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#WakeUp2014 Theme of "Occupy the Rose Parade"

Lauren Steiner: dc]W[/dc]e need YOU to help raise awareness of the event. Join the Twitter Storm on Tuesday at 4 pm PST. Follow us on Twitter @AwakeCoalition to for information about the storm aOccupy the Rose Parade -- Join the Twitter Storm on Tuesday at 4 pm PST. Follow us on Twitter @AwakeCoalition.nd the livestream and for live tweets during the parade.

Honda Motors and the other corporate sponsors of the 2014 Rose Parade have chosen as this year’s theme: “Dreams Come True.” However, in 2013 millions lost their homes to foreclosures, thousands suffered water and air pollution and other ill effects of fracking, and more Americans are about to see their jobs outsourced, their wages reduced and their environmental and food safety regulations abolished by a secret trade deal poised to be fast-tracked by Congress. The newly formed Awake Coalition plans to Occupy the Rose Parade with the theme #WakeUp2014. We don’t believe Americans can achieve the kind of change necessary to improve the lives of the 99% by dreaming. We need awareness, strategy and action.


The Awake Coalition includes Occupy Venice, Occupy Fights Foreclosures, Food and Water Watch, and Expose the TPP – California. In the past year, we have

  • fought the criminalization of homelessness in LA and successfully defeated the institution of overnight pay parking districts,
  • conducted food/clothing caravans in Venice,
  • reached hundreds about issues such as the NSA spying, GMOs, food safety, the upcoming water crisis and more through monthly forums and the Doccupy film series,
  • saved many families from foreclosure,
  • launched Californians Against Fracking,
  • coordinated the LA Global Frackdown,
  • introduced state and citywide fracking moratorium bills, and
  • educated people about the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through a well attended rally and march at Obama’s Beverly Hills fundraiser and a Twitter storm that trended nationally and in LA.

We also generated thousands of petition signatures, hundreds of phone calls and dozens of citizen lobby visits, which resulted in 37 California Congress members pledging not to fast track the TPP and the City of Berkeley proposing a motion to become a TPP Free Zone should the agreement pass.

Since the television network that broadcasts the parade to three million people worldwide usually stops its coverage at the end of the official parade, we are using Ustream to make our own media. On Wednesday, Walker Foley and I will anchor livestream coverage of Occupy the Rose Parade.

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Along with pointing out the misdeeds of the corporations who have sponsored floats in the parade and interviewing marchers and spectators, we will be covering the Awake Coalition floats which will march at the end of the official parade.

There will be three banners satirizing the big banks and one giant bankster puppet. The Grim Reaper on stilts will lead a 30-foot tall fracking rig with a sign on the top saying “Gov. Brown Don’t Frack CA.” And the seven-foot long TPP Express, made for the Obama TPP protest, will take to the streets again.

We need YOU to help raise awareness of the event. Join the Twitter Storm on Tuesday at 4 pm PST. Follow us on Twitter @AwakeCoalition for information about the storm and the livestream and for live tweets during the parade. Our coverage will be streamed starting Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. PST, at: and

lauren steiner

To join us at the parade, please meet at 7:30 am at Singer Park at 632 South Saint James Avenue in Pasadena. You can sign up on the Facebook event page here. To join the Awake Coalition, contact Alex Nagy at 818-633-0865.

Lauren Steiner