Palin Gets Punked

The image of humorless Canada just got whacked apart like a piñata.

A pair of Montreal radio comedians, one of whom pretended to be Nicholas Sarkozy, managed to get Palin to believe she was speaking with the French president for nearly five minutes yesterday. Among other things, she laughs and agrees to go helicopter hunting with Sarkozy when he said he likes to kill “small animals.” Palin also gushes over Carla Bruni, Sarkozy’s model-singer wife.

When the radio comic tells her they have a lot in common because he can see Belgium from his house, Palin agrees noting the analogy between the American relationship with Russia and the French relationship with Belgium.

Charley James
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  1. Phil says

    She sure makes me proud to be an Alaskan…………………NOT
    and by the way. Hunting wolf from helicopters is illegal even in Alaska except for state game management personnel during emergency management conditions.(like if they formed a pack to clean the politicians out of Wasilla) If she had a brain in her head she would have told “Sarkozy” they wouldn’t be able to do that but maybe he would like to join her on a baited bear hunt or something.

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