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Walmart facts v myths

Walmart Facts v Myths

According to studies of its history, Walmart will not reduce crime, will not invest in the communities where it places its stores, will forces small Ma & Pa operators out of business, will employ a workforce that is barely paid minimum wage.

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world. It boasts of having 1.2 million Americans on their payroll. Its reported annual profits are around $13 billion. So it’s safe to say since it is so big – and so ubiquitous – and so obviously successful – the government can now stop subsidizing it.

Since Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the country, generally doesn’t pay its “associates” or “Wal-Mart family members” enough to live on – the giant multi-national corporation is relying on the U.S. government to feed its employees. We, as taxpayers, pay for Wal-Mart’s cost-cutting tactics. Wal-Mart’s Profit? Privatized. Nutrition? Socialized.

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Think of how many employees use their food stamp cards to buy groceries at the store where they WORK. It’s like a nurse having to file bankruptcy due to medical bills.

It would be different if Wal-Mart were a struggling little startup where loyal employees believed in the company’s vision, so being temporarily paid less than an intern is understandable.

But since Wal-Mart is by all measurements a success – it’s no longer okay for them to benefit from government handouts. They need to pay people who work for them like people who work for them and not like disposable volunteers in blue vests.

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