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shut down

Here isthe timeline in the Trump administration’s actions involving COVID-19?:

  • December 31: Reports emerge the China is investigating illness in Wuhan
  • January 6-8: CDCissues warnings and alerts about the illness
  • January 21: First U.S. case confirmed

In other words, if the deaths climb to 466,000, as predicted, Trump is to blame, even if he says that he isn’t. He gambled deaths for money.

  • January 29: U.S. coronavirus task force established
  • January 31: Trump blocks travel from China
  • February 24: Stock market tumbles, Trump claims control
  • February 26: Firstcommunity spread case documented.(A person in California is confirmed to have coronavirus without documented travel to hot spots or contact with another infected person. The unknown source of the infection confirms that "community spread" of the virus is taking place in the US.)
  • March 4: House passes $8.3bn emergency bill, Trump deflects criticism that he has done nothing
  • March 11: Trump bans travel from Europe and promises free treatment
  • March 13: National emergency declaration
  • March 17: Trump asks workforce to stay home and says he’s always has known this was a pandemic.

From the CDC warnings to Trump’s admission took 70 days.

  • March 24: Trump says he wants the country opened by April 12
  • March 30: Trump sys his administration inherited a “broken test” as cases soar
  • April 3: Trump’s administration recommends wearing face masks
  • April 7: Trump claims testing has increased. “We have now done 1,790,000 tests nationwide," Trump says during a news briefing
  • April 13: Trump claims total authority on re-opening states
  • April 16: Trump and CDC issue guidelines on re-opening states and local businesses
  • May 6: Trump states coronavirus task force will focus on re-opening economy
  • May 8: 80,000 Americans dead as states begin to re-open economies.
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Shutdown lasted 52 days.

Trump’s attitude toward the coronavirus pandemic has been consistent.Ittookhim 70 days to shut down the economy in order to safe-guard workers even though he admitted that “he’s always has known this was a pandemic.”He left the shutdown in place only 52 days even though the warnings were in place that the death toll would rise from 80,000 to 466,000 within 55 days if the states fully reopened.

Basically, Trump was stuck.If he shut down the economy – or failed to re-open it quickly, the economic downturn was a sure thing.And that downturn would be blamed on him.On the other hand, if he didn’t shut down the economy, or failed to reopen it quickly, the death toll might not be bad, but the economic impact was certain.From Trump’s standpoint, he would be blamed for an economic crash but not for an increase in deaths, because there was no certainty in that.And from his standpoint, there was no certainty that deaths would be held down with a shutdown or by extending the shutdown.

So he elected to avoid certain economic disaster in favor of possible (indeed: likely) virus disaster.In other words, if the deaths climb to 466,000, as predicted,Trump is to blame, even if he says that he isn’t.He gambled deaths for money.He will be “President Death,” and he should be voted out of office.

michael hertz

Michael T. Hertz