42. olivia says

    No Calvary in sight? How about the Cavalry…could you see them? Don’t call others stupid until you get a good copy editor.

  43. Jessica says

    I think Obama has tried his best in doing things to better the country but how can he when the damn republicans don’t let him.

    • Bob says

      Worst President in the history of the United States !!!

      If by some UNGODLY chance he is re-elected, grab your children and run for Canada, although he is trying to control the whole world, I don’t think the masses will stand for that.

      He has single handedly destroyed so much of this country it will be a mirracle if we can undo the damage he has done, we are all worse off than we were 4 years ago. Gas prices are up 93%, the fools all blamed President Bush for that now suddenly” the President has nothing to do with gas prices”.

      • Chill Dog says

        I’m sorry, I have to ask this. Are you mentally retarded? Bush was definitely the worst president of the last 10 at least. And second, I don’t know where you are, but the gas prices in California are way lower now than when we had Bush. And wtf do you mean that he’s “trying to control the whole world”? what are you talking about? It seems like you’ve been watching FOX for a little too long.

      • Concerned American says

         Agreed Bob. Not sure what fantasy land Chill Dog lives in, but it must be nice. I live in California as well, and gas prices are up substantially from when Obama took office. It’s truly amazing how the Liberal media spun gas prices under Bush, and now under Obama. “In 2008, network reporters mentioned “Bush,” the “president” or
        “government” in gas price reports 15 times more often than in 2011 under
        President Obama (15 stories to 1).”

  44. luke herring says

    this whole page is crap!! He had nothing to do with 9 or 10. Number eight he wasted money giving to companies who couldn’t hold there own instead of letting the economy getting rid of weaker not as smart companies. 7 if he is focusing on terrorism hes still doing what everyone hates: war 6: hes showing we are getting weak nothing else. 5: he is doing the opposite of 7 and not coming down on terrorists to END terrorism. 4: he is spending money on enviroment over economy? the world will take care of itself give it time nothing MAJOR is happening to it all of this crap about enviroment being SO bad is bullcrap 3; i dont know much about this so i’ll give him hes done one good thing 2: first of all H1N1 has killed less people than the flu or cold does in one year and also this health care thing is bad but im not gonna go there here 1: he has not ‘restored credibility’ thats liberal CRAP

    • Joona says

      You Americans are so ignorant and nothing is enough for you guys. Let’s see you doing all that in a couple of years, at least he has gone to a better direction instead of some previous presidents. For example, getting the environment to better condition is all the small things everybody should do every day. Obama’s efforts here are absolutely more than that!

      • Riseabove1 says

        In reply to a post by Joona:
        Obviously your some random hippie. Do you even watch the news, Obma’s job is to help America instead he’s doing nothing. Sure he’s done stuff for the environment but what has he done for people. Look arround there is thousands of homeless starving people on the streets and your worried about a tree. Wake up!

        • Chill Dog says

          if there’s starving people on the streets and no one is doing anything about it, why don’t you give them some food if you care so much?

        • ac says

          random hippie? wow haven’t heard the word hippie in ages. the reason we are in this mess is simple “greed”, deregulation and lack of accountability. corporations scamming consumers out of money. corruption at various levels of business and government. but you know we can wish all that away overnight with a snap of our fingers or the wave of a magic wand. be real here.had the auto industry gone belly up the effects would have put millions of workers in the unemployment lines. auto workers,suppliers, those that make the raw materials for those supplies, those that transport all those supplies to and from, sales people….the list goes on. and wall street! that would take more time and space to discuss the implications. when your house is on fire to you grab a bucket to put it out or a fire hose?if you don’t shore up the infrastructure and keep all the little things like personal freedoms and being able to stay healthy as priorities as well they get pushed to back burner and forgotten until they come back and bite us in the ass. you cant just fix one problem at a time. everything is interconnected.
          but tell you what take 10 minutes and think about a family member, a friend or loved one or even yourself that hasn’t had or needed some kind of assistance at some point in their life. would they be here today if they were denied that?

    • Steve says

      It’s really hard to take anything you wrote serious. How old are you? You type like you are five. Come back when you learn proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

    • Chill Dog says

      I’m not going to go on about most of those things you said, but environment not being bad? Are you dumb? Really, are you that stupid? Global warming might just be a theory, but did you know gravity is a theory? Last time I checked, we’re still feeling gravity right now. Just because something is a theory, it doesn’t make it not true. And have you noticed how the temperature has been going up on average the last at least 20 years? Talk to me with some proof about global warming being “bullcrap”. 

      • Concerned American says

        @Chill Dog. You are quick to put down others and call them names, and yet you have failed to provide or contribute any thoughts, ideas, reasoning, etc. Typical liberal, point the finger at others, shoot down all ideas by the right, and then offer no solutions. IDIOT!!!

  45. al says

    This is my first – maybe my last – time posting a comment anywhere in regards to politics. But I am so frustrated with people who don’t do their homework!

    Obama has done some pretty great things for you Americans and he is trying to do even more but it is nearly impossible to do anything at all when the majority of the Congress Republican! Sure he’s made promises and sure he hasn’t necessarily done them by now but the man is just that – a man, one single man…whose been in office for only four years. You people expect miracles in a time when your country is facing economic downturn! Do all yourselves a favour and shut off FOXNEWS and get your news some where else.

    And get all this race garbage out of your heads. People are people, get over it!

    • Ray Bishop says

      Hang in there. I often feel the same frustration as you. Think of yourself as a teacher who has a room full of egotistical young know it all”s in a classroom who enjoy the attention they can get by acting out.
      Remember “Garbage In Garbage Out”. Keep up the good work and don’t let them get the best of you.

    • Guest says

      Fox news is one of the only beacons of reality out there – it is but a small voice in the face of all media aritificially keeping President Obama afloat

      • Chill Dog says

        Reality?! Are you crazy?! Fox is in a little bubble where crazy people like you live. They lie soooooo much. I’m surprised it isn’t illegal.

        • idk says

          You’re an idiot to say Fox lies because they all lie.  You’re so ignorant.  You don’t think CNN lies?!??!

      • Fisch12 says

        That’s a good one, that is if you want to watch news that is 20% accurate and 80% right wing biased. Your Hannity is one of the worst that has ever existed, talented, but extremely tainted. Carl Rove the same except he needs to lose weight, if I was a CEO of a major health insurance company, he has one year to get on a weigh reduction plan or I drop his fat ass.

    • Micahabney says

      Well since he has done good what are those things i wud like to knw he blows man he is blockin a deal for they keyston pipeline through the usa that would creat tens of thousands of jobs and billions in tax money and it wud make gas go down so the president ur so happy abt is hurting the american ppl that need a job and for ppl that cant put gas in there car

    • pikkon38 says

      Yeah a congress full of Republicans… the first half of his term was a congress full of democrats but he still didn’t do anything. I am tired of all you liberals saying “Oh do your homework before you speak!” when you only see what you want to see. By no means am I a fan of Bush, but his policies, such as the time frame for getting out of Iraq was just met by Obama. Obama didn’t magically get them all out. And get all of this race garbage out of our heads? The liberals are the ones calling republicans racists. This was happning, of course, at the same time Cain was trying to run for the republican presidential candidate.

    • Anonymous says

      Obama has also done some incredibly stupid and moronic things. I’m sick of the Liberal media blowing this guy up like sliced fucking bread. He had 2 years with the House AND Senate majority of Liberals and passed nothing that was beneficial or helpful to the American economy in ANY way. Things got worse. We booted the Liberals. This November, time to get rid of the main one, do your homework, don’t take one side.

    • obamacansuckit says

      He hasnt done a time that he said he would. Or anything that would make a difference. Destroyed jobs, spent more money then all presidents combined, unemployment is up. No more free market. No more constitution

  46. Ray Bishop says

    Seems some are short on memory. Bush was a disaster to our Country. President has been digging us out of a hole despite the efforts of the right to sabotage his efforts. Don’t forget that he also campaigned with the hope of uniting the country. That idea was his biggest failure but he has tried and only been forced to compromise as a matter of political reality – his second biggest failure.
    Considering this I believe in him and think that if he had support he would be with us Liberals.
    With this complaining from the so called progressives I will be interested to see how positions change if a Republican wins the Presidency.
    You will then really appreciate President Obama and will wish you had offered support for him.

  47. kimberly says

    People need to stop and look at the full picture…first I will say that Clinton was the best president that I have seen. He left office with a surplus and a positive outlook. Then we had Bush who just put us in debt and ruined our nation and the economy to its worst!! So when Obama comes in and doesn’t change the world overnight or even in the first couple years we automatically put all the burden and blame on him, to say he hasn’t done anything but make things worse is so outlandish and naive!! Look at the facts, our economy was already so upside down that it doesn’t matter who you would have put in office, anyone would’ve walked into a huge mess of problems that developed over years from past president decisions and would now be facing the same things Obama is today!! So you guys need to wake and face the facts and stop judging.

      • Al says

        Bush is a hero?

        Bush is a hero for sending American soldiers to Iraq for absolutely no legitimate reason other than his own. We will probably never know the “REAL” reason for sending in troops. WMD’s is just the one excuse he uses. Thousands of American soldiers were killed or disabled because of that man. Bush a hero? I could say LOL that’s funny, but it’s not. He was the worst of the worst. He let a lot of people down. Me included. I voted for that piece o sheet. Bush put America into the worst economy since the great depression. Some hero.

    • Andi Sheptoff says

      I’ve been saying same, Kimberly, and totally agree with you! Plus two wars, no WMDs, Al Qaeda growing in numbers and in almost every country….even Carl Rove said if Bush knew no WMDs, wouldn’t have gone to war in Iraq!

    • Jacob Cooper says

      I don’t know why you would call Bush a hero. He is not by any means a hero. But by no means is he the worst of the worst. That statement is an immature and stupid one at the least. I want u to do something, go ask one of the U.S soldiers if they felt like we needed to go to war after the biggest mass murder this country has ever seen. Ask him or her and let me know what they say. You disagree with the fact that we refused to be walked all over by terrorists and would not let them think that if they hurt us we will not come back with extreme force no matter what that cost was? If we did not go to war with them who knows what would have happened. More then likely more attacks on this country. Bush had good reason to think they had WMD. Because there were WMD’s there!!!!just not the massive stock piles that were expected to be found there!! So for one get your facts straight. Bush may have put us a Trillion dollars in debt. News flash we are now over 14 trillion dollars in debt. You tell me who crushed this economy more.

    • ronda says

      No I don’t think that was the case — everyone just caught up in having an intelligent black man running for office and they really did not ask the right questions like what the Hell is he going to change the mess that Mr. Bush in….and how fast was it going to happen — we want and need jobs in this county not helping others when we have not taken care of home

  48. Anthony says

    Obama has done nothing but make things worse. The stimulus bill and health care are great examples of that.

    • John Smith says

      The stimulus bill stopped the recession. And lowered your taxes. His health care reform is something most countries already have, but our stubbornness makes us refuse it.

    • ronda says

      I am not a fan of the President however I don’t think he made it any worse than Mr. Bush or Mr. Bush or Mr Clinton the US has be going down hill for years,. however no one has step up to stop the cash or try to fix the problem every 8 years they just pass the “crap” on to the next person to fix and “bam” look at us now –whom every is in office in the next 4 years will have to deal with the same crap that the President is dealing with now and we are going to be in the same boat with a new name —

  49. Brooke Anderson says

    I am a 15 year old African American child and I can see the change Obama has made in America , it may not be a lot but what can you do after the last president left such a mess ! Like the writer said he’s not Jesus and eveyhinq doesn’t chanqe overniqht ! Almost evryday I am faced with racist white people always talkin mess about him but seriously John Mccain wouldbhave been a terrible president & I find Barrack as an inspiration to African Americans everywhere … I just wish people would qive him a chance & take a look at the positive thinqs barrack has done …

    • Shane says

      Wow, Im 43 and lived here all my life and the only change I have seen is for the worst so I would like to know what it is that you can see? And just so you know…Im a white male and I see racism everyday too only it occurs in all races! That’s right, racism goes both ways and I am so sick of everyone trying to play that card. Geez! We elected a black president and you people still want to throw the race thing out there.Let me tell you what racism is here in America…try being a 40 something white male applying for a job at the same time a black male, white woman, or black woman are all applying. Even if Im the better qualified person for the job all three of those get the job over me simply because the company has to hire a certain amount of minorities….that’s racism in my book! Getting a job over a more qualified person because of color or gender is racism so stop thinking that black people are the only ones to have to deal with it!

      • Brian says

        Wow, you are a moron. First off, the only part of your message that offended me was your racist statements. I for wne agree that I think we are worse off economy wise and over spending. I agree that I do not see Obama doing much except vacationing and spending money when he said that we needed to cut spending in his campaign. However, to address everything else in your statement… the only reason you MAY be more qualified is hugely based on race. How do you think you were able to get qualified? You or your family have had years of favor for jobs over black men, white women, and black women combined. You were able to get the jobs that earned you the money, to get you in to the schools that (oh yeah, at one time) only whites were able to attend to get a decent education to get you QUALIFIED. The jobs were owned by white men who hired white men, their families, and their white friends (unless of course it was in the mines getting black lung, or cleaning out your shit holes). I can’t stand to hear a little sissy, white man sit back and cry because others need a chance to earn a living like he and his forefathers did so unfairly for most of the age of the U.S.A., while blacks were not able to get any kind of decent job at all. Blacks were not hired for anything decent, if anything at all, and unfairly paid when they did. Then you and people like you sit back and talk about them saying that they were lazy and did not want to work. Especially, after having every opportunity in the nation to do what you want. The other thing is, what makes you think you are not getting the job due to employers have to fill positions with minorities? What makes you think that they were not more qualified than you to begin with? You personally don’t know a thing and I am not saying that I do either, so when this happens, I usually weight things out and this is what I see. I see a little sissy man, crying & complaining instead of shutting up and going out to try to get another job. I have and I have also watched my nieces and nephews get turned down job, after job, after job (and yes, I am pretty sure it is because they are black) but I don’t hear them sitting around crying, you big pussy. Thank God they are strong enough to fight back by keeping on getting out there and applying. That is the difference between you and I my fine, feathered faggggot. We black folks stood up and fought for decades for the right people to hear that we wanted equality and that is why we have “hugelyafirmitive action today. You are right if thinking “well, that is not equal”, no it is not, it is in place to bring us TO an equal area as we are not their yet. Don’t blame black for wanting afirmative action. Blame your white ancestors (and probably yourself) for it being implemented now because blacks need to reach an equality that was unbalanced from your racist background and that stills is in existance today (or we would not need afirmative action) Jackass!

        • (Intolerantwhiteracist) says

          No sir, you are a racist. You fail to realize that racism swings both ways. You have automatically profiled this man as being rich or coming from a high income family, as if ALL white men are rich. On the other hand you assume that ALL blacks, and women are without opportunity. If you were to come to Oildale, California. You would find a town of poor white people, they have not had the “opportunity” as you put it. Simply assuming that the man has had opportunity because he is white is racism. “your white ancestors?” Ask yourself this, how can he be responsible, and why should he have to pay you because his ancestors may have been rich and were white? What if his ancestors fought in the civil war to free your ancestors? If anything you should be mad at the government for treating your race like babies, reinforcing workplace senarios of stigmatization. How does it feel knowing that you got hired because your boss had to hire you, and others will look down on you thinking that you didn’t earn your job. Oh and btw. affirmative action has been around for 50 years. His parents have already been “giving back the wealth” Your nieces and nephews aren’t getting jobs just like everyone else, the economy continues to suck and you just assume that its because they’re black. This is all part of your mindset that has been fabricated by affirmative action. How do you think this affects young blacks in schools knowing that they don’t have to try as hard in school. My dad is being sued for 3 million dollars by a ridiculous woman who doesn’t need the money (which we do not have) under the basis that his group may have fired her based on race and sexual harassment! In reality, she was extremely incompetent and failed to do her job properly. Oh and why do you think they hired her in the first place? You might as well just have a black visa card that you just play in any encounters you have with white men as you did here calling this man a racist. I consider myself to be a fairly tolerant person. You are not only racist but also homophobic so before you critique me for being a racist and needing to reform, look at yourself. Oh, and I’m sure that you have already assumed that I am white, but I am 16 and latino.

          • John Smith says

            Jeez, none of you guys are racists. You can criticize Obama without bringing up race. I believe Obama is doing a good job but you can disagree without being racist.

            • Dan says

              If you really both want to go there you both are racists, we are all human and that should be the only thing that matters. Coming from Morgan Freeman, if you want to stop racism “stop talking about it.”

        • ronda says

          Everyone Stop for a second — and stop judging the man on his race he dose have a white mother and raised by his white grandparents so lets just state the truth that has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the way he is running this county or letting this county run him our President may not have gotten us in this mess but he sure as “heck” is not getting us out of it that is why he should not be president again because he letting this county run him — he needs to be a better leader with a clear vision so that we can get out of this crap that we are in at this time

      • Serenity says


        I am surprised that you are complaining about not being able to get a job if the other candidates get them to fill quotas. It all goes back to the behaviors your ancestors exhibited when this country was founded. They denied jobs to these same qualified candidates and gave the jobs to you while they fed you the hype that you are more qualified because you are white.

        Shane, sweetheart, you are inheriting the fruit that your ancestors sowed. I feel for you.

        As far as your phrase “race card,” the only groups that play that ‘card’ are the KKK, and other hate groups. This country was founded on 2 myths – white superiority and minority inferiority. I hope you can see past these myths and find happiness in the better quality this country possesses -LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.

      • ronda says

        Hey I sorry you fell that way however I have yet to see that happen I am a black women with a degree about your age and have yet to be hired over any white person — I know because I have white friends that apply for jobs and get them with less quotations than myself (maybe you should re do your resume) and what state do you live in I need to move their maybe I will get a job (Lol)

      • kazari says

        Ok im 13 yrs old and im african american.And shane i think you should cool it and stop saying all the you people bull crap. Bec uase who was out their working in the fels picking cotton and rice for your race. so please show some respect and dont call Us You People. And i am totally not rasicist i love allraces. And 2nd i think barack obama has done an awesome job. we already knew the econmoy was gonna get nothing but worse when we elected him and like they said he isnt jesus and things dont fix over night. you have to support your leader. how are you going to improve something when you dont have the support of the people your serving and 3rd my class has been studying politics and obama reminds me on alexaner hamilton with all the ideas and things hes done.

  50. Rosy says

    So sad to see the recent election results…

    How stupid are Americans… we are falling for the false promises of the Repulican Party AGAIN!

    I only need to say one thing to prove my point.

    Here is what they say:

    We need more jobs… We need to cut government size.

    OK, so we fire a lot of government employees… does that not create more unemployement?

    Think about it!!!

    But they were betting on most of us being too stupid to except that this country needs a good dose of medicine, and it will not taste all that good. This promise of the sugar coated cure is a joke. They are putting us back in the hands of their MONEY backers. The insurance companies and oil companies, and the largest 500 are back in charge. Ripping off America. This stupid tax break thing is not scaring the rich, they send their money through routes that keep them from paying taxes anyway…. while you and I make up the difference. Money stays in their pockets… and out of ours. If the richest people in the world just paid their FAIR share of taxes we could cut the defeciet in half tomorrow.

  51. Genna says

    If Obama has done everything he promised the way he promised his rating wouldn’t have dropped 18% and dropping.

    I didn’t vote for him, but was happy he won since of all the promises he made, but after couple of weeks I saw that he was all about making speeches and taking vacations and not doing what he promised.

    He goes against the people! And goes for the Gov.

    – People said we want immigration laws he said NOOoOOoooOOooo
    – People said we dont want the new health care bill, he said YeeEEeees
    – He said “I never meet a person who would rather live on food stamps then work” And they intervied a lot of people who did just that, taking advantage of the system.

    This just shows how far away from people he really is!

    Many others on the list.

    Sad … Just sad

    • says

      First off , who are you to criticize what someone has done … Are you the president? NOoooooooooooo..

      So u just need to sit back and let him do his job, because last I saw HE WAS THE ONE TO PROVE ALL THE RACIST, IGNORANT, AND IMMATURE people that african-american people are the overcomers So..SHUT -CHA MOUTH cuszz it wateva!!!!!!!!!!!!….

      • Lisa says


        So I didnt vote for Obama… and I didnt vote for (or like) our previous president Bush. So that surely makes me a racist…against everyone including myself?? This is the MAJOR problem I have with Obama supporters – you are all NUTS! The SECOND you say you don’t favor the president… you are declared racist. Perhaps you should take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why YOU voted for Obama… .was it for his policies or for the color of his skin?

        PS.. for the record I am white and VERY happily married to a black man.

        • Kevin says

          Well, said! I am fed up too with all the racist bullcrap going around. People need to realize Obama has done nothing to better the situation of all Tax Payers. He has done nothing but the opposite while also supporting all Bush’s policies yet people still want to put all the blame on Bush. Research and you will find the truth. The problems that we have been dealing with started with the Reagan administration and yet people still don’t see the connections in how the media was tying Barrack Obama to Reagan’s speeches as being some kind of hero. Obama is a false leader like several presidents that we have had and the only way we r going to change this is to get a way from r ways of using the Federal Reserve and develop new means of trading. The stock market is one of the biggest propaganda fueled machines that runs the world. We kill millions around the world everyday on the base of false necessities because we r forced to believe with out your paper backing you can’t do anything. Thus playing the roll of monopoly man triggering and endless cycle of poverty and slave labor to countries while the richer countries stand ignoring the truth and fighting to make the world a better place.

    • appachi99 says

      Listen to Genna folk’s. He didn’t vote for Obama, and, get this, “after a couple of weeks” Obama didn’t have everything fixed to suit the him, so he’s upset. Bush took 8 years to create the mess, and you all want it cleaned up it 6 months. Obama is a president, not a magician. Bush raised our debt limit 7 (seven) times, partly to fund a war that his own, hand-picked inspectors, told him to forget, that there were no WMD in Iraq. They were sent there at least twice. But, with Cheney owning a part of Halliburton, Bush said hell, let’s blow it apart anyhow, Halliburton can go fix it up again and Cheney will get even more wealthy. In all his arrogance, he didn’t count on over 4000 of our service men and women getting killed over there. All the republicans were chanting at how well Bush was protecting our country. Who the hell was on watch on 9-11 if it wasn’t Bush? Is that protection? Bush lands on an aircraft carrier and announces, all is under control in Iraq. It sure was, more Americans killed over there before he left the carrier.
      Then Georgie flip flopped and said, we had to go into Iraq and save thousands of Iraqi lives because Sadam was murdering them by the thousands. Gahdafi is a heck of a lot worse than Sadam ever was, but now the GOP is calling the war in Lybia an illegal war. But it’s doing the exact same thing that Georgie claims he went to war in Iraq for. Always the same, double standard for republicans.
      See what has happened up in Minnesota? Republicans again, would not agree to increase the tax on their millionaire, billionaire buddies. They refuse to do anything to help the situation so, Minnesota government has shut down, putting another 22000 people out of work. And at a time like this. If they keep this up with the federal budget, there will be no need for them to even run anyone for the next election, Obama will be elected regardless. You republicans are making a big do-do in your own

  52. Kris hollenkamp says

    9 years after 9/11, and there are still people in this country who have no concept that we are at war with fundemental islamists who’s goal is to eliminate a race and place the world under Islamic law. These same people think the government needs to provide for them, and shouldn’t defend its interests. Obama has done nothing tangible.

    • Jah says

      What race are you talking about? Because as far as I know Americans aren’t a ‘race’. There are African, Korean, Chinese, Indosean, Mexican etc. Americans. America has never been, will never be, and is not one race. We’re a group of people that need to learn to work together but we arent one race.
      And did you know that some of the so-called hijackers who flew the plane are still alive? How is that possible? Inside job of hate and cruelty because our last admin only cared about the Big Dog, The Man ie the Rich and corporate America. Obama is changing America slowly but surely. How can you decide after ‘a few weeks’ or even a few years that Obama has failed when it took so long for America to get into this hole. We need time to get out of it and our President needs our support to get more time to help us!
      And yes, ther are crazy extremists Muslims who plan to take over the world prolly. But ther are plenty of other Muslims who don’t believe in what the extremists believe in. I know plenty. Most of them are just normal people trying to live normal lives.
      Obama hwaiting!

  53. Cavin says

    It seems obvious that Obama has brought some change and successes, but it would have been better if the bad results of his plans are compared to his successes. Maybe to give a little more help in understanding what Obama has done? But I’m sure if you do compare them, the bad effects would easily rise over the number of good results. If not noticed, more than half of the public still is afraid of job loss and are unhappy of Obama’s actions. This really isn’t helping, but politics should go with the Relief and Reform method…….. I’m not a big fan of politics, in my opinion, be more like Singaporean government, it’s much better…….

  54. AJ says

    Where’s my job Mr. Obama…spent $10,000 of MY OWN MONEY to educate myself in the medical field which there’s supposed to be lots of jobs and I’ve been unemployed for a year and can’t even score an interview because I’m not bilingual. What is he doing for REAL AMERICANS?

  55. Zane Burnett says

    “One year ago, the United States witnessed the people take its government back from ideological tyranny, greed, and anti-intellectualism.”

    Can we say “objective journalism?

  56. Franko says

    I thought this whole article was a joke. None of those things were true underneath it all including but not limited to the so called transparency. Mostly I saw all the coverups like nobodies saying depression anymore. Gee I wonder why. They probably don’t hear it anymore on the news. i.e. MSNBC etc. Let me break it down for you liberals. Now that Obama is president you no longer care about the wars, the enviornment (BP Gusher) or the economy. You only care about having abortions and letting all the mexicans invade our country. Thats it oh and more homo rights….

    • John Smith says

      The BP oil spill was because you guys wanted offshore drilling, and because of deregulation of the Bush Administration. “Homo rights”? I don’t like homophobes, and you seem to be saying you are. Actually Obama believes in the sanctity of marriage but still helps homosexuals and allows gay marriage.

  57. says

    Bamsta closed Gitmo, eh?

    Face it, Obama has betrayed the poor, deluded, Religious Left true-believers who think they are ‘progressive,’ but really are just religious fanatics who have been indoctrinated without their knowledge or consent to chant the mantras of Humanism

    Diversity, Choice, World Community, Redistribution, Social Justice, Consenting Adults, Cultural Pluralism….

    All worship words promulgated in 1933, then expanded in 1973, and only then finding their way into the political vocabulary of the Left.

    In the same way that Bamsta has thrown Rev(?) Jeremiah Wright under the bus, he is throwing you guys under the bus, after using you to get elected.

    How long will you keep believing this totally unqualified ‘community organizer’?

    He is a disaster.

    Jimmy Carter on steroids.

  58. Brittany says

    Does the person that wrote this even live in the United States because it sure doesn’t sound like it.

  59. jim says

    Obama fixed the tax codes loopholes,and actually ended up creating even more loopholes..

    Obama’s cash for clunkers bill was just that a clunker…

    Obama’s stimulus package created Zero jobs yet they say it create a milion… But some of us see throw the smoke and mirrors and realize the US economy needs 110 thousand jobs a month just to keep up with the new people entering the job market each month.. DO THE MATH..He has created Zero jobs..

    All Obama has done is incease the US national debt from 10.6 trillion the day he took office to over 12.5 trillion today…

    Unemployment was at 5.6 percent when he took office..It’s 10 percent today..

    120 banks failed in Obamas first year… 21 have failed this year so far..

    We have had 3 terrorist attacks.. Countless soldiers been killed.. and the list goes on and and on..

    Obama has comitted countless federal crimes violations..One being the US staute covering Bribery of government officals..

    He lies any chance he can get.. Remember he never heard Rev Wright speak bad about any whites and this and that.. You know those types of lies..

  60. John F. says

    Hey L.A.,

    Here you’ve got a town that’s full of some of the best P.R. and writing talent in the world… couldn’t SOMEONE there lend some of it to the Obama White House? None of this is well known outside of the beltway, and it’s repressed from within.

  61. kintex says

    President Obama is not the problem here folks. The Senate and Congress have the power he is the one who can veto. Also from what I am reading you all think he is to save you or solve all the problems. Well that starts at home, which I believe he said many times. You are the change you need. You need to get off your butts, get to work, go vote. Vote all the incumbents out of office and show them that We the people are in charge. Start petitions in your area, comminicate with nearby cities, towns, etc. We the people have the power if we petetion the government to have a bill on the floor that would limit terms, pass healthcare etc. This president was passed the worst economics, the worst wars the worst of America. It will take longer than one term to clean up the mess of the Bushes, Cheney’s, Rumsfeld, Rice’s and the Supreme Court. All these people should have been prosecuted and should be serving time. VOTE, and make a difference, and if you don’t you have no one to blame for what happens but yourselves. If you do then vote to really make a difference.

  62. Josh Blum says

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. Many if not all of the things mentioned above are things that are not actual accomplishments, but rather are mere things he mentioned. I too can mention I will become president and accomplish all of the aforementioned items stated in the article-but just because I say what I am going to do doesn’t mean I have or will accomplish them!

  63. Keisha Washington says

    Ten: President Obama has slowed down the recession.
    -Uemployment continues to rise and has reached a historical high of 10%(this is out of any president in history since our founding). He is spending money at a faster rate than any other president, getting us into even more debt than we were already in and putting our national finances on shaky ground. He spends tax payer money as if there is no end to it. Budgets and Balance sheets are unessecary, its only money right?
    Nine: President Obama saved Wall Street
    -They bailed out a lot of companies which is good and bad. If failed it would have hurt our country bad, but by supporting them on the other hand I dont believe anyone learned a lesson for the long run and he temporarily fixed the problem but a bigger storm is coming.
    Eight: President Obama saved the collapse of the American automotive industry
    Why was the cash for clunkers program not designed specifically to benefit GM so we can sell them and have one less thing to manage saving taxpayers money and helping out General Motors, instead he made the program for all car manufacturers which I feel was a poor descision.
    Seven: President Obama shifted the focus of the war from Iraq to Aftghanistan
    -When running for president I distinctly remember Obama saying, he would end the war and bring all of the troops back. It is turning out to be a complete lie, because he just committed more troops not, less to the effort. I also believe he should not have committed to what he said while running for president, because he has no idea how bad it was in Afganistan and Iraq, and now that he does he is sending more troops. I know big bad Bush had many troops over there, but now Obama is sending more, there must be some serious problems over there to have a conservative continuing the effort and then a liberal adding on to it. Al Quida top operatives are being taken out which I am happy with, one less person with blind hate for Americans makes me feel safer.
    Six: President Obama relaxed Anti-American tensions throughout the world
    -He did make a speech in Egypt I believe which was positive. Him having an Arabic name also helps. In retrospect though I have been to Egypt and they look at Americans as walking money, it strikes me that as long as were giving them monetary things they will be our friends, which is not always a great relationship to have with other countries.
    Five: President Obama closed the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay
    -He has not closed it and detainees are still there. Another campaign lie. I dont think he will have it taken care of by the end of his presidency, once again I think he had no idea what he was getting into and taking such a hard stance against. After fully investigating it I think he will do the same as the last president.
    ■Four: President Obama has made the environment a national priority, and a primary source for job creation
    -Yes in theory, but not in actuality. He has made the environment a priority but no jobs have come of it, hence the 10% umeployment, right.
    Three: President Obama has made education a national priority
    -I have not seen this. I don’t think it was appropriate to address students either, the majority of people did not want this to happen and he needs to respect their wishes
    Two: President Obama is on the verge of passing universal health care, with a public option, to insure everybody in America has care when they are sick.
    -The bill he has passed is nothing like that. The coward from Nebraska took concessions from Obama that no other state is getting. This is beyond unfair. How is it that Nebraska will be able to spend as much as they want on medicare and the rest of the states have to pay for it getting nothing in return. Also, if you don’t get health insurance they will penalize you now in the future up to 2.5% of your income. Granted, it is important to have insurance, but the most important thing is the Freedom of choosing whether you would like it or not. I don’t feel that it is constitutional, it’s the same a making everyone say one nice thing about Barack Obama every day and if you don’t, taking 2.5% of your income (freedom of speech).
    One: President Obama has restored credibility to the American Presidency where the world is looking to him to lead America out of unilateralism and back into multilateral global cooperation
    -Obama winning the peace prize does not make any sense. Especially when critisizing the cop in Connecticut for “acting stupidly” for aresting the person that looked suspicious. Then issuing an apology. There is a legitimate reason every other Nobel prize winner has won. Such as splitting the atom, etc., but being the first african american president does not make sense, I know that the first woman president, or asian, or hispanic will not get the Nobel prize, and you know it too. Somehow that award got “rigged”. He has given special money to Acorn as well a predominately african american group that is totally corrupt. He may be getting approval international, but in America he is alienating everyone that is not african american. For the people by the people, not resented by the people.
    Mr. Anthony Samad, it is important as a writer to examine both sides of every argument in detail and then forming an educated oponion, showing respect to both sides. You have expressed one side and blatantly backed it up with nothing but baseless generalizations. None the less, thank you for your article that you hastily threw together. Maybe we will see you hitting the hard subjects from both sides next time.

    • just a voice says

      im just going to say this. 10% unemployment  is not the historical highest. During the great depression the unemployment rate was 24.9%. Check up your facts before you write them.

  64. Bill says

    Obama reminds me of the Scottish Nobles in the movie “Braveheart”.

    They said they would fight with Wallace and the Scottish peasants, but then rode off when the battle started.

    It seems like the British Crown gilded their cages.

    Obama, likewise.

  65. duck says

    If he wants to help the environment and create jobs he needs to legalize industrial Hemp. The Hemp plant will open more jobs than any other stimulus plan could.

  66. says

    Everyone here agrees that Obama has done some things and not done others that would make equal or better sense.

    Is he better than GW Bush? It shows how low the bar was set and then accepted during the last 8 years that with relief we can all turn to this question, as the one thing that we can all agree on. Yes, gee whiz – overall he is a tad better than GW Bush.

    But even in that, not consistently so.

    Apparently he’s OK with going slow on replacing Bush’s vindictive DoJ attorneys, the ones who put outspoken opponents in jail, where some of them languish.

    Despite clear warnings by environmentalists, he chose a Sec of Interior schooled by Reagan’s James Watt. Now the Obushma administration is trying to race Palin to see how many endangered wolves – brought back from extinction over decades of dedication -can be quickly shot in one season. His current nomination for Ag Trade czar is the chief lobbiest for big oil-&-chem agrobiz – the guy who drafted the first ‘USDA organic’ label plan, whereby the label was to apply to farming using industrial chemical sludge. His confirmation will ensure that US Ag policy worldwide favors big corporate farming, featuring dependence on oil, chemicals and uncontrolled and unlabeled genetic mods. Obama’s Sec of State Clinton rubberstamped piping in ruinous Canadian tar sands oil. Even some of his EPA folks, not to mention Interior and Ag people, continue to approve mountaintop destruction coal mining, clear-cutting of virgin irreplaceable forest, and poisoning of public lands so as to eliminate prairie dogs and ferrets and other wildlife. Meanwhile, of course climate can wait a year or two or …

    I guess Obama is quite comfy being simply a city boy with no real feeling for nature – and indeed not even a sheerly intellectual understanding of what is natural or long-run sustainable even in sheer economic-plunder terms – other than PC noises suggested by some of his advisors. He talks good talk about green jobs, but even as he calls for specific cuts in weapons programs he advances no specific plans for employing the weapons-employed workers instead in any of these green jobs – or indeed any jobs – public or even private. Instead, so far as he seems able to plan, workers leaving weapons labor must head for the unemployment rolls.

    Meanwhile climate will wait for the sake of ‘health’ reform. Reform that turns out to be little more than guaranteed subsidies for big insurers’ bureaucracies and sickness-treatment pre-pay plans (which is most of what so-called ‘health’ insurance is these days).

    Sure, he’s facing Republicans whose only consistent ideology is a triple ‘NO’: No-problems, No-solutions, No-alternatives. No problems can be admitted to exist; if they do exist they are the fault of the Dems and therefore should not and indeed must not be solved; and if the Dems advance solutions it is the Republican job only to resist them, not to offer alternatives.

    So how has he responded? As if the Republicans actually don’t mean it: the nastier they are, the more he tries to conciliate them and reward them in advance for hopefully in future being slightly less nasty.

    We could give him credit for being consistent with this in his foreign policy. He’s tried and succeeded in – and has been Nobel-prized for – being the world’s messiah – in the super-Christian (definitely NOT Muslim) milquetoast sense of turning the ‘other cheek’ to our enemies – and the world’s enemies of democracy. He has so far thereby betrayed just as much as ever did GW Bush the embattled people of Tehran and Darfur and Zimbabwe – not to mention Syria, Libya, Tibet, and other less prominent places. (Note: one minor glitch in this messianic turn-the-cheek approach is that your first few enemies will get almost all your cheeks and other goods, leaving little for your other enemies, let alone anything for your friends and yourself.)

    For the Obama guys, ‘engagement’ with enemies takes place not along with, as a tactic for – but instead of, and at the expense of – helping democratic friends and American democratic values. When GW Bush did this, he was properly denounced by all progressives as either a friend or an appeaser of exploiters and dictators. When Obama does it, ‘progressive’ apologists laud him for being a ‘realist’ who has allegedly restored the USA’s world ‘standing’ – whatever that means.

    Let’s say it loud and clear: even if they do praise us (they don’t: most of the time privately and even at times publicly they mock Obama and then the rest of us contemptuously for being such easy marks), there is no value to us in ‘engagement’ that is mere time-waste talk with the likes of Ahmadinejad, Kim, Gaddaffi, Assad, Bashir, Mugabe. ‘Engagement’ which so far has served only to confirm to these guys that the USA (in the name of course of high-minded Nobel-prize-winning sentiments about equality and brotherhood of states) is committed to giving them all the time they need to suppress their own people and as desired develop nukes and missiles.

  67. yehudi webster says

    Obama leads a nation with racialized, chauvinistic, commercialized, and militarized mind-sets that destroy any disposition to empathize with (1) those who cannot find jobs; (2) those who cannot afford health care; (3) victims of the Pentagon’s, Israeli, and NATO’s bombs and bullets, and (4)victims of states’ cutbacks on education. Obama’s central concern is to be re-elected in 2012, and he appears convinced that to do so he must play ball with the forces for maintaining the status quo in domestic and foreign policies. Thus his key appointments are from the old guard of the Bush and Clinton administrations. He, he thinks, will carry out his “change we can believe in” during his second term. This is poor reasoning. The forces he is trying to appease–and they can make or break his image– will abandon him in 2011. He will not have a second term, given his policies of appeasement toward status quo advocates. If the economy dramatically improves, by some fluke, and he is re-elected, he will face a possibly Republican controlled Congress that will make him a lame duck President throughout 2012-2016. He should, therefore, take his eyes off 2012, curb the Pentagon’s usurpation of foreign policy, talk sternly to Israel, terminate the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, cease the military build-up in Columbia, stop equating Wall Street’s health with the health of the nation’s economy, and let the chips fall where they may in 2012.

  68. Eugene Hernandez says

    Are you kidding? Really!!! Obama has made Wall Street safe for Wall Street, not the working class. He has instituted no reforms- last year they got bonuses for doing a poor job, this year the same firms are scheduled to get bonuses. The big banks and insurance companies have become bigger due to the fact that over 120 banks have failed. You cannot judge the end of the economic crisis by how well Wall Street does, the double digit inflation is not going down, in fact small business make a killing by laying off workers and forcing those who stay to do twice the job for less pay. Instead of creating a WPA or other program like Pres. Roosevelt did, or increasing the Federal Minimum wage to $10 an hour, Obama has let the credit card companies jack up their rates and rip off the consumers. In foreign affairs, show me where there has been a change of attitude from the Bush administration. Just because American soldiers are not getting killed in any real numbers in Iraq doesn’t mean that the people of Iraq are not suffering,their infrastructure has not been rebuilt. In Falluja, thousands of children and newborns are born with horrible birth deformities, due to the unspent radioactive shells left in that city. In Palestine, Sec. of State Clinton has boldly let Israel do do whatever it wants with the Palestinians- depriving them now of water and land. Instead of strengthening the democratic forces in Pakistan, our drones and military aid continues to kill innocent civilians

  69. Caroline Snodgrass says

    * Ten: President Obama has slowed down the recession….

    (What’s the Black unemployment rate? Got a racial breakdown of foreclosure stats handy?)

    * Nine: ….and financial investment reform is being discussed like never before.

    (We used to *have* regulations, which might be why they weren’t discussed so much before.)

    * Seven: President Obama shifted the focus of the war from Iraq to Aftghanistan…

    (Exit strategy. What’s the exit strategy? Hello? Hello? EXIT STRATEGY, are you there?)

    * Six: President Obama relaxed Anti-American tensions throughout the world.

    (Continuing AFRICOM is not relaxing. Pandering to ZIONISM is not relaxing. Bombing PAKISTAN is not relaxing. Threatening IRAN is not relaxing…)

    * Five: President Obama closed the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay. Holding prisoners for eight years without charging them was acceptable under the previous administration. It is not acceptable under this administration. Obama’s next challenge is what to do with the detainees.

    (If it’s not acceptable, why are they still there? What exactly is the accomplishment? Gitmo and all the other black sites are still there, the prisoners are still in them. How does that constitute something BO has “done”?)

    * Four: President Obama has made the environment a national priority…

    (He just gutted Copenhagen while holding hands with China.)

    * Three: President Obama has made education a national priority by putting emphasis and money behind new ideas like charter schools…

    (PUBLIC schools are PUBLIC. PUBLIC. That’s why they’re called PUBLIC schools.)

    * Two: President Obama is on the verge of passing universal health care, with a public option, to insure everybody in America has care when they are sick. He’s doing it, despite vilification of ideologues and while in the midst of an H1N1 epidemic where millions could get sick this winter. The people feel him on this.

    (Unless of course, one is a member of that tiny minority of half the population, woman, and therefore, not fitting of the term “people” or “everyone.” That’s setting aside the fact that “on the verge of” does not mean “done”.)

    * One: President Obama has restored credibility to the American Presidency where the world is looking to him to lead America out of unilateralism and back into multilateral global cooperation. The Nobel Peace Prize was an acknowledgment that Obama had led and is leading a non-violent cultural revolution in America. Everybody, except for a few in America, can see the change. Still, the world understands what happened one year ago, and they thought they’d never see such a shift occur. The election of Obama helped the world see the light that America wasn’t ready to self-destruct.

    (Ask a PALESTINIAN to carefully describe the “shift” that’s occurred. You can do it over the phone and just play it back, as the Obama govt is tapping and taping it, legally.)

  70. Rossana says

    We cannot go on expecting things to change from one day to the next, you forget who Obama is up against, you need to acknowledge that changes have occurred and ask how can we band together to create the environment to cause more changes to take place.

    One important thing that people fail to remember is that Obama said ” I am not the change you are waiting for I am only the opportunity” He also said “make me do it” he fully understands that change in this country has always come from the grassroots, not from one or two politicians that want to make good.

    So if he is not moving fast enough, then we ask ourselves where can we focus our efforts so that it creates the momentum to make him do it, because criticizing him only fuels the right, it does not help any of the things you cited.

  71. sam adams says

    Although I still feel a flush of pride (for my country) every time I see President Obama’s face on the TV, I half wonder if he isn’t the political equivalent of Bernie Madoff and if he hasn’t pulled off on liberal Americans an most artful and cynical scam. Or maybe he’s just not up to the job–serving on the Harvard Law Review doesn’t really amount to all that much in the “real world”, and Obama seems to be proving it.

    The Afgan and Iraq wars are no small issues. In fact, arguably they are crimes against humanity. Further, as an earlier writer commented, in a major way, they are pushing America toward financial bankruptcy (some might argue that, where the wars, in particular, and our policy in that part of the world, in general, are concerned, we’re already morally bankrupt–have been for decades). Who’s in charge of now?

  72. Salvador Sanchez says

    I truly thought I voted for change last year. Shifting the focus from Iraq to Afghanistan I guess it can be argued as change But this is not the change I voted for. In addition, I have major problems with Larry Summer advising Obama on economic policies and having Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury . These two are disciples of Bob Rubin who was a key player as to why we are facing this economic crisis. Rather than finding things he has done right we should endeavor to force him to embrace not to reject progressive polices in the name of bipartisanship.

  73. yehudi webster says

    War, someone has said, is hell. Neither the Bush nor Obama administration clarified and specified the purpose of NATO’s occupation of Afghanistan. How is this occupation an achievement? The Pentagon has now grown into a Leviathan that has control of U.S. foreign policy. Has anyone noticed the growing presence of Generals in discussions of foreign policy? Obama ignores or endorses this militarization. His wait-and-see policies in Honduras and Palestine, and his double standards on Middle East nuclear proliferation suggest that nonviolent conflict resolution and fairness are not part of his agenda.

  74. Sharon Toji says

    Yes, I’m with Val. I like your newsletter. However, I thought the article about Obama was a generalized whitewash — if it’s OK to use that term! There are a few things that do represent progress, but most are only part of what was promised. The only thing I really agreed with is the fact that he has indeed brought us back into the family of nations, and has brought us respect abroad.

    The stimulus should have been a jobs program. He buckled under to the pressure to do just about everything EXCEPT have a jobs program. Look at what the Governor of Tennessee did with his stimulus money. He used it for a jobs program similar to what Roosevelt did. If he could do that with the money sent to his state, why couldn’t Obama, without even going to Congress, have started similar programs? Bush proved to us that presidents do have real power. There are programs out there already, with funds, that can be used by the administration. What if every young person who wanted a job last summer, and every out-of-work person who was willing, had been sent out to serve as classroom aides in summer schools across the country, to shelve books so librarians could hold story hours, or to paint and freshen up classrooms and park restrooms, and clear brush in fire areas? At $15 per hour, imagine the money that would have flowed into their home communities as they were able to pay their rents, buy groceries, and maybe have enough left over for a movie or a night out? Would these have been “real jobs?” I think the people who did the work, and the communities that benefited, would have thought they were real.

    The same thing goes for the advances needed by gays. Obama could put a moritorium on firing gays in the military. Every week, an ad appears in the Los Angeles Times begging people who speak Arabic languages to volunteer. And yet, thousands of gays who were trained to speak Arabic have been fired! And here we had a psychiatrist who begged to be released from the Army, and offered to pay back his education — a man who was so repelled by the idea of fighting his co-religionists that he finally broke and went on a shooting spree — and yet he could not be discharged despite obvious psychological problems. But we keep on firing gays who want to serve!

    Obama is losing the chance he has to appoint more liberal judges. By the time he gets around to it, congress will have changed, and there will no longer be a Democratic majority. Many other regulatory actions will probably lose out for the same reasons.

    I’m very disappointed that Obama uses his personal born again Christian beliefs to influence his administrative and political decisions. It’s strange to me that an intelligent person cannot see the obvious parallels between the cries that mixed racial marriages were against God’s will, and the cries today that gay marriages are frowned upon by God. I thought there would be a reduction in the importance of official religious acts, and allowing religious institutions receiving federal funds to discriminate in their hiring practices, but, if anything, Obama has increased the importance of these programs and refused to tighten restrictions.

    Many people chose Obama over Hillary Clinton because they thought Obama was anti-war. Now, it appears that he will send more troops to Afghanistan, even if he doesn’t send as many as his generals want. The wars are breaking our economy. Obama will never be able to accomplish what he says he wants, in health care, or in anything else, while paying for these wars.

    I could go on — about the fact that we still have rendition of a sort, that we still have tribunals, that the health care program so far is too weak to do much good, and will now do harm to women’s health. I fear that for Obama, it was too much, too soon. Is it “better than Bush?” Of course! But that’s not enough.

    Sharon Toji

  75. says

    The following comment was sent to us by a long time LA Progressive reader named Val. She sent this comment directly to our email address but gave us permission to repost it here.

    Here’s what Val had to say:

    Sorry, but most of this editorial about Obama is a crock! Particularly about the recovery and healthcare. With millions of workers unemployed and an unemployment rate which will permanently now be 10% Please! And so is the article about Ft. Hood creating PSTD. Hasan hadn’t even served overseas.

    Send your newsletter to President Zelaya where the coup d-etat has him hiding out in the Brazilizn embassy. Tell it to President Chavez whose preparing his country now for the war Obama is getting ready to wage against Latin America from the bases we are preparing in Colombia. And tell it to the Palestians who are still being starved en masse in Gaza and cannot rebuild their homes while the Obama administration equivocates over settlement building but cannot send in a ship full of medical supplies and food.

    Tell it to the people who homes have been foreclosed while taxpayer funds were being shoveled to the shareholders of investment firms like Goldmach Sachs and the rest of the banks.

    Tell it to the students who are being denied the ability to enter state college in California and the students preparing to strike at UC Berkeley.

    But please don’t come and tell it to Oakland where Jerry Brown sucked out more than his share of public monies for his private charter arts school in Oakland in a public building that he shoveled public subsidies of $60 million dollars to restore, yes the Fox Theater which is now being auctioned off. And this charter arts school mainly had children from Walnut Creek and SF enrolled.

    Attack the left because of Obama’s bankrupt strategy of inviting in the insurance company in a bogus plan for healthcare reform now renamed guaranteed insurance company profits. And tie the hands of the left behind them as well as a woman’s right to choose is almost annihilated now.


    P.S. Otherwise, I tend to like your newsletter

  76. Sandi Bresee says

    Anthony Asadullah Samad:

    The L.A. Progressive should be very proud of you.

    I never would have thought any Newspaper in the United States would have printed the truth about Barack Obama.

    You, Anthony, have done a marvelous job. Kudos to you!!! I believe Barack Obama has done a “fantastic” job in ten (10) months. It takes a “woman” and a “man” less time to consumate to have a child and less than ten (10) months to have one and after it is born, it still needs “years” of care. Barack Obama has embraced America as his “baby” and is nurturing it as he would have done for his own two babies. You have to feed (stimulus bill), rock it (move it until it is comfortable with changes), change the diapers (get rid of the mess that was globally left by negligent Presidents (parents). His baby is just getting used to him “bonding” because of such drastic changes since it was in the womb. The baby is reaching out with Barack Obama for attainable “peace”. Peace to the World, peace to live a good, clean, functional life. Peace to share good things from America with all other Nations. To learn to share technology and to pacify all the other good Nations of the World. God Bless You,Anthony for an article I will share with family and friends. :)

  77. Donna Sparks says

    As progressive democrat reading this article, I feel that without the push from progressives things would not look as good as they do. We were at the forefront of getting him elected. I have been a Democrat as long as I could vote. We need to watch very closely that we maintain our liberal positions and remember that we are the party of the people.

  78. Robert Frampton says

    I agree that significant changes have happened in the last year. But this top 10 list is rather general and misses some impoprtant key changes. I give a couple of examples:

    (1) re-engaging in negotiations with North Korea rather than just ignoring them or taunting them;

    (2) relaxing the embargo on Cuba, including on travel and remitances;

    (3) changes in federal guidelines to federal prosecutors about bringing medical marajuana indictmentsa;

    (4) appointment of Dr Chu as Energy secretary, and new emphasis on renewable energy R&D;

    (5) Chris Dodd’s bill on regulatory reform of the banking industry (a much better approach than Obama’s proposal to put the Fed in charge of all regulatory aspects).

    A better analysis would have more specifics and less generalizations.

    == Robert Frampton (Pasadena)

  79. John Smith says

    Thank you. He has done great so far, but with a GOP majority house the rest will be hard to do.
    John Boehner…ugh


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