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Elections and Campaigns

Wrestlemania Donald Trump

Donald Trump and the WWE: The Making of a Heel

n the spring of 2005 a media consulting company advised Vince McMahon’s behemoth World Wrestling Entertainment that they needed seasoned television professionals working as writers and directors in their creative department. In June of that year I was hired by WWE Creative Director and Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, as a director of backstage segments with […]

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Education Reform

Rating Teachers

Teachers Riding the Bell Curve

Michael Flanagan: Many teachers, such as myself, are rated on scores students get on assessments, in classes that we do not even teach.

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Law & Justice


Legislating for Police Reform and Black Lives in California

Chauncee Smith: One of the most meaningful proposals left, AB 953: The Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015, would combat racial profiling and help address the disproportionate rates at which people of color are being killed by police.

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Economic Justice

Gentrifying Neighborhoods

Let’s Stop Avoiding the “G” Word

We Can Develop Neighborhoods So That All Residents Benefit s with most controversial human endeavors the ‘G’ word, or gentrification, causes a significant amount of emotion when discussed publicly. For example, I was recently in conversation with a new business owner on a street in our city that was historically known for being forgotten, underdeveloped […]

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