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"The recently produced documentary GO PUBLIC: A Day in the Life of an American School District is perhaps the finest film ever made about the challenges and successes of public education in the United States and an amazingly topical and timely examination of the issues facing those involved in teaching, running, reforming, or improving children's experiences. Rather than including a preachy, posturing, or prevaricating narrative, GO PUBLIC lets the students, parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, and others involved in the Pasadena Unified School District speak for themselves. GO PUBLIC refuses to ignore "inconvenient" realities that affect schooling for better or worse, such as children with special needs, programs devoted to the arts, gifted students, or the poverty many families face. As such, the film provides a measured and meaningful starting point for a variety of discussions regarding public schools. The film is appropriate for community members, parents, undergraduates, or doctoral students, and provides an excellent snapshot of the issues and challenges currently facing those charged with educating children."

go public

Stephen Schroth, PhD
Associate Producer
Educational Studies Department
Knox College in Galesburg, IL

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