Pit Bulls vs. Terriers

Note:  The title of this article, “Pit Bulls vs. Terriers” is a metaphor for the 2008 Vice Presidential race between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

I watched the Republican pit bull be unleashed in the race and thought, “well here they go again”.

As a half Irish Mexican, I get the fight between pit bulls and terriers. The fight here between the Alaska pit bull and the Delaware terrier is going to be a fun one. Palin has set the standard of the fight. Just about every ad hominum attack that could be made was made in her opening speech.

The speech set a new standard for fluff. There was nothing substantive in the speech. This presentation gave no confirmation of policy, no presentation of ideas, no addressing of practices that have failed the country. All she did admit was that the Republican administration , both congressional and executive failed America for the last four years. Moreover, what is interesting is that she did not include the first four years of “Bush the Lesser” presidency, which by the way included Republican congressional rule.

So here is the question of the day, Why is she the VP nominee?

The answer is too obvious. She is the nominee to give permission for the right wing christofacists to vote for a liberal like McCain. With her background of some amazing positions, she has the appeal to all the gun-toting, anti-abortion, loveless Christians, who will bend any position, ignore any flaw to avoid voting for anyone other than a republic candidate.

This race is about race, sex, and age. That should be clear even to Helen Keller. No one wants to put it out there but that is the fact of the matter.

The lines for partisans will harden up in a few days. In addition, once they have hardened up, they will not move. The only question is whom will the Mexican American voters vote for. The numbers are moving back and forth. Today, there is a poll in California that Latino voters here have moved to the Obama column by a margin of 71%. This is the magic number. What is happening in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and South Florida remains the open question.

I spent the last two days of the convention working with the Denver County Democratic leadership helping them to understand the methods that have worked so well for us in California. They get it. However, the race needs to move quickly to claim the ground if Obama is to win.Pit Bull

steve-ybarra.gifIf you have never read The Art of War , it is the book to read. This race is about the ground. Knowing it, finding the weaknesses, and getting ready for the election. In a few weeks, mail ballots will go to voters; if the Democrats have done their job, millions of Mexican American voters will mail in their ballots in favor of Obama. If they have not done their job and Obama gets less than 70%, it will be President McCain and Vice President “Pit Bull” Palin.

Not much of a change from what we have now.

by Steven J. Ybarra, JD
September 3, 2008

Steven Ybarra is a retired civil rights attorney who operates a consultant company in California. He is a member of the Democratic National Committee and a long time political activist. Contact Steven at: sjybarra@aol.com. This article is copyright by Steven J. Ybarra JD, originally published in www.Hispanicvista.com and Obsnews.com but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this entire credit paragraph is attached.

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  1. Mike Varady says

    No matter what she calls herself, Palin (Mama Dizzy) is still a pig with lipstick on.

    Actually, more than any other single topic, the progressive papers and talk show hosts spend time on Palin and her ilk — without suggesting alternatives. You check out how much time and space go to being outraged by the tea party — which is exactly what its leaders want, because it suckers in those hosts — and there’s virtually no time given to talking about the coffee party (in L.A., Heither Meyer, nationally, Annabel Park), or in California, the Peace and Freedom Party (Cindy Henderson, Casey Peters, and others), etc. How many of the readers/listeners know any names of any leaders of the progressive groups? Isn’t what the hosts are doing the exact same thing that they complain about from the conservatives — i.e., selling fear?

    What the readers and leaders don’t learn about they won’t think about. Repetition is key here. And all of our media, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and the likes of L.A. Progressive have unconsciously fallen into the strategy that the aggressors want.

    There’s an old saying — you can tell the importance of an issue by the loudness of the opposition. So as much as Palin and the tea-party brew-ha-has are laughed at and scorned, they must be pretty important. And our side makes them even more so.

    In closing:

    Recently I thought of a campaign slogan for Sarah Palin:


  2. Lizbone says

    Soo. If This whole Thing is About Why Pitbulls Are Fighting each Other is Because The Owner Thinks There Big & Bad & Can Buy Pit Bulls Then Fight Them, & Get Money For it & A Good Reputaion, But Wut is it doin for the Dawg?? Nothin Makin the Dawg Miserable, it is Not in The Dawgs Blood That They Like too Fight its The Owner Who Makes The Dawg Fight, They Do Not Fight On There Own, Unless They Are Guardin A House Hold Or Protecting The Owner..
    Just Like Any Other Guard Dawg; & Now Look At The Reputaion For Pitbulls?? i Love My Pitbull & im Not Lettin Her Go Because Some Stupid ass People Wanna Fight There Pits; Listen To your Dawg For Once & See Wut it Wants Not Wut yu Want.

  3. Aida Dimir says


    how about pictures like this instead of the obvious media based one you have shown? You are only making it worse for these poor dogs, you are close-minded and ignorant, these dogs are the victims of violence and neglectful acts, they are media & societies rejects targets of fear and violence, remember back in the 90’s when it was German Shepards and Dobermans and before that Blood Hounds, now you people have nothing better to do than to victimize these poor defenseless creatures, when theyre made to fight they have no voice to say no, when they are starved and beaten they have no voice to say help me, were their voice, so stop being arrogant and look at the real problem here because it isnt the dogs.


    take a look at some of the real pictures instead of the obvious arrogant one you have chosen.

  4. Andrew says

    The Art of War talks about a lot of things.

    One of them is first know thyself, which includes know what you are talking about.

    First – Pit Bulls are Terriers.

    Second – Palen should not be compared to a Pit.

    Pits are amazing physically intelligent sweet creatures.

    If you are going to use their superior physical abilities in a fighting context and apply it to Palen you are going to look even more ignorant.

    Instead, look for a dog with out any breed at all. Or maybe an inbred poodle that grew up in junkyard who is now trying to compete in best in show. She may have learned some dirty tricks in the junkyard but when you dress her up and let her prance around she is going to trip on the hem of her dress.

    Bringing the Art of war up at all is silly since any fight involving her will not be so elqoquent. Try a metaphor like clubbing baby seals.

    Feel free to contact me if you need more help with literary devices

  5. Liz says

    Sarah Palin is extreme and scary! I don’t understand why the media to date has not raked her over the coals. I’m personally waiting to see if Charlie Gibson, gets it right when he interviews her tonight. This is a bad joke and the joke is on America!

  6. DMcD says

    As much as I should be used to it by now , I am still utterly astounded by the wholely transparant bias with which the MSM handles GOP spin. For days on-end , they’ve “slobbered” praise all over her for her so-called , ‘speech’. Next to no effort at all was made in reviewing the content of this lenghty list of divisive propagandized “lies” contained within. Not only are ‘ignorance and corruption’ now considered virtues , but ‘complete incompetence’ is now a perfectly acceptable attribute as well. This is sure looking like ’00 & ’04 , all over again. With all the political artillary at the disposal of the Dems., its incredible that we find ourselves going down this road , again. I think it all gets down to the ‘limited attention span’ of the average voter and the GOP’s habit of exploiting this. I mean , after the public being fully aware of the problems a year ago , they appear to have completely forgotten (already) how badly the Rethuglicans have screwed-up this country ? We are running out of chances to make it right.

  7. Texan tired of Bush says

    During the RNC, Karl Rove said that “Palin appeals to those voters who do not identify culturally with OBama.” If that is not a statment about RACE and SEX, I do not know what is.

  8. Anti-Ybarra League says

    Ok, so there is no league. I doubt that there are more than 10 people that read this “tripe” anyway. Get it? Terriers and tripe? OK, so I digress… The fact that you actually think this election is about race, sex, and age shows that you basically have no clue beyond your limited exposure to leftist liberials. Please, get out and listen to real Americans. Sarah is a breath of fresh air. We have not seen anyone like this in politics since.. yup, Ronald Reagan. The rabid liberal dems should give up hope of the White House for 12 years (unless McKain dies early in office). We are looking at the first woman president – and it won’t be Hillary or even a dem!

    One day, if you actually listen and stop trying to persuade, you will understand. But if you keep opening your pie-hole instead of your ears… but again, I digress.

  9. Zen Bonobo says

    Since when is a Pit Bull not a terrier?

    Ibero-Irishmen have a common adversary. That is the presumptuous consciousness of Albion.

    I am one with those Ibero-Irish-Amerinds in California and elsewhere struggling with Albion.


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