Clinton Blasts Obama, Palin Blasts Warren

Palin Blasts WarrenFormer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has now blasted President Obama on foreign policy, using terms that make her sound suspiciously like a neoconservative. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has been promoting her 11 Commandments for progressive Democrats, and now Sarah Palin, the former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and partial-term governor of the state, now presumes to give the Republican answer to Warren.

Pardon me, but the only rational person in this political trio is Elizabeth Warren, who not only outlines a clear and cogent progressive agenda for Democrats and America but is also campaigning around the country to elect other Democrats in the midterm election — something Hillary Clinton has not been doing all year, being preoccupied with other matters.

As for Palin, I feel her pain. She has become inconsequential in national politics. She will be on nobody’s list for president, vice president or any national office.

I will have more to say in future columns about Warren’s 11 Commandments, which offer the most coherent platform of any Democrat in America on matters such as equal pay, climate change, immigration reform, equality of marriage, banking and financial reform and a list of other vital issues. I may have more to say soon about Clinton’s attack on Obama. For now, I would suggest that she spend more time campaigning for Democrats in November, less time attacking Democrats — including the president — and no time sounding like a neoconservative, which is not my advice on how she can best run for the Democratic nomination.

As for Palin, I feel her pain. She has become inconsequential in national politics. She will be on nobody’s list for president, vice president or any national office. She is sadly forced to throwing red meat to the right by triangulating herself against progressive leaders such as Warren in order to get any attention at all. This, of course, is great news for Warren, whom Palin elevates with her scorn, and who has nothing to worry about from Palin’s attack, which, for those who read it, was incoherent. Brent Budowsky

Regarding Hillary’s attack on Obama, bad move, and I predict we will be hearing less of this going forward. Regarding Palin’s attack on Warren, virtually nobody except me will pay it any attention, and I only do so because it is too easy a target. Regarding Warren’s 11 Commandments, we will be hearing much more about them. If Hillary Clinton adopts these views as her platform for the presidency, she would win in a landslide, and if she does not, I predict we will soon be hearing more of the words “Run, Elizabeth, run.”

Brent Budowsky
The Hill


  1. Dennis A. says

    Hillary and Bill are both too corporatist for my taste. Palin isn’t worth mentioning except for a laugh or two.

  2. Luis L. says

    I wouldn’t feel sorry for Palin. She is well paid and doing exactly what she is intended to do…be a shrill voice for the right wing base and keep the anger seething. Hilary is doing what any politician would do and that is to try and define her position that is different from what she hopes will be her predecessor in the White House. Unfortunately she is wrong in the position she is taking at this time. America does love a strong leader but we are also tired of war(s) and incursions into the far reaches of the globe that to most Americans don’t mean anything. She is speaking for the corporations, the weapons manufacturers and Wall Street. Americans, in my opinion want our leaders to concentrate on getting our own house in order right now. Many of us are left out of the American dream while the wealthy just keep dreaming bigger and bigger. She’s on the wrong track in my opinion.

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