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It’s not only about the weather. Climate change is about public health. It’s about communities being poisoned. Climate change is about greed. And the future of our children.

Climate Change: It's Personal

Climate Change: It's Personal

2016 is a critical year in the fight to move California away from fossil fuels and toward the renewable energy we so desperately need.

Frontline communities all over the state — from neighbors of Richmond's toxic, explosive oil refinery to residents living only feet away from neighborhood drilling in South L.A. — have been living with the insidious threats of hazardous fossil fuel projects for decades. The time to act is now.

That's why we're marching with thousands of Californians in Los Angeles to demand a ban on urban drilling and all new fossil fuel infrastructure. Will you join us?

What: The March to Break Free From Fossil Fuels
When: Saturday, May 14, 1:00 p.m.
Where: City Hall Downtown Los Angeles

As the home to the largest urban oil field, and the largest city in California, Los Angeles is the clear target for this action. We know that in order to move our state off fossil fuels and toward 100% renewable energy, we must move L.A.

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On May 14 we will gather together in solidarity with frontline communities and grassroots allies to show Mayor Garcetti and the L.A. City Council that all eyes are on Los Angeles, where some of the worst offenses in the state are taking place. We will let Mayor Garcetti know that we need him to protect L.A. residents from the toxic extraction by banning neighborhood drilling, and embracing the 100% renewable energy future.

We will also remind Governor Brown that Californians have a right to clean water and clean air, and that by allowing fracking and other forms of extreme extraction he is putting our health at risk.

In the midst of his final term as governor, Jerry Brown has a choice: stop dangerous drilling and be remembered as a true climate champion, or continue to side with Big Oil and secure his legacy as a governor whose empty rhetoric led to more environmental injustice and climate disruption.

We need real climate leadership, and we need it now.

This May, make your voice heard. Join us in Los Angeles to call on our leaders to take a stand against Big Oil. Mark your calendar, RSVP and join us in May to be a part of this historic march to move L.A. toward a better future.

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Climate Change: It's Personal

Climate Change: It's Personal