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This Week in The Hollywood Progressive: 21 November

LA Progressive articles by Ed Rampell, Bill Meyer, Rev. Irene Monroe, Michael Sigman, and Ron Brileya

Love, Revolution, Lula: Films from Latin America. Two new films from Latin America dramatize the progressive histories of Cuba and Brazil: one an allegory, the other a biopic of a charismatic leader. --Bill Meyer

lotus position

Wild About Harry. To paraphrase Hamlet: There are surely more things Harry in Hogwarts, heaven and earth to come than are dreamt of in our philosophy. --Ed Rampell

Cesar’s Salad days and Teatro Campesino. The most interesting thing bout Blanco’s one man show is its depiction of Luis Valdez’s Teatro Campesino, a theater in the fields, the cultural arm of the United Farm Workers. --Ed Rampell

Maestro: A Not So Nice Jewish Boy. What haunts Bernstein most is his self-perceived failure to live up to the expectations of himself and others that he would compose an immortal classical masterpiece. The tortured maestro flagellates himself over the gap he believes exists in his otherwise admirable, transcendent oeuvre. --Ed Rampell

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Meditation and Addiction: A Two-Way Street? The stress-reducing benefits of meditation notwithstanding, most people would rather do just about anything than sit still and do nothing. For those trying to develop a regular practice, even washing the dishes or doing laundry can seem like scintillating alternatives. --Michael Sigman


Not Only "For Colored Girls". For Colored Girls is not only for colored girls because it offers a pathway to self-growth, finding our authentic power, and discovering the divine in one’s self. --Irene Monroe

Sugar: A Bittersweet History. Sugar: A Bittersweet History is a readable account which should remind consumers that the sugar which sweetens our cakes, pies, soda, ice cream, and candy not only contributes to obesity and diabetes also has a long and troubling history based upon the exploitation of human labor. -- Ron Briley