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Baccarat a comparing card game that is played between two hands, one being the player and the other one the banker. The casino game’s single round of play has up to three possible outcomes, whereby the player has the highest score while the second and third outcomes are the banker and the tie respectively. Baccarat has three popular variants the North American baccarat chemmy and baccarat banque. Winning odds in this game are in favor of the bank with a house edge not lower than 1%.


This game has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. It is so exciting game to play and can be considered one of the best casino games. It has in the past been associated with the elite. And what fuels this notion is that it was mostly played in exclusive casino houses. But with the advent of online casinos today it’s available to anyone with an internet connection. With numerous guides online like on it’s easy to learn and play this game with a click of a button.

This game has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. It is so exciting game to play and can be considered one of the best casino games.

Every gambler walking through casino doors is optimistic about winning big. They believe that they can walk out of doors winners, so they convince themselves to play more even after they lose. Nonetheless, there are only a few gamblers who have walk out those doors as winners. It is because all games are mathematically planned with the house edge. The list below comprises of people who have in the past knew the baccarat’s house edge and were determined to rectify that. They were determined to walk out by all means with a profit, whether through their intelligence and smartness of playing the game.

John W. Gates

This legend lived from 1855-1911 and was a renowned millionaire from the Gilded Industrial Age. However, what many people don’t know is that he did not start rich as he used to sell anything from firewood to selling homes and finally selling local railroads. While selling railroads, he became friends to railroad workers and soon started playing cards with them. He then went to make a fortune through selling barbed wire. His love for playing cards grew even deeper. His addiction saw become a gambler throughout his life.

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During one trip, Gates acted as the baccarat banker and bet $1million in one round. This meant that the rest of the players had to risk $1 million. He and other opponents also had a particular rule, that the banker deals three hands on the table. These were his hand, while the other players had to choose whether they want to play one or all of the remaining hands. His rule is called the cheval rule.

If a gambler chooses to play both hands, the possible outcome could be they win the bet when they win both hands. Or, they tie, and one hand losses, and third they lose their bet with two losses. His opponents tied Gates as the won one hand as lost the other. No money was exchanged; however, he earned his name ‘Mr. Bet a Million’ for his willingness to lose such a great sum of money. He also won largely on poker and horse racing. Gates is said to have won $1 million.

Akio Kashiwagi also was known as The Warrior

He built a fortune for himself in the Tokyo real estate market which earned him up to $100 million in profits each year. He had assets worth $1 billion. His wealth and earnings saw him ready to risk huge sums of money in Atlantic City as well as in Vegas. Las Vegas executive ones described him as a premier player listed among the top 10. Dennis Gomes admits having seen him play baccarat for 80 hours betting $100,000 per hand. He says that Akio would play for two days nonstop without sleeping. He could wager up to $200,000 per hand if possible. He is known to have won millions of dollars on a good day.

Phil Ivey

He is known as a gambling legend whose love for gambling started in poker. He is known to be among the world’s best players and has to date earned 10 WSOP gold bracelets and up to $26.2 million in various live tournaments. During the 2000s he was still regarded as the world’s all-around poker player and has won more than $20 million online from 2007 to 2011. He has made good kills in other forms of gambling, e.g. baccarat. He and his accomplice Kelly Sun executed edge sorting skills in the Atlantic city in London and made a combined $20.6 million from Atlantic City’s Borgata and London’s Crockford casinos.

Johnny Sunstrom