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How Homeowners and Renters Cope with Housing Crisis
Panel of Experts and Activists Looks at Causes, Solutions 

foreclosure crisis

Nearly 12 millions homeowners have been foreclosed on since mid-2006 when the housing bubble burst, contributing to the elimination of 10 million jobs in a ripple effect as consumer spending dropped and also putting enormous pressure on the rental market, especially for low-income and disabled renters.

According to the Los Angeles Times and other mainstream media, Californians have been especially hard hit, suffering more than 100,000 mortgage foreclosures since the market collapse, 60,000 of them here in Los Angeles County.

“Total losses are estimated in the tens of trillions of dollars worldwide,” says Kwazi Nkrumah, Occupy Fights Foreclosures activist. “And the metro LA area currently has a foreclosure rate of one household for every 46 residential units.”

Hear how activist groups in the San Gabriel Valley and across Los Angeles are fighting back, battling attempts to throw people out of their homes and collaborating to find housing for those who can no longer find a decent—and afforable—place to rent.

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  • Carlos Marroquin and Cheryl Aichele from Occupy Fights Foreclosure will discuss Occupy Movement efforts to protect homeowners from fraudulent foreclosures.
  • Sharon Kinlaw from the San Fernando Valley Fair Housing Council and California Reinvestment Coalition will discuss CRC’s monitoring meeting with banks and outline effective fair housing arguments and loan modifications techniques.

What: ACLU Pasadena/Foothills Chapter Forum When: Tuesday, May 8th, 7 p.m. Where: Neighborhood Church, 301 North Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena

The event is free and open to the public.

For more info, see, or contact Sharon Kyle or Chamarra Russo, Communications Co-Chairs, ACLU-SC Pasadena/Foothills Chapter,