A Little Perspective, Yes?

My, how the pendulum has swung.

A year ago, people of our political persuasion were falling all over themselves in joyous disbelief—here and around the world—that Barack Obama was about to be our president. Yes, by god, Our President!

A dark night in America’s checkered history was about to end. People who couldn’t afford it, didn’t have the time to spare, and usually wouldn’t be bothered were trying to finagle Inaugural Day invitations and figure out which long-lost relative’s couch might be available.

Cripes, my wife, Sharon—who can’t stand being jostled coming out of a movie theatre—gave the idea a long thought.

Now, just a year later? You’d think Obama has peeled off his disguise to reveal that he’s what? Dick Cheney? Rush Limbaugh’s younger brother? Satan Incarnate?

But he’s not, and here’s one vote for all of us taking one of my daughter’s chill pills.

How Could It Have Been Worse?
Far from ending America’s military adventuring in the Middle East, the Obama Administration has ordered more troops into Afghanistan and seems fully onboard the Neocon fantasy of a long-term American presence there.

Far from advancing a thoroughgoing healthcare reform that would cover all our citizens—just like they do in every other developed nation you can name—the Obama Administration and its friends in Congress spent 2009 kissing every last Centrist ass it could find to bring forward a pathetic thousand-page mishmash that will require certain classes of Americans to buy insurance they can’t afford, while protecting the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry’s obscene profits every way from Sunday.

Far from putting America back to work so the country could pull out of the history-making economic crisis George Bush and his cronies created, Obama’s advisors created programs that have kept unemployment at 10 percent—and double that or more among Black men—while Wall Street brokers award themselves million-dollar bonuses.

Far from…Change We Can Believe In, indeed.

But you want worse?

Imagine President John McCain’s plan to further deregulate the banking industry so those trickle-down profits Ronald Reagan promised would finally get to us.

Imagine Vice President Sarah Palin’s nationwide speaking tour to advance her “Just Cross Your Legs” Family Planning Initiative.

Imagine grey eminences Karl Rove and Dick Cheney arriving with great pomp for their weekly White House strategy sessions.

Imagine George W. Bush as America’s Ambassador at Large to the world’s troubled spots far and wide.

Sharon and I sit in on Mario Solis-Marich’s KTLK AM1150 progressive talk radio show most Sunday afternoons. Probably more times than the listeners care to recall I have said that if John McCain were president today, we would be discussing troop levels in Tajikistan.

More than that, we would be moving even more steadily toward the warped Neoconservative vision for America—an America with a preeminent military-industrial complex supporting virtually perpetual war-making; an America sharply canted to protect and foster wealthy investor classes at the expense of everyday working folk; an America where racial and regional differences are exacerbated to create political gain…

Okay, right, that is America as it comes into this new millennium. But with a McCain-Palin Administration, the sea change that began with Ronald Reagan and washed through both Bush presidencies, pausing but not reversing itself during Clinton’s eight years, would be gaining even more momentum, moving us inexorably toward an even uglier future.

With Barack Obama in the White House, and Joe Biden at his side, we at least have a chance to move in a better direction.

How Do We Move Forward?
First, let’s all take that chill pill. We backed Obama’s candidacy for a reason, and it wasn’t because we mistook him for Dennis Kucinich.

So what was it?

Most of us understood Obama wasn’t advocating the sudden end to our Middle East adventuring that we liberals want, or a single-payer healthcare system we think would benefit the country immensely, or revolutionary economic programs that create an equitable society for our children.

To get elected, we understood that he had to take a pragmatic approach. But underneath the pragmatism, we were attracted to the compassionate world view, the deep ability to grasp complex issues, and the soaring eloquence to voice our best hopes and dreams for the future that we saw, and see, in the man—traits that had been so woefully absent in George W. Bush’s fear-mongering, hate-mongering, war-mongering reign.

And even if only a part of our rose-colored views were correct, we have to believe Obama has the makings of a great leader who can recognize when plans have gone off track and has the courage to chart a new course. That combination of confidence, humility, and courage is why we worked so hard to elect him.

After all, if being president was easy, with everything just falling in place after Inauguration Day, we could switch to an American Idol election approach and let Kellie Pickler have a crack at the job. It would be more fun than phone-banking, tabling, and precinct walking.


American Idol contestant and country music singer Kellie Pickler (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images North America)

So Where to Begin?
First, Obama and his advisors need to understand that they’ve gotten into their current pickle because of things they have done. Sure, the well-funded opposition in Congress has proven exceptionally clever—it helps not to be burdened with a conscience—even with so few seats. And, yes, the George Bush debacle put the country in a deep, deep hole on virtually every front. But it was Obama administration mistakes that have eroded support within its own base so dramatically.

Second, Obama needs to recognize that his reach-across-the-aisle, can’t-we-all-just-love-each-other, bipartisan approach is an abject failure, if for no other reason than that the people he’s reaching out to want nothing better than for his presidency to fail. Obama and his people need to recognize that it was impassioned liberals that fueled his candidacy, not some-of-this, some-of-that middle-of-the-roaders—and certainly not Republicans in disguise like Joe Lieberman and Max Baucus.

Third, Obama needs to score a meaningful, progressive victory, such as  putting America back to work. If you can’t get Corporate America to stop shipping well-paid jobs off to India and the Philippines, then create government-run jobs program like Franklin Roosevelt’s Works Projects Administration (WPA). Seriously, America’s roads, rails, parks, airports, and public buildings are in disrepair. Create programs that put people to work fixing them. It’s often said that the best social program is a job, but the way you create more teabaggers bringing side arms to rallies is to keep them worried about how they’re going to feed their families.

Once you’ve rallied your natural supporters again, reach out to the working classes that most need the social programs liberal Democrats espouse, then you can revisit our woeful healthcare system, our endless wars, and our disreputable approach to immigration. Get everyday Americans back to work with good-paying jobs so they can feed their families, educate their kids, and buy their own health insurance, you’ll have them for generations.

Dick Price

Will that be easy? Of course not. But if President Obama marshals his troops to fight for fundamental, meaningful progressive changes, the people who worked so hard to elect him and who celebrated so joyously at his election will line up beside him and fight every bit as hard as he does.

And if he doesn’t? Well, then we can talk about Plan B.

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Dick Price, Editor, LA Progressive


  1. Joel Price says

    Unfortunately President Obama may have squandered the one item he had enough of and that is good will to affect a change. Now, after one year in office he is mired in the same sort of petty political maneuvering that has been the hallmark of Washington, D.C. for decades. I suppose as a sitting Senator we should have expected some of the “business as usual” talk but to listen to the to and fro from both sides of the aisle sends my frustration quotient sky high. Last year it was a health care bill that went no where. This year it is supposed to be a jobs bill that leads America out of double-digit unemployment. What will we look back and see a year from now? Another failed attempt to get anything done or a revitalization of American business and the creation of millions of new jobs? If it is the former he may well be a one-term wonder. If it is the latter and he can build upon that success to restart the health care debate, strengthen the economy, return fiscal reality to the budget and reduce the deficit to a manageable level then his, and our, future is brighter. I still hope for the day that his agenda takes a step forward and his policies become our policies. In times of crisis great leaders motivate people to accept a challenge greater than they thought possible to achieve. Please, Mr. President, give us that challenge, mold public opinion from the bully pulpit and let’s get America moving again to be a more positive force in the world for peace, prosperity and the beacon of freedom we aspire to be for all people.

  2. Karen Anne says

    Unfortunately, I see no evidence that Obama has the ability to learn from his mistakes.

    If he did, he wouldn’t be about to propose the ludicrous domestic spending increase freeze he reportedly plans for tonight’s speech, instead of reducing the war spending that dwarfs it.

    Or establishing a panel that seems to have the charter of damaging Medicare and Social Security, instead of stopping the government’s theft of Social Security funds for other purposes.

    No doubt some of this is the influence of Rahm’s world view, but who chose Rahm?

    And his latest pronouncement that he’d rather be a good one term President than a mediocre two term president. Hello, the very fact that he could think he’s done a good job means he’s out of touch with reality.

    We desperately need a recall provision for the Presidency. If I were still a manager in the private section, and i had an employee who’d lied his head off to get his job, and after a year on the job was completely incompetent, he’d be on his way out the door.

    P.s. you forgot nearly zero environmental action.

    • says

      I really think if you can’t say anything to help please keep your mouth shut. When the Reps.started saying No to everything.we did not hear anything from you.Do you know how many bills are waiting for the senate to move on.?do you remember how many filubuster’s the reps. had? I think you people thought you had a whipping boy to do your bidding.

  3. says

    For much of President Obama’s first year, progressives have cleebrated or been silent. When we did begin to raise our voices, we’ve been told to “shut up and give Obama a chance” or reinded of “look at what he inherited! be reasonable!” Now, we’re told to “take a chill pill”.
    Fact is, NO PROGRESIVE had the expectaton of “totqal change” in one year. Fact is, it’s NOT USEFUL to tell us that we should THINK OF A MCCAIN/PALIN PRESIDENCY! Progressives have given money, volunteer time and support to Democrats FOR THE LAST 20+ YEARS only to see the Democratic Party (through the DLC/Bill CLinton & Rahm EManuel–who’s now, Obama’s Chief of Staff–PUSH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FARTHER AND FARTHER TO THE CENTER, dong more and mroe of the Corporations bidding.The FOUNDATION for MUCH of what GW Bush did was BEGUN UNDER BILL CLINTON–and now, much of what G W BUSH DID IS BEING CONTINUED UNDER BARACK OBAMA.
    1.ESCLATED in Afghanistan and EXPANDED into Pakistan.
    2.TRIPLED the drone attacks on Afghnistan & Pakistan from what Biush did
    5.NO Moratorium on HOme foreclosures
    6.BANNED even discussion of single-payer health care–BACKROOM DEALS WITH INSURANCE AND BIG PHARMA. DROPPED Public Option

    etc etc etc
    If When Bush did (or McCain had done) these things, progressives wouldd have HOWLED…but, we should be SILENT,
    “patient” “give more time” to Presient Obama and the Democrats? For almost a decade we were told Democrats could do nothing about anything becasue they Republicans a Congressional majoirty or the White House. WHAT’S THEIR EXCUSE NOW? President Obama and the Democrats had a MANDATE given the huge mess left by Bush and Republicans. Progressives should start exerting pressure–and also begin a REAL ALTERNATIVE to the Corporate-SPonsored Democratic Party.

  4. SandiB says

    I am happy to read well written comments on a job that most Americans would not want.

    I, too, campaigned for Obama, defended him both on LAProgressive and The Washington Post because what I was reading was “false”, “negative”, “flamatory”, and “disrespectful” to our Commander In Chief.

    I am a firm believer that neither John McCain nor Barack Obama were aware of the Financial Bomb that was waiting for their arrival at the White House, whomever was to win.

    After The Innauguration of President Barack Obama, we all sighed a relief as I am sure Barack Obama did after a lengthy and testy series of debates and a long hard campaign trail.

    What I saw in Barack Obama was an American born, enthusiastic, collegiate, author, helper of those less fortunate, and someone who had a dream for America and the Americans who live here. I saw on television whites, asians, indians, blacks, browns, and many other nations “peoples”, smiling, clapping, cheering, and a growing appreciation for a speaker who spoke the language of “help” and “change”. Which was a far cry from what we had endured for eight years.

    What transpired after January 21, 2009 was a travisty. I wonder what kind of note G.W. Bush left the newly elected President? Why you ask? Because look at how long it took for the “New President, his wife and children to be allowed into the living quarters of the President. That was Rudeness #1. Then came the cries of “where is his birth certificate? Rudeness #2. There were more articles written, ads filmed, talk shows enjoying “theatre” on the first African-American President in the History of the United States.

    The Audicity that Citizens of the United States would exercise their vote for anything but a white caucasian was at the least “traumatic”, “unbelievable”, “how could you”. Shock and Awe.

    It has then led up to hate groups, name calling, falsifying of information, and yes, classifying him as a marxist, communist, lier, having a deep seated hatred for Whites. All of these questions and guises led to eye brows raising, tight lips, teeth clenching, fist clenching and some blogs even purported the idea that he should have been in Haiti and died with the masses.

    I would have hated to see what Barack Obama would have been able to achieve if he was born “white”. But, fortunately, he wasn’t.

    Soon after the election, innauguration, move into the White House, Barack rolled up his sleeves and hit the “steps at a dead run”. He is a multi-tasker, he uses a teleprompter so he can speak to us in his “comfort zone”. So What? We all use a computer to do our text messages and blogging.

    If people would read on Politico.Org all the promises made, promises kept, promises on hold, promises waiting in Congress, they would be able to visually see what Barack Obama has accomplished in his first year.

    It is plain as the “noses on our faces” that the problems he has faced head on are HUGE. 1. Financial Disaster of a Country 2. Keeping track and sitting in on War Discussions for not just one but two (2) wars. 3. Reaching out to befriend other nations that were slapped in the face by Bush’s regime. 4. Bowing to a leader which I would think was appropriate in that country. 5. Hoping to bring the Olympics to America and stimulate jobs, tourism, helping business feed, clothe, provide accomodations, and everything else it would have brought with it. 6. Believing that the Financial Industries, the Insurance Industries and the Pharmaceutical Industries would welcome him and his idea for Health Care Reform was Obama’s “wake-up” call. He tried too hard to make everybody happy and sacrificed a very good bill because of it. 7. Trying to work with Congress in stimulating jobs in the United States 8. Trying to achieve bipartisanship with the GOP was his downfall because they only play their games with their toys, and he wasn’t from their neighborhood.

    I cannot fault this President, because………at least he has TRIED HIS BEST and has made MISTAKES and has learned from them. He wants to re-build our trust, re-build our comfort level, and re-build our Nation to what SHE “Can Be” and not what SHE “Can’t Be”.

    Dick, I very much enjoyed your well written article and commend you for seeing President Barack Obama, as he really is, and not making up false scare tactics of what he isn’t.



  5. George Thomas says

    It seems that “continuing to apply pressure to Obama, the admin, and Congress, might lead so far as the development of a viable third party. Historically, strange things happen with (and to) third parties, although now and then one of them replaces a withered, old one.
    Lately it seems so-called “teabaggers” have outstripped the GOP, while disorganized Democrats find themselves hounded by disorganized ‘progressives.’
    As Woody Guthrie declared back in the day, “I don’t belong to any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” Our brand of politics simply doesn’t work well under the hierarchical model of the GOP. Huge scientific interdisciplinary projects work well ONLY under some kind of centralized “brain” to keep everyone focused on the research design. but when it comes to national/international politics there are simply too many issues and perspectives for any kind of centralized focus. We’re trying to do everything at once….
    Which brings us to the main flaw under Obama. He and his “team” have tried to focus on everything at once, while maintaining the peace-time convention of “bipartisanship.” As you point out, our “loyal opposition” has voiced the goal of driving Obama to failure — hardly a bipartisan stance reeking of collegiality, bon-vivant or even teamwork.
    Reams of Op-Eds have theorized over why so many vocal nay-sayers would be eager for Obama to fail. Progressives under Bush II the Bewildered didn’t reach that point of desperation until Iraq had become ridiculously mired, and progressives had run to the end of their caffein strings, reeling toward apoplexy.
    (Psst. Racism comes to mind, but I won’t play that “card.” It’s being played quietly daily).
    The presidency is a many-ring circus, and focused, professorial cool won’t work. Nasty, Lyndon-Johnson arm-twisting, or even Chicago tactics approaching those of Mr. Capone, might be appropriate.
    We certainly can’t simply shut up and take it. That’s what the Obama administration did, in lieu of leadership, all Summer long.

  6. doubleaseven says

    To announce that there must be no criticism of the President,
    or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong,
    is not only unpatriotic and servile,
    but is morally treasonable to the American public.
    ~ Teddy Roosevelt

    I buy Dick’s recommendations going forward about the future course of action, which in some sense most of us Progressives have already been following.

    I, however, do not buy the refrain of the Obama apologists about Progressives being too harsh on Obama and not recognizing the difficult hand he has been dealt. In the two major planks of his platform HCR and Fin Reform he has been directly involved in or has allowed the Corporatism to flourish at both ends of Pennsylvania Ave. This was obvious with the way, and it made me queasy from the very beginning, he courted Big Pharma, Insurance Industry and AMA (A representative of Shylockian Doctors). He is too smart to not realize that the whole HCR lobotomy was at the behest of Health Inc. and that he was condoning stealing of taxpayer money to fill Health, Inc. pockets.

    “Even if only a part of our rose-colored views were correct, we have to believe Obama has the makings of a great leader who can recognize when plans have gone off track and has the courage to chart a new course.”

    This is another bogus refrain of the Corporatist Dems or Pundits that everybody saw what they wanted to see in Obama. That we were projecting through our rose-colored glasses. That is not so; he was precise and uplifting in his change rhetoric and that is why he got Progressive and Independent vote. Most of us did not confuse Obama for Kucinich but preferred Obama over Kucinich. In many cases we understood his practical but idealistic solutions to problems. Except for blind and imbecilic ideologues no body could have misinterpreted Obama’s words. I for one knew what I was getting. Thus the attempt to belittle his promises to match his diluted execution is another one of the unnecessary and misguided excuses, made by apologists to cover their own anxiety to lose power.

    I also do not buy this “lesser of two evils” philosophy. This whole Tea Party and GOP bashing is nothing but a subterfuge to mask serious mistakes or transgressions by Team Obama. This is also a doomed approach to winning the elections to say what Dick has said to us, so called progressive insiders. I do not think you win by saying, “Who would you rather vote for, the Poco Diablo or the Gran Diablo.”

    All this has been written, because it needs to be acknowledged by Team Obama. Without acknowledgement of even the most embarrassing mistakes, the proper course correction is impossible to be had.

    So what is the solution? Course correct and move boldly. MA poll results said that not only the Dem activists that stayed home but also the Independent Obama Voters were dissatisfied that they were dissatisfied by the Obama’s week approach to HCR. The other thing that is a must is to get rid off the disingenuous Talking Points to sell the HCR bill the that Team Obama and Senate Dems have employed. Either the public will see through this charade or they will discover it when the claimed benefits fail to materialize.

    There is an awakening after the kick delivered to the Donkey’s ass by the MA election, which in fact turns out to be a blessing in disguise. There is some Dem on the Hill who is quoted as saying “It is time that we worried about what is right for the people and not what is good for our election”. This is what needs to be supported.
    Activists must make it clear to the Progressive Heroes like that we will have their back if they refuse to be rolled over by the Leadership or the Rahmsian mafia.

    A recent note to a faltering activist TV host:
    “There are enough ass lickers around Obama. Please do not thin the ranks of butt kicking real friends of the President and the people. No amount of perfume will overcome the scent of manure; Americans have a good sense of smell. If some body has to do it let the Rahm, Axelrod, Lannie Davis, Podesta, Bayh, Lincoln, Landrieu and Nelson etc be the ones to sprinkle perfume over the human manure. Don’t you break your promise by withdrawing from the backs of your heroes like Grijalva, Courtney, Waters, Sestak, Weiner, Pingree, Schakowsky, Brown, Wyden etc. Do you think they can keep their credibility come next elections by being rolled over? Dear friend, back these fellows and your principles to restore some dignity for yourself and for your loyal viewers.”

    And of course as Dick suggests the pressure by Progressive butt kicking real friends of Obama, must continue. Tavis Smiley’s book ACCOUNTABLE, written before his inauguration, is a reminder of the promises Obama made and how can his true supporter help him become one of the great American Presidents.

  7. Michael says

    I think we have to be realistic- especially the Healthcare 60 vote thing. We all know in CA what its like to have a minority of NO and the problems that creates. Afghanistan is neither Vietnam nor Iraq and we need to realize that when non Pashtuns are included a majority of the population wants us to stay which was never true in the other places. Obama started in a hole and had to dig the country out of it first but it was so bad and is taken much longer that people are anxious. You had to try Bi Partisanship in the beginning but now in 2010 you have to pivot to compare and contrast to build toward the election in NOV. Progressives also have to not get mad but even by cutting back on blogs and starting to organize to elect more Dems. In CA we could w/ a few breaks pick up 8 House seats which would crimp the Reps bad no matter what happens in other states.

    We also have to realize that the MEDIA will keep Conservatives in the hunt no matter how much we complain and Blog. They just look at that loyal Bloc of viewers and salivate trying to get some of them part time. So we are stuck w/ Newt Gingrich as the most popular guest on NBC/CBS/ABC Sunday shows till there is a change in their management stratagy,

  8. Pat says

    We are allowing extremists on both sides to demolish any chance of being progressive in this country … particularly on the part of the far right but clearly the far left is proving to be a barrier to progress as well. It is time for the huge majority that sits in the middle to step up to the bat instead of sitting down and shutting up. Tell the extremists to sit down and shut up so that the rest of us can get something done in this country. Congress needs to have term limits set up, reduced ability to set their own salaries/benefits, and an amendment requiring a balanced budget/no ability to raise the debt limit. How are we going to get that done if we keep poking sticks in each other’s eyes?

    • Terry Nash says

      Pat, thank you. You have articulated my thoughts. Sometimes it is as if the two extremes spend their time “poking sticks in each others eyes” in order to release frustrations. That frustration is understandable, however, it looks more and more like spinning around instead of calming down and getting something done in this country. Moving a little more toward the middle may bring substance and some effective action that will accomplish some goals. Neither side will ever be perfectly happy with the results, however, seeing opportunity for some improvements slip away is tragic and heartbreaking.

  9. says

    Everyone — Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments. We think we may have limited the poll to one selection per participant. We’re sorry. That was a mistake. If enough people contact us, we’ll add more options. The software is a bit labor intensive, so making changes isn’t that easy. But we’ll add more if you push us. We get so much enjoyment out of producing this publication and it’s thanks to you.

  10. says

    A good article, Dick, aimed at getting some perspective and I feel that you have provided a basis for doing just that. However, one of the problems with keeping perspective and giving more room is that the problems we face are so dire: wars, unemployment, medical care, global warming, corporate control of society (The latest Supreme Court Decision on corporations political spending is just another step toward “democratic fascism” in my humble opinion.), etc that we need to be moving now to lighten the damage being done to people, you Sharon, me and all the rest; and instead we are caught in a bind where the president is trying to get everyone on board which probably just isn’t possible. There are large parts of the wealth structure who will not get on board because it isn’t in their selfish economic interest and their minions in the Senate will not get on board because it isn’t in their interest to anger the wealth structure that supports them so heavily. Consequently they are out to tear down or blockade any change. That wealth structure declared “war” on those who toil and strain to make ends meet long ago as they seek to extract every bit of blood profit out of our lives and into their pockets. They have no reason to give up and our only hope is to organize the vote and voters to wrest control back to a democratic forum. As far as criticizing our President, and I voted and did campaign work for him, we have a right to do that: he is president not king or royalty, he works for us and he has a responsibility to the people of the nation to work for the commonweal not just for the weal of the wealthy. Our work is to prod him and keep on organizing people and issues, while realizing and loving the fact that he is different than Bush, McCain, Reagan, Clinton and so many others who have sold their souls for chump change, so that he has the groundswell force to move for justice and change.

  11. Andrea says

    The poll would be more interesting if you separated the first question into two. It would be good to see more support of the president and less of Congress–the latter needs a clean sweep, which is what we are observing in these “surprise” turnover elections. People are tired of business as usual.

  12. says

    Dick, I really enjoyed your article, but I don’t see “it could have been worse” being an argument in favor of Obama and his policies. The only Progressive cause I’ve seen improve under Obama is the refusal to prosecute medical marijuana growers/distributors.

  13. Marcia Schneider says

    Challenge – staying supportive and cohesive while we disagree. Being the big tent that is the Democratic Pary – we have a tough time listening to each other, challenging each other’s ideas and then working together with positive enthusiam.

    Opportunity – to rally around the essential ideals of our party.
    To articulate these values consistently. There are many ways to get there – but we’re all talking about the same things. Jobs Jobs Jobs. Fairness, Opportunity, Education, Security, Peace, Equality, Justice.

  14. Timmi Burke says

    I don’t comprehend how people can’t count — if the votes in the Legislature aren’t there, then Obama must cater to the existing Legislators to pass anything at all.

    Obama and the Liberal Dems can’t just snap their fingers and make progressive legislation pass, no matter how much pressure we put on them. There are too many Conservative Dems in the Senate, that’s what’s at issue. If there were 60 Liberal Dems, then we would have already gotten many of our strongest changes enacted. But we don’t have that.

    I can’t understand why people are angry at Obama, when what we ought to be doing is throwing our efforts and money into the upcoming Nov ’10 Senate races, to try to knock-off GOP Candidates, and add more Dems to the Senate, to ease this bottleneck to reform.

    I think Progressives’ hearts are overruling their brains, which makes for wasted effort beating a dead horse, instead of bring fresh horses to the stable. Emotional disenchantment of Liberals is playing right into the hands of Rove, et al.

  15. Marie Russell-Barker says

    It is true that President Obama wanted to include the Republicans in his bid for Health Care and Rebuilding of America, and all the wanted was to say no and to kill any agenda that he come up with not that it was a bad ideal but because they want to see him fail. How sad, however with all of that one year is not enough time to do all of the thing that we each want to happen, he first had to stop the lost of jobs before he could start rebuilding them. The country was falling into a ditch he pulled at least part of it out.

    If the Banks had realized that they should lend to small businesses to help America we would all be cheering Obama on but that is not the way the very rich think. They think of ways to gee more and more taking big chances with our money now holding us hostage because they refuse to lend.

    When Obama was running for the presidency he had no ideal how bad the economy was and we didn’t either because the previous administration kept stating that the economy was fundamentally sound. Now the President had to start from scratch sort of speak.

    • Elaine says

      No, it is not true Obama wanted to include the Republicans in his bid for Health Care, & the majority of them that were saying no is because their constituents were saying no. In fact their were a lot of the Democrats constituents were saying no & were being ignored because instead of voting for their constituents they were voting for their party & those are the representatives we all want out of office. We vote for them to go to represent the majority of their constituents not to just go along with their party’s. If this healthcare bill is so great then why do they get to keep their good insurance & look how much they gave themselves in raises. They are too good for this rationed, socialized, government run healthcare but they want to shove it down our throats. 85% of Americans have health insurance they like & want to keep without government interference or raising taxes 40% on them to be passed down to us. He knew exactly how bad things were when he was running for office he just wouldn’t admit it.I first started paying closer attention when that 787B so called stimulus bill got passed without anybody reading it. Then all these banks that got bailed out should have been left alone to fail. Then they forced banks that didn’t need it to take money so no one would know which banks were the weak ones. That is just plain dumb. Then he gets in the middle of the auto makers & bails out GM only if the CEO retires, & Chrysler gets bailed out & he merges them with our taxpayers money to go into business with that little junk of a car Fiat made in Italy. Ford caught on so they hung in their on their own so they wouldn’t be told what to do by Obama. Smart Move. So I haven’t heard one thing about getting that money back. GM has been the only vehicle I have ever bought, I love the GMC Trucks, but now that it is Government Motors & run by a CEO that use to be the CEO at AT&T you do not know what you might get. “Sort of Speak” Obama just spends too much money, borrows too much money, & for over most of this first year he can’t stop campaigning which he spends more gas on running all over the country & out of the country then anybody I know. When he goes out of the country he puts Americans down, you know how arrogant we are & dismissive & derisive. Sounds like he is describing himself if you ask me. We the American people have nothing to apologize for to any other country. He has spent more money in the first year then all of our presidents put together from Washington to George W. Bush. You do not spend your way out of debt. You cut back on nonsense, he should freeze spending, cut taxes & him & Biden should stop sneaking around setting up green companies they have found & giving them lots of our taxpayers dollars & making sure they hire only union members. Special Materials, Special Windows. Check it out. By the way the unions were not going to have to take this healthcare bill either they were going to keep their good health insurance, too. Just like our representatives & Obama. You know the people that are suppose to work for us but have decided we are going to have to work for them. I heard a lady say on a TV show the other day that Obama thinks that all of us are his slaves under his plantation. Oh, by the way, she is black.


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