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Censorship and the censor cuts, censorship and the censor veils, censorship and the censor confines, censorship and the censor prevents, censorship and the censor denies. This is done for the sake of something supposedly of higher heft, the stability of the inherited hypocrisy of the good, the teetering stability of society, of a fallen empire.

Freethinkers throughout history have always tried to expose these deceitful practices and tell the truth about the real enemies of the mind. Socrates, Lucretius, Cicero, Bruno, Spinoza, Hume, Nietzche, Marx and Freud all took to the task of truth telling, and the honor of their effort can be proclaimed and heralded.

“The sleep of reason breeds monsters,” Goya wrote in one of his etchings. Societies have been known to sleep for centuries, in shriven, quiet disregard of reality, in a palliative purchased peaceful equipoise.

We have been owned by an ideology vomited up forty years ago by an idiot savant president. Americans have favored its defense as if they were themselves being defended.

Do we own our beliefs, or do they own us. If they own us, then the corporate media and right wing institutions which formulate and sanctify our beliefs and notions own us.

We hold back the inclinations of our good conscience and censor our good sense. We believe in politeness, neatness, and good order.

Today, attacking reason is the pastime of the corporate media, of the pseudo professionals, of academicians, of Pentagon de-gunned generals, who are busy betraying their calling, committing once more the treason of the clerks, putrid pimps to the killing machine of empire. The rest of us are suppressed and are supposed to feel all is well and good, respect the killing customs, and accede to their desires. We hold back the inclinations of our good conscience and censor our good sense. We believe in politeness, neatness, and good order, but they all act as censors to our thoughts and conditions.

America’s corporate controlled society is devoted to keeping the citizens ignorant, unskilled, unschooled, switched off from any intellectual light, fanatical in blind support of their own stupidity, of the economic forces that make them join the military and go to war on friendly nations. Such societies have always been evil, a fraud like Oz’s Wizard, teetering on a paper throne.

We are good, we are pious, we are blind patriots, we are dutiful, and we are good purchasers, but we will not feel the price because the payment for our conceits and deceits will have been deferred till after our brave forsaken deaths in defense of our glorious country. We won’t have discovered how we were diddled and didn’t do something about it, influence having come to rest with the banker, the bidder, the buyer and the bribed.

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Our free minds must open its fisted fingers and let fall all the ill flavored fruit forced down our throats the last four decades by the craven machinations of the ugly oligarchs.

Enlightened ideas are what are welcome, not views that hinder sight, which are themselves fists, which possess the souls of Americans, like a virus such as Covid, a disease which says, as Satan did to Faust after their bargain; “Now you are mine!”

Indeed, the spread of illness has always been influence’s ancient occupations. It was either the source of a seizure induced by some divinity or a sickness of the system, a mysterious onset called influenza.

The corporate super structure of the interlocking directorates of the oligarchs, the Bilderbergs, the CFRers, and the Trilateralists, the amoral hegemons that supervise this craven show of shame, this tragic charade, this planet Ponzi scheme are frightened by our power. They are frightened by the power of enlightened ideas, the power of the written word of truth to power, truth to the tyranny of their power, the power of our pens, the power of our demands of social justice and the rights of man. They do not have a sense of history, they are so scared of the power of the word, that they do not read, and that is their ultimate demise.

Their idea is to intimidate the politically incorrect that speak truth to power, by coercing them into rectitude. One has to fear a government of a failed empire that is viscous enough to jail a sublime truth teller like Jullian Assange. Their power, petty or profound is always a doctrine, a teaching, an insidious set of rules, rites and reverences, which secure their power, and sustain its privileges, by hiding the rulers’ real intentions behind benedictions, hyaena like smiles of goodwill, even acts of kindness, like the digital happy meal of Covid $1400, shows of concern, and promises of safety and salvation.

Camus’s novel The Plague, has as its obvious content, the struggle of the European resistance movements against Nazism. The proof of the enemy is nowhere named, but everyone in every European country recognized it. The Plague is a grand chronicle of resistance, and Camus uses the brute blind plague to symbolize Nazism.

The Plague’s starkest character is an agonizing description of one boy’s death. The boy’s death is particularly painful and prolonged because he was given a shot of experimental serum in a final effort to save his life. Knowledge of their own good intentions did nothing to lessen the despair of the doctors observing the death of the boy. Such despair and such suffering were indictments that no form of social reordering could answer.


The censorship, the financial vertical integration,and the social reordering that grows around us, and the virus of Covid that masks and engulfs us will not rebuff our resolve as enlightened citizens.

The cheat, not the meek, has inherited the earth, but the great game changing power of the New Peoples’ Party awaits!

Tim Duff