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This Week in Hollywood Progressive

Reviews of films "Amigo," "For Colored Girls," "Problema," and "Fair Game"and the play "The Game Is Afoot." Also, a look at the origins of the Hayes Code and the latest from Keith Richards.

Amigo: Indie Filmmaker John Sayles Rides Again. Amigo tells the story of a village caught in the crossfire between insurrectos – Filipino nationalists – and U.S. soldiers occupying those Western Pacific islands, as an outgrowth of 1898’s Spanish-American War. --Ed Rampell

keith richards

Not Only "For Colored Girls". For Colored Girls is not only for colored girls because it offers a pathway to self-growth, finding our authentic power, and discovering the divine in one’s self. --Irene Monroe

“Problema”: Fascinating Film of Ideas. "Problema" is the filming of an event that gathered some of the world's great thinkers to help search for answers to some of the world's toughest questions. --Bill Meyer

New Book from Dances With Wolves Author. I encountered an animal whose being was saturated with evidence that the Mystery's spirit was on earth. –Walter Brasch

Will The Real Keith Please Stand Up? An imaginary Mick Jagger responded in Slate Friday to some nasty stuff in fellow Rolling Stone Keith Richards’ memoir. We’ve just exclusively obtained this entry from Keith’s diary, given to us by someone who would only identify himself as “Deep Tongue.” -- Michael Sigman

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The Game Is Afoot! Watson, rather than Arthur Conan Doyle’s scientific sleuth, is the lead character in the Sacred Fools Theater Company’s Watson, an extremely imaginative, clever spoof that had the audience howling with delight and applauding throughout the premiere of the almost two and a half hour production. -- Ed Rampell

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"Psycho" Meets the Hayes Code. There was panic at Paramount . It was unthinkable to release a Hitchcock film without a seal. Exhibitors would never allow that to happen. At a meeting with Paramount , Hitchcock and the Code chairman, they agreed to re-edit “Psycho” and allow a code member to be present for consultation. -- Jerry Drucker

Claremont Folk Music Center Brings a Taste of Mississippi to Los Angeles. Los Angeles may be heading into winter, but on Sunday November 14, the Claremont Folk Music Center promises a Mississippi spring as Delta songstresses Claire Holley and Kate Campbell offer an evening of Southern style, stories, and song. --Georgianne Nienaber

For Colored Girls, Machete, Billy Jack: Mainstream Movies as Progressive Forces. No corporate critics’ reviews will make Billy Jack or Machete or any of the Colored Girls less heroic to those who need heroes now. Progress happens – because of, rather than in spite of the mass media. --Tom Hall

Fair Game: All the Vice President's Henchmen. Director/producer Doug Liman’s Fair Game is one of Hollywood’s best fact-based political thrillers since 1976’s Robert Redford-produced All the President’s Men. --Ed Rampell