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Ethics Policy

The LA Progressive follows four standard principles that guide our ethics because we believe ethics in journalism establishes a firm foundation from which all information disseminated to the public should flow. Those four principles are:

1) Truth in Reporting

We report to the public. Our goal is to always seek the truth and to always report the truth. We verify that information is true before reporting it. We use original sources whenever possible. We update and correct information as soon as we are made aware that new information is available. We credit sources but reserve anonymity when promised. We provide full attribution when republishing/reposting. We never plagiarize.

2) Minimizing Harm

We respect the public, our readership, our sources, our writers and colleagues. In our efforts to provide news worthy information to our readership, we also practice care to avoid undue intrusiveness and to guard against potential harm or discomfort. We are cognizant of the potential for news coverage to have far reaching affects on individuals and the public at-large. With this in mind, we use heightened sensitivity when dealing with juveniles, victims of sex crimes, and sources or subjects who are inexperience or unable to give consent.

3) Acting Independently

We serve the public. We adhere to our obligation to avoid conflict of interest. On those rare occasions where there may be the appearance of conflict of interest, we fully disclose the nature of the conflict. We refuse any and all special treatments, including gifts financial or otherwise, that might lead to a compromise of integrity or could damage our credibility. We make a clear distinction between news and sponsored content or advertising by providing prominent labeling.

4) Accountability and Transparency

We work to provide a transparent process to our readership that gives them insight into our decision-making processes, our ethical choices, the ways in which we correct mistakes, and how they can quickly and easily engage with our editorial team. We rely on the engagement of the public to help us to achieve accuracy, fairness, and clarity. The LA Progressive encourages two-way communication between our readership, colleagues, and others engaged with the LA Progressive community – this further enhances our ability to be transparent and accountable.