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On Monday, November 25, as many as 500 people will be the first to take the public protests of the secret trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) directly to the President, the Senate Majority Leader and the House Minority Leader when they come to town for two high dollar Democratic Party fundraisers.


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP), a global trade agreement being secretly negotiated by 600 multinational corporations and industry trade groups, will impact nearly every aspect of Americans’ lives. If passed, it will undermine state, local and federal laws, including those governing food safety, environmental protection, internet freedom, worker rights, democratic sovereignty, healthcare and drug prices, and banking and finance regulation.

In short, it will be a disaster for public health and safety, future sustainability of the world’s food supply and basic democratic principles.

When asked why it was being negotiated in secret, Ron Kirk, the former US trade negotiator said, "Because if the people knew what was in it, it would never be passed." It’s bad enough that Congress and the public have been shut out of these negotiations, while corporations are running the show. But even worse, the Obama Administration wants to ram the TPP through Congress using a Nixon-era process called Fast Track.

Join us as we tell Obama, Reid and Pelosi to release the text of the agreement, oppose Fast Track and ultimately stop the TPP, which if passed would represent a total global corporate coup.

WHEN: Monday, November 25 3-6 pm

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WHERE: Will Rogers Memorial Park (not Will Rogers State Park in the Palisades), 9650 Sunset Blvd. (at Canon and Beverly Drives), Beverly Hills, 90210 (bus stop in Sunset at Beverly, plenty of free street parking)

WHAT: 3:30 Rally with the following speakers:

  • Maira Sutton,the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Zack Kaldveer, the Organic Consumers Association
  • Lance Simmens, Citizens Trade Coalition
  • Adrian Acosta, the Communications Workers of America

4:00 March half a mile towards the site of the fundraiser


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