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In 1925, Britain’s Winston Churchill, a rabid racist drunkard, commented in favor of the potential for biological warfare, writing concerning the desirability of the government being able to produce “pestilences methodically prepared and deliberately launched upon man and beast, blight to destroy crops, and anthrax to slay horses, cattle and man.”

The architects of the Nixon strategy of taking the dollar off the gold standard in August of 1971 were the City of London merchants banks. They saw a golden opportunity in Nixon’s dissolution of the Bretton Woods gold standard that summer of 1971. London was once more to become a major center of world finance, again on borrowed money of American Eurodollars.

After August 1971, the policy of the US Government under the White House national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, was to control and not develop economies world wide. US policy officials started referring to themselves as “neo-Malthusians.” Population reduction in developing countries, as opposed to technology transfer and industrial growth strategies became the dominant policy of the 1970s. This was another return to the nineteenth-century British colonialism.

The design behind Nixon’s August 15, 1971 strategy for the dollar was used by the London-New York financial establishment to buy time, while policy insiders prepared a shocking new monetarist design, a ‘paradigm shift.’

In May 1973, with the dramatic fall of the dollar reeling, a group of 84 of the world’s top financial and political insiders met at Saltsjobaden, Switzerland, the secluded island resort of the Swedish Wallenberg banking family. This gathering of Prince Bernhard’s Bilderberg group heard an American, Walter Levy propose a scenario for an imminent 400 percent increase in OPEC petroleum revenues.

The Bilderberg annual meetings were begun, in extreme secrecy in May 1954 by a group of white Anglophiles which included David Rockefeller, and George McGhee, of the US State Department and later a senior executive of Mobil Oil. Meeting for the first time at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Belgium, the annual Bilderberg meetings gathered top elites of Europe and America for secret deliberations and policy discussions. The secretive group has been and continues to be one of the most effective vehicles of postwar Anglo-American policy formation.

On April 24, 1974, during the worldwide oil crisis caused by Bilderberg directed rise in oil prices by 400 percent, the national security adviser, Henry Kissinger, issued the top secretNational Security Council Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), which dealt with the subject of ‘Implications of Worldwide Population for US Security and Overseas Interests.’

NSSM 200 posited that population expansion in select developing countries which also contained important strategic resources necessary to the US economy were potential US ‘national security threats.’ Kissinger, carrying out the Bilderberg craven hegemonic plan listed 13 countries as ‘strategic targets.’ The 13 countries targeted by Kissinger were Brazil, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Ethiopia and Columbia.

The May 1973 Bilderberg deliberations and their petro-dollar recycling that enslaved the Third World in debt to the IMF and World Bank, had calculated the winners and losers. It didn’t matter to them that their artificial oil price inflation was a manipulation of the world economy of such an amoral and hideous extent that it created an unprecedented transfer of the greater world into the greedy hands of a tiny minority.

The Bilderberg manipulations were a perverse variation on the old mafia ‘protection racket’ game. The same Anglo-American interests which manipulated political events, causing the Arab, Israeli Wars, to create the 400 percent increase in oil price, then reacted to the countries which were victims of the financial assault and ‘offered’ to lend them petrodollars to finance the purchase of the costly oil and other important imports, at vastly inflated interest rates. The petrodollars were used simply to refinance deficits, rather than to finance the creation of new infrastructure, to help agriculture or to improve the living standards of the people of the world.

In the 1970’s acting as National Security Advisor (NSA) under Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller and Bilderberg protege Henry Kissinger oversaw foreign policy, which included his NSSM 200 project, the top secret Third World population reduction plan for the US, Britain, Germany, and other NATO allies. The US Congressional Record of 1975, disclosed that Kissinger selected to have the CIA develop biological weapons. Among these new human concocted biological weapons were strains of germs far deadlier than the avian flu.

In 1968 Kissinger demanded and received new intelligence on useful “synthetic biological agents” for germ warfare and population control. Mutant recombinant flu viruses had been recently engineered by US Government Special Virus Cancer Program researchers. Influenza and para-influenza viruses were recombined with fast acting leukemia viruses to bring about gain of function weapons that spread cancer, like the flu, by sneezing. The researchers on Kissinger’s orders, also developed avian cancer, sarcoma viruses and inoculated them into humans and monkeys to determine their carcinogenicity.

Government researchers also used radiation to enhance the cancer causing potential of the avian virus. These maniacal scientific realities were officially censored from public disclosure. The sudden and shocking emergence of a global scare over a supposedly deadly strain of Avian Flu or Bird flu virus in 2003 had to be regarded with much suspicion.

Concocting gain of function aerosols like CoronaTHRAX, Airborne Ebola, and pig corona virus, that could soon be leaking from labs everywhere.

The avian flu scare was also being used to advance US agribusiness and its global domination along the model of Arkansas based Tyson Foods. The huge, unsanitary and overcrowded factory chicken farms of the global agribusiness behemoths were not being scrutinized as possible incubators and sources of H5N1 or Rotherham diseases. Rather, the small family run chicken farmers of Asia, with at the most 10 to 20 chickens were cruelly scape-goated to lose in the Bird Flu hysteria. This was an integral part of the Harvard directed agribusiness vertical integration project. The US poultry industry became one of the first targets for industrialization or “factory farming.” Factory farming, rather than small free range chicken operations of Asia, was the real source of new diseases and viruses such as H5N1.

Migratory bird flight occurs in the late fall, as birds fly from the Northern Hemisphere to warmer, sunnier climates for winter. But, the Bird flu outbreaks followed an East-West route along the transportation routes by air or rail of the factory farming operations, not North-South. Officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Government’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) blatantly omitted that important fact as they spread fear of free-flying birds.

The next piece in the US global control over man’s food chain was executed by the purchase of the Terminator seed by Monsanto Corporation from Delta & Pine Land in August of 2006. The stage was set for the final steps of the Rockefeller Foundation’s long planned dream of controlling the human species. The terminator seed technology, was an illicit imperial “technology protection system” that renders the seeds which are saved after the first generation and the first sowing sterile. It is a Genetic Use Restriction Technology (GURTs) that is now patented by the US Government’s USDA and Monsanto company. The Terminator GURT modifies a crop in a manner that the genetic enhancement engineered into any crop does not function until the crop plant is treated with a chemical that is sold by Monsanto. Farmers cannot grow their sterile seeds to produce crops unless they purchase the activator compound from the seed patent owner.

The Rockefeller Foundation was seriously dedicated about wanting to deal with the world hunger problem through the worldwide proliferation of Terminator GMO seeds and crops. Their method had been to do so by focusing on the “supply side” solution rather than the “demand side.” They would aim at the demand side by going after the health and reproductive systems of mankind itself.

The Rockefeller Foundation also had quietly funded a WHO program in “reproductive health” in poor developing countries which had developed an innovative tetanus vaccine. The vaccine which was supposedly designed to protect from the tetanus disease, but the ingredients in the vaccine contained human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or hCG. hCG was a natural hormone needed maintain a pregnancy. When combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier it stimulated the formation of antibodies against hCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy. This was an immoral despicable design by the Rockefeller Foundation and WHO of an anti-fertility vaccine, and a form of concealed abortion.

By mid 1993 the WHO had spent a total of $365 million of its research funds on what was dubbed “reproductive health” including research on implanting hCG into tetanus vaccines. WHO officials declined to explain why the women they had vaccinated developed anti-hCG antibodies, and could not have full term pregnancies.

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The history of virology and bio weapons is long and dark and full of deadly secrets and dumb mistakes made by gain of function scientific ghouls that our government is funding. Mad scientists are mixing and matching deadly diseases like anthrax with corona virus. They are re-engineering the Ebola virus to make it airborne and resurrecting dangerous viruses from dead bodies.

The threat to all of us is frighteningly obvious. The Pentagon operates 30 military and biomedical research labs around the world that mutate many different viruses in top secrecy. In the name of health, scientists are mutating viruses to make them more infectious and deadly, and able to move between species. Then they try to create vaccines that work by spraying in the air.

The National Institute of Health, under NIH guidelines requires research institutions to maintain Institutional Biosafety Committees to oversee lab safety and protect dangerous biological agents from theft and misuse. Few IBCs ever meet and most exist only on paper, never reporting on BL3 or BL4 activities.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control admitted in May, that the earliest detections of Covid 19 had no connection to the Huanan Market as the origin of the pandemic.

The maniacal scientists genetically engineering pathogens to make them even more deadly are now out of control, concocting gain of function aerosols like CoronaTHRAX, Airborne Ebola, and pig corona virus, that could soon be leaking from labs everywhere.

In 2014, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) established a biological technologies office. DARPA has revealed reluctantly program Prophecy, a project to predict all the ways a pathogenic virus might mutate, to sequence and synthesize viral genomes, to test how they adapt and change in various hosts, and to create “high energy evolutionary boundaries” that keep genetic mutations at bay.

The DARPA Insect Allies project which uses virus infected insects to genetically engineer crops while they are growing, a horizontal genetic alteration system.

The DARPA program called PREventing EMerging Pathogenic Threats (PREEMPT), a process to disrupt the cross species jump of viruses involving animal or insect targeted vaccines, gene editors and therapeutic interfering particles.

DARPA is spending 6.7 million in research on the genetic engineering of transmissible viral vaccines.

The WHO admitted at their 34 member meeting on October 5, and then retracted, that the global death toll attributable to Sars-Covid is 1,061,593 of the world population. That is an infection fatality rate of 0.14%, exactly in line with seasonal flu, and the predictions of health experts around the world.

The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghereyesus is a major booster of immunization. He false lies claims that vaccines are the major reason for the near annihilation of smallpox, polio, and other feared diseases. He now promises that the WHO and COVAX lab facility will be delivering 2 billion doses of the COVID vaccine by end of 2021.

The pharmaceutical companies that wholly fund and own the WHO are driving the “Trojan vaccine” push will make billions around the world, while potentially causing grave injuries to the 1.5 billion humans of the world.

The Covid crisis has covertly allowed the IMF and global central bankers to deviously devise a financial markets reset, a new Bretton Woods digital currency, a craven system crushing individual and national sovereignty. It’s a mafia style slight of hand operation, facilitating a financial coup d’etat, by the quantitative easing of the Federal Reserve and Central Banks financial fraud, giving billions more to the one percent.

Across continents the military regimes of countries have used the Covid 19 pandemic as an opportunity to further repress political activists, rights defenders, lawyers, journalists and doctors, arresting hundreds, denying them basic assistance in places of detention, and placing people on terrorist watch lists.

State and non-state actors in the United States and many other countries are now exploiting opportunities created by fear of the pandemic to shape online narratives, rig National elections with massive mail in ballot schemes, censor critical speech, and build new technological systems of social control.

The Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated society’s reliance on digital technologies, coming at a time when it is less free.

The restrictions that are happening now around the world are undermining people’s political rights and civil liberties in very severe ways.

Our unbalanced irrational centuries old rush into technological mastery has made us unwilling servants of our own new iterations of weapons of war. The new biological weapons dictate what we are to do, forcing us into horrible compromises. They may give many their livings, they may sustain our economy, they may make our politicians rich while being complicit, while they sell and control our mass media. We live at the mercy of their sly social distancing demands, and their craven militant Malthusian hegemonic strategies. If we allow them to continue to rule us, and diminish our dissent, we will most surely die by them.


We must take to the streets, and be in the suites in peaceful protest and revolution through our collective civil disobedience, as communities of truth, against the tyranny of unchecked power.

Truth, in every case, is the most reputable victory a man can gain. -Thomas Paine

T.D Duff