Do You Vote the Party Line?

My father contacted me the other day to get some advice on who he should vote for on Tuesday. He lives in the Palmdale/Lancaster area so I told him to vote for Linda Jones  for the State Assembly.  I’ll send him a private message with the rest of my recommendations. For now, I’m providing a clickable list of sources at the end of this article.

My father looks to me for endorsements.  In a sense, we all need endorsements to help us select who we’ll vote for. Our knowledge of the issues and the candidates runs the gamut.  Some of us are plugged in 24/7 others rely on television ads, still others wait for the slates to arrive in the mail and then there’s always the endorsement of the party.

This year, there was a contentious battle on the floor of the California Democratic Convention for the endorsement of the 36th District.  Dick and I were there. The battle was noisy unorganized and confusing. When it ended, there were many who questioned whether the process resulted in an accurate count. Marcy Winograd did not get the party’s endorsement; the incumbent got it. Because it wasn’t so clear to me that the process resulted in a clear winner, I talked to several insiders and asked why it is that the party generally endorses the incumbent. I was told that its a matter of loyalty.

I suppose loyalty has its place but watch this video and you’ll understand why I am still confused about the party’s endorsement.

Here are the links I promised:

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