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Do You Ever Wonder?

With the holidays past and a new year upon us, Progressives have experienced a mixed bag of things to be grateful for, and concerned about. Our world is on the brink of financial collapse, our environment is experiencing growing global climate change of mans own making.


Criminals and ideologues of the radical religious and the economic kind have shattered our nation's sense of direction and purpose. We can no longer shop our way out of this disaster as we were told to do after 9/11. We can no longer allow others to risk their lives while we sacrifice nothing in the process. We now know the cost of our apathy.

All we seem to be left with is a sense of hope. Hope that perhaps one man, Barack Obama, the President Elect, can some how make all the right move to navigate our nation, and the world, out of such a perilous downward slide. And there is the rub, the mixed bag; we even have our doubts about him and those he has selected for leadership positions in his administration. Let us not even talk about Rick Warren.

[ad #travelocity-468x60]Add to all this, the criminal gang of thugs, the Cheney/Bush Crime Family, along with their loyalist Republican clowns in the Congress and the Senate, who have spent over a decade systematically destroying the peoples government both financially and operationally. They have written laws, made appointments and signed statements enacting massive destruction of the judicial system and the environment, let alone the absolute abuse of our Military our Treasury via the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition the disasters and failed policies here at home with Katrina, the Gulf coast, our collapsing infrastructure -- the list so long it makes one cry with doubt that we will ever be able to fix the mass destruction brought on by the current administration' s incompetence and greed.

Things are bad indeed. So bad in fact that although shopping is now no longer an option to solving our problems. Do you ever wonder how your life would be if you didn't have... fresh water, warm heat from natural gas, electricity lighting up our rooms and our lives? If we do not act soon, we may soon find out how most of the rest of the world now lives. That's right, most of the rest of the world lives without much water or energy, let alone a job, safety, security or a Constitution even in the shambles ours is in. We in the western world are outright spoiled rotten, and we've abused our place on this planet and put everyone else on it in peril in the process.

So, do you ever wonder what you could do to be a part of the change? Something that is not just a nice thing to do, but critical to the survival of the human race on this little blue ball of ours flying around our sun?

Do you ever wonder?

Look around your home or apartment. What is it you are no longer in need of that should be recycled? Take a look at the way you get around, consider using greener alternatives such as walking, biking, mass transit, or driving a smaller car. What if you didn't have oil? What if you didn't have much water? Would you save more? The time to act is now. A few decades ago, our parents and their parents only bought organic food that was locally grown; it is a wonder in deed.

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We have learned lessons to live better lives in some ways and failed in others. We rush about as if we have no time for anything yet we don't bother to stop and enjoy life, smell the roses, discover something new right before our eyes. Our consumer driven materialistic lives are shallow and devoid of meaning. Do you ever wonder if we could live fuller and richer lives without all the stuff?

If you wonder how good life could really be, live that life now. You already have more than most people on the planet even dream about. If you want love, peace, connection, understanding and fairness, then practice these ideals everyday. If you want a planet that sustains you with good health and a true sense of well being, then work every day to change your lifestyle, and your world immediately around you.

If you really want change, do something of substantive change every month. It can be a small thing, or a big thing, but do something to be proud of. Do your part. Help others by making your impact and carbon foot print smaller wherever you go. Get involved in a cause; invest in a group with your time and a small amount of funds. Make that group better for your involvement. Be honest with yourself and others will follow.

Do you ever wonder what makes good happen? People stop worrying, they start wondering what could be... then they act. Positive thoughts, followed by positive actions are the only things that change the world for the better.

wayne williams

John Muir once said, "When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."

So now, do you ever wonder where it begins? Of course, it begins with you.

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams is a delegate to the CDP, an entrepreneur, photographer, environmentalist, early adopter of sound technologies and an outspoken Progressive advocate for full public funding of elections.

Reprinted with permission from the Valley Dems United newsletter, Marie Murray, editor.