Paul Ryan’s Response to the State of the Union

Republican Representative Paul Ryan’s response to the President’s State of the Union speech was remarkably disingenuous – he charged the President with wanting to maintain the “status quo.” Who is kidding whom? Paul Ryan’s own “Road Map for America’s Future,” touted as being the Republican/conservative playbook for the months ahead, does nothing more than give the entire country to the major corporations, to the rich, and to Wall Street.

But, wait, there’s more! It also proposes taking social security and medicare away from the American people – most of whom need it and have earned it – and giving that money to the very for-profit entities whose ethical deficiencies, greed, and business failings necessitated government bail-outs in the first place; bail-outs ultimately most paid for by the middle class and by the poor.

We do remember Wall Street and the financial industry, right? That is the Wall Street whose greed, ethical deficiencies, and business failings led to a massive bail-out, courtesy of American taxpayers. We do remember the major corporations, right? Those are the corporations who have outsourced thousands of jobs, laid-off thousands of workers, raided employee pension plans, and cut back on employee benefits; the corporations who hire part-time workers in order to avoid having to pay benefits; the corporations who recently spilled some oil in the Gulf of Mexico; the corporations who lied to the American people about the dangers of smoking tobacco; the corporations who routinely bribe – oops, make donations to – our Congressional representatives.

Talk about status-quo: trickle-down economics in combination with so-called free market strategies have been tried over and over again and they have failed. Unfortunately, it seems that the wealthy tend to keep whatever profits that they make for themselves. Yet, the brain-dead amongst us continue to trot out these strategies as if they represent a solution to the situation faced by the vast majority of people in this country and by the country, itself.

What those strategies actually represent is government of the people, by the corporations and the wealthy, for the corporations and the wealthy. In other words, screw everyone but those who already have the most. It is elitist cant of the worst kind, it is greed personified, and it is the beginning of the end of our great American experiment – democracy.

Miles Blue


  1. George A. Crackuh says

    What an ignorant, disgusting, hate-filled screed this one is. The author has obviously not looked at the relevant numbers or studied Ryan’s Road Map. And yet he immediately charges Rep. Ryan with lying. This is apparently to direct everyone’s attention away from our consistently and exceedingly mendacious President, the sorry one-term disaster, Obama.

    It would be nice, and really useful, if the author had a competent grasp of history and economics. If he did, he would know for certain that asking government to provide our health care is a recipe for more corruption, more fraud, more tyranny, and more poverty. And he wouldn’t ever publish such an ignorant, malignant article as this.

    Just look at how deep in the hole we already are on Medicare and Medicaid. The gov’t has screwed it up beyond belief! Look at how deep in the hole we are on Social Security and every other public pension plan in existence. The gov’t has screwed them up almost completely beyond salvaging, and it’s a very good bet that some state governments will be declaring bankruptcy real soon now because of it. These governments, both Federal and state, have stolen the taxpayer’s money, and have thrown it away. They can NEVER make good on their promises to the American people. NEVER! If private businesspeople did what these legislators have done, they’d be serving long sentences in federal prisons.

    Here’s what actually works: for many years Sears and Ford, Honda and Walmart (for example) have consistently driven down prices and improved quality for consumer goods and groceries through strong competition in the open market, and the government’s job has been to make sure they all play fair and operate honestly. It works not perfectly, but brilliantly. Nothing can hold a candle to the free market for successfully creating wealth and spreading it around.

    The same holds true for markets in health care products and services, and likewise retirement plans and financial services, if and when allowed to compete freely, and forced to operate fairly. These companies will all do their best to attract voluntary customers, and it’s up to the government to enforce honesty all around.

    But what we have instead is cronyism, where deeply corrupt government officials are playing favorites with corrupt businesspeople to curry contributions and votes. Thereby screwing the consumers and the taxpayers at the same time.

    What you should be insisting the government do, is root out its own endemic corruption, repeal its massive corrupt regulations, and simply enforce honesty in open free markets.

    History shows us, repeatedly, that free markets and fair competition have created more wealth, and have lifted more people out of poverty, than any other economic arrangement in the world. That is simply a proven historical fact. And since it allows all the people to choose freely what is best for themselves, individually, it also is more moral than any government tyranny, no matter how well-intentioned, can ever be.

    Wise up, Mr. Blue. You are barking at the wrong villain. If our dirty gov’t would clean up its own act, and limit itself to strictly enforcing simple clear rules for all enterprises to live by, this country would conquer the world all over again. There’s nothing we Americans can’t accomplish, if only government would get out of the way, and let us get on with the job.

    • lberbs says

      Yo Crackuh,

      Your delusion is astonishing!

      Yea, getting out of the way and expecting every individual and corporation to do the right thing is surely the answer – since it has worked so well in the past…………….GMAFB!

      Bear Stearns,
      Lehman Brothers

      Oh please stop that lame Republican mantra that is just a huge pant-load!

      • lberbs says

        I agree though with much of what you said about government doing its job, like oversight but clearly because of campaign finance rules, the ideal can’t be realized where individuals and corporations and government would all do the right thing. Complex and yet so simple.

  2. Jay Levenberg,Esq. says

    The budget figures were just released showing a deficit of 1.4 Trillion dollars for the past year. President Obama wants to freeze spending at these levels. How long do you think this country can survive running this much debt up per year? I’m not sure Ryan is right, but he certainly seems to have a better handle on the problem than the President.

  3. -Nate says

    Simple isn’t it ? .

    Yet the Blue Collar world I live & work in , mostly believes the blind faith that if they just support the lying , thieving , backstabbing republicans , they’ll somehow get rich too , one of these days…

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