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On Thursday, August 6, Hillary Clinton will be in Los Angeles for a fundraiser at the home of Justin Bieber's manager. Her event is called “Conversation with Hillary.” However, only the 1% can afford to converse with the current frontrunner for President, because it costs $2700 to attend.

hillary brentwood rally

Tell Hillary to Oppose Dark Act and Support GMO Labeling—Hamid Assian

Hillary has been criticized for not taking stands on controversial issues such as the Keystone XL Pipeline and others saying she will let us know her position when she becomes president. The 99% deserve better than that. In particular, they need to know where she stands on the right of parents to know what is in the food they feed their children.

So on Thursday, August 6, the Organic Consumers Association is holding a rally outside Hillary's Brentwood fundraiser and setting up a lemonade stand staffed by kids. Maybe if they raise money for Hillary, she will come out and tell them her position on GMOs and GMO labeling.

For those who think "Why bother? Hillary is in the pocket of Monsanto," read on. We are not hopeful that Hillary will take a stand. Her only public speaking on GMOs showed that she is in favor of them and the head of her Super PAC is a former Monsanto lobbyist. Hillary used to be their lawyer.

The real purpose of the event is to get the DARK Act in front of the mainstream media that is not covering this. The Act, which would strip states' rights to label GMOs was recently passed by the House and has been slipped into a must fund budget bill in the Senate.

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The press won't cover the bill. But they do love to highlight the fact that Hillary is only speaking at high dollar fundraisers while her main opponent, Bernie Sanders, is speaking to huge crowds of working people all over the nation. They cover the fact that she won't take stands on controversial issues unlike Sanders. He has led the fight against the Keystone Pipeline in the Senate and attempted to mandate GMO labeling via an amendment to the farm bill in 2013, an amendment that was derailed by Monsanto.

So if you care about the right to know what is in your food, please attend this rally:

WHAT: Tell Hillary to Oppose DARK Act and Support GMO Labeling
WHEN: August 6, 5-7 pm
WHERE: 755 North Bonhill Road, Los Angeles

Bring signs and pots and pans to make some noise. If we are loud enough, maybe she will come out and converse with us about the DARK Act!

There is free street parking, but the location is over a mile walk from the nearest bus stop. So please feel free to use the Facebook page to arrange carpools.

hamid assian

Also, please contact your senators to tell them to vote NO on this amendment. And please sign and share this petition to Hillary.

Hamid Assian