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(EDITOR’S NOTE - We here at the Mozza Tribune are - like the rest of the world - consumed with the Corona virus and the despair it has brought to Earth. Our hearts go out. These reports are in no way intended to make light of this scourge, but rather give insight to the daily life of someone who has tested positive and is hopefully an example that life - with Covid or without - goes on and still can be as wonderful and crazy as back in the day)

Kitchen Comeback

In most secure cell block of the notorious San Quarantine maximum security facility, an inmate in the kitchen is nervous this Easter morning. She is a chef and she is about to cook perhaps the most important meal of her life. It’s not a meal for for stars, it’s a meal to she if she is back to her normal brilliant self in the kitchen.

Ordered to lockdown at San Quarantine, Nancy has not cooked hardly anything, having to rely on the kindness of friends and her cellie, me.

Sixteen days ago. Nancy Silverton made an omelet and felt something was wrong with her. it wasn’t a bad omelet, but it wasn’t her usual omelet which can make an egg hater - like Jonathan Gold - a believer. It was later classified as “a mediocre omelet” and, more perplexing, Silverton was befuddled by the haphazard way she made the dish. Three days later was told she had tested positive for Covid

Ordered to lockdown at San Quarantine, Nancy has not cooked hardly anything, having to rely on the kindness of friends and her cellie, me. Have to say Silverton and myself have eaten very well.

But, today is Nancy Silverton’s kitchen comeback.

The main course is a not so traditional Easter lamb shoulder. Last night, she dry rubbed this seven pounder from Superior Farms in Sonoma yesterday with a spice blend she is calling Covid-10 salt, black pepper, cumin, cinnamon, tumeric, cardamon coriander, calabrian chile. Persian dried lime and smoked paprika.

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A report on Easter at San Quarantine will appear later.

BREAKING NEWS - The lamb was placed in the oven in an orange Le Creuset braiser at 10:32 am at 300 degrees.

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Apollonia's Pizzeria on Wilshire Joins Elite "Delta Course" with Delicious Drop at Nancy's Home

Just as the bells of St. Brendan’s Church on 3rd Street tolled at high noon Saturday, the door bell at Nancy Silverton’s nearby home rang once. On the porch, a good 10 feet away, Justin De Leon was ‘drop drop droppin’’ off two of his luscious so-called Detroit style pizzas. His timing couldn’t have been better.

Nancy and I had been wondering what to eat for lunch. We have a slew of leftovers fit for a banquet, and were about to decide when Justin arrived and decided for us. One square pizza had mozzarella, garlic and oregano and the other, the Acapulco Gold, had grape tomatoes, garlic, oregano, ricotta, truffle oil and arugula.

I’ve had his pizza from his storefront at 5176 Wilshire, a block east of La Brea, several times and it’s always been excellent. But, today. it was extraordinary You know, the type of food you eat standing up even though there’s a table and chairs just six feet away.

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