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The media is no longer that "black and white and read all over" object the neighbor kid threw on your parents' lawn every morning, right?

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No, now it's something people all around you are creating for themselves -- on computer networks, with flipcams and smart phones, on the radio -- to advance their causes, to help guide their communities to a brighter tomorrow, to better our world.

You're already doing some of that yourself, too, right?

So join us this Saturday at the "4th Annual Media Reform Summit: Media for the 99%" to learn how to do even more.

We'll have headliners Robert Scheer, the renowned LA Timesman and Truthdig editor, and Craig Aaron, Free Press CEO and President.

We've got a dynamite "The Future of News Is Now" media panel with KCET's Val Zavala, KPCC's Sharon McNary, KPFK's Maria Armoudian, and XM Public Radio's Jesse Thorn.

And then, to get you waist deep in the big media yourself, we're presenting ten workshops that will give you hands-on tutoring on how to effect change in your community by creating your own media.

  • Want to know how to create your own online magazine, or become a progressive culture critic, or livestream events as they happen? We can help.
  • Want to know how to post multimedia stories onto the Web with your mobile phone, or how to make a powerful video, or how to represent your cause effectively with the mainstream media? We've got you covered.

Check out the list of 10 workshops below, organized in two sets of five, and sign up for the event.

WHEN: Saturday, March 3 from 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
WHERE: Occidental College, 200 Johnson Hall

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See you Saturday!

  • Citizen Journalism on the Net: LA Progressive founders will show step-by-step how they created an online magazine, including author recruitment, website development, and advertising and sponsorship development. The LA Progressive can serve as a roadmap for citizen journalists elsewhere to create their own similar efforts. With Sharon Kyle and Dick Price
  • Food Trucks: From Roach Coach to Pop-Culture Boom! This panel discusses how citizen journalists have captured some of the tensest, politically charged, and controversial moments of the food truck movement in L.A., and across the country. With Erin Glenn and Michele Gran
  • How to be an Advocate in the Big Media World: This panel will talk about how to stand up for the media you want to see by being a kick-ass advocate for community-based media. Everything from keeping the big guys accountable to maintaining real alternatives in radio, television and on the web. With Tracy Rosenberg and Inez González
  • Creative Commons and Other Ways Internet Law Empowers Media Reformers. This workshop will be a overview of Internet-related legal concepts that can actually help and empower media reformers. The goal is to give the audience an understanding of what they CAN do when re-purposing content, responding to censorship threats from third parties, and controlling the way they disseminate their messages online. Shaun Spalding and Art Neill
  • Video the Vote 2012: Keeping Watch on Democracy: In preparation for the 2012 elections, this workshop will look at Video the Votes reports from previous elections to give an overview of voter suppression in action, and discuss covering this years elections with more developed technology, including portable streaming video. With John Wellington Enis
  • Occupy The Media: The Process, Practice, Publication, Posting and Broadcasting of a People’s Critique of Popular Culture: How can a people’s “pop culture-ologist” go about getting his/her vision out to the public? The workshop includes practical steps to put theory into practice in various media formats: online, social media, print, radio, TV, etc. The goal: How to provide people’s coverage of the arts for the 99%. With Ed Rampell
  • How Insight Out News Covered Occupy LA: Margot Paez will discuss her work with Insight Out News, interspersing her presentation with demonstrations of videos she created in her coverage of Occupy LA, discussions of the tools and production processes she employed, and plenty of time for audience members to ask questions and share their own videography experiences. With Margot Paez
  • Mobile Voices: We’ll show participants how to post multimedia stories directly to the web from a cell phone, and we’ll talk about how this can be used as part of popular communication and as an organizing tool. We will read our reality to write our own stories! With Ricardo Rodriguez, Manuel Mancia, Maria de Lourdes González, Diana Mendez, Marcos Rodriguez, Crispin Jimenez, Ranferi Ahiezer Velazquez, and Pedro Joel Espinosa
  • Make It Pop: Short-form Video Storytelling: We'll present a series of videos produced for different events, films, or causes, discuss effective techniques to maximize impact, and help workshop attendees conceive and figure out how to execute their own messaging videos. With John Wellington Enis
  • Corporate Personhood & Media Consolidation: A look at how the pernicious doctrine or corporate personhood has lead to the diminution of the public voice on our airwaves, print and online media. An examination of how companies like Clear Channel Communications, Koch Industries, GE, Heart Industries (historically) and other media conglomerates have effectively homogenized the airwaves using both judicial precedents and legislative means to drown out the voice of the people. With David Cobb