Elections Should Be Won Not Bought

pay to play politics

As President of Valley Democrats United and a board member of the California Clean Money Action Fund, I’m asking you to join our club in considering endorsing an important and exciting campaign finance reform measure on the upcoming March 8th Los Angeles city ballot, Measure H.

Measure H is a Fair Elections measure that would rein in pay-to-play politics in Los Angeles. It would prohibit contributions and fundraising by bidders for large city contracts, and punishes violators by banning them from getting city contracts for up to four years. Measure H also strengthens LA’s Campaign Trust Fund, so that qualified candidates who agree to spending limits don’t have to spend so much time fundraising.

More details at Yes on Measure H (www.HforHonesty.org)

As you know, Clean Money public financing of campaigns is in the state Democratic Party platform in large part due to the active urging of the clubs because it’s the only real way to break the grip of Big Money on politics. A volunteer with the Yes on H campaign will be contacting you to see if they can get on your agenda to present to your club to ask for your endorsement and to ask your members to volunteer for the campaign. Measure H is very much a grassroots effort and needs the clubs help to put it over the top.

Let me know if you can add it to your agenda now and the campaign will get you a speaker. With the unlimited corporate spending unleashed by Citizens United, it’s more important than ever to fight Big Money in politics, and we can do that starting right here in LA with Measure H.

Thank you,

Brad Parker
Valley Democrats United, President
CDP-DSCC, Delegate, 42nd AD
California Clean Money Action Fund, Board Member
A.F. of M. Local 47


  1. Jerry Drucker says

    “If you ain’t got the money to fix a vote you can foregitaboutit!”

    The Citizens United preamble and greed screed.

    The United 5 of the Supreme Court
    Banksters United
    Insurance United
    Lobbyists United
    GOP(fractured-but) United
    Corporations United
    Conservatives United
    Military-Industrial Complex United
    Electronic Voting Machines United
    Large Media United
    Wall Street United
    Fox Propaganda United
    Frank Luntz Unnited
    Rush Limbaugh United
    American International Companies Over Seas United
    Koch I & II United
    Chamber of Coercion United
    And all the other United in this coup-

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