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The vast majority of US Citizens are fed up with gun violence. All other First World nations have resolved this problem by taking strict and enforceable actions. They all have kids watching video games, they all have mental health issues in their societies. They do not have the rate of killings we have.

Gun Owner Registration

They don’t have are gun manufactures bent on generating profits from gun sales at the expense of the lives of school children and the thousands who die every year from suicide, family squabbles and children’s access to loaded firearms that are unlocked and left available without supervision.

Our United States Constitution clearly states in the 2nd Amendment the following: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

This statement does not say you have a right to own a nuclear weapon, tanks, bazookas or weapons of mass destruction, yet those are arms. It does say that under the guise of a well regulated militia one may keep and bear arms. Thus the statement of not being infringed is controlled by the state, via the Federal Government and your State.

The Supreme Court of the United States has muddied these waters in a few rulings, so let’s be honest and admit that the Federal Government, via the Congress, can and must pass significant restrictions of access, use and availability of guns for the safety and well being of all Americans.

The insanity of those who say they need weapons of war, automatic and semi automatic weapons in order to protect themselves, especially from their government are clearly delusional.

The insanity of those who say they need weapons of war, automatic and semi automatic weapons in order to protect themselves, especially from their government are clearly delusional. Our US Military and other branches of government that are set up to protect the nation, internally and externally, are far more powerful than any one or many groups who think they will defend their so called rights with hand held weapons.

We are a nation of laws and should not be controlled by a minority of gun makers and gun owners.

For decades, well disseminated propaganda via the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other right wing gun organizations, funded and pushed by gun manufacturers, white racist groups and wealthy right wing libertarian fascists (Oligarchs) have now reached to far. Their goal has been to remove the power of the people (Democracy) by eliminating regulation and restrictions they don’t like on society.

Their tool for manipulating peoples thoughts on guns has, for decades, been to create fear and use intimidation in society. This is the definition of a Terrorist Organization. For example, at one time the NRA was a strong advocate for gun control, education and regulation, but was taken over by fascists who have destroyed the safety and fabric of American society with propaganda calling for unlimited and unrestricted access to weapons of mass destruction. Yes, automatic and semi automatic weapons are weapons of mass destruction! They can kill tens if not hundreds of people in a matter of seconds. Our nation heavily restricts access to a great many chemicals what when mixed can cause mass destruction, why not weapons of war?

These Terrorist Gun Gangs have successfully pushed this propaganda by spending millions of dollars on Republican and Blue Dog Democrats while suckering those who think a weapon is their show of strength and protection against their fear of a tyrannical government. This perspective implies their government is oppressive. If anyone has been oppressed in this nation, it is minorities and not whites, yet the NRA and their partners are fanatical white racist organizations from their leadership down to their fearful members who can show little proof of their personal oppression. I know how they would feel if the vast majority of minorities were as weaponized as they feel they themselves need to be.

All current polling since the latest school shooting shows even the majority of members of the NRA and all US Citizens believe the access to guns is out of control and want strict gun control implemented.

Here are my suggestions to establishing legal Gun Control in line with the 2nd Amendment. First the political action needed, and then the changes to gun laws that must be strictly enforced.

Nearly half of all eligible voters in this nation did not vote in 2016. This was a significant abdication of citizenship and that failure to vote came from a belief that ones vote doesn’t count. Now you have a Republican Party and a buffoon resident in the White House that are beholden to the Gun Gangs and in the process of destroying Democracy and the safety of its citizens. Stop buying into the meme that your vote doesn’t count, it absolutely does, unless you don’t use it. Do not ever make that mistake again. Always participate and vote.

As such, you must make sure you are registered to vote! Verify Your Registration Status.

Then, on November 6th, 2018, vote out every Republican & Blue Dog Democrat who has taken NRA money. Vote only for candidates who will enact gun legislation that will Limit, Test, License, Lock, Insure and Track guns and their owners.

This will flip Local and State governments, the Congress and the Senate from Republican do nothing politicians and send a powerful message to all elected officials that the following must take place or they too will lose their jobs.

Next, demand Congress and the Senate Impeach and remove both Trump/Pence for failure to serve, protect and defend the Constitution as well as for acts of Treason and high crimes against the Nation. They both must be removed to eliminate their veto power over new gun regulations.

States and the Federal government must then proceed with filing racketeering suits against all Gun Manufacturers and the NRA in every State. This will cause the massive profits for dealing death and destruction for decades across the nation to be spent on defending their acts of murder for profit. A price must be paid for their conspiracy to allow murder to become so easy.

Demand the ban on the Center for Disease Control to investigate and study gun violence must be overturned and allow the CDC to be fully funded to expose what causes gun violence on all levels.

It is high time we finally treat guns the same way we treat the ownership of cars. Limit the types of weapons, require training and clearance of those wishing to possess weapons, license them, require insurance and track and keep all legal weapons locked up. Just as we do with vehicles.

In order to protect the 2nd Amendment and establish a more perfect Union, establish Justice and insure domestic Tranquility, Congress must Pass Gun Legislation and the new President must sign into law the following specifics:

1. Make illegal all automatic and semi automatic weapons, silencers, alteration kits that make weapons capable of rapid fire and all other military weapons of war.

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2. Establish a 90-day nationwide turn-in program for all illegal firearms. Firearms manufactures must be forced to pay for the program no matter the cost (yes, this will likely increase the cost of legal firearms). Manufactures should also be required to refund 50% of the purchase price of all firearms turned in if the owner can show legal proof of purchase. All turned in weapons must be destroyed by the State with proof of destruction records held and trackable. (In case the data is needed in future crime cases.)

3. Make possession of automatic weapons after the 90-day turn-in period a crime punishable by a $10,000.00 fine & 2 years in jail per weapon.

4. Treat all remaining hand guns and rifles for hunting, as well as gun owners the same as automobile vehicle drivers and their vehicles.

Prior to receiving a gun license, require all gun owners to be screened for criminal records, create a ‘no right to posses/ownership’ list based on violent tendencies just like the FAA 'No Fly List’. This list must be open to public record and must include known members of all terrorist organizations, whether of color or white. Owners must pass this background check limiting access to firearms to those without criminal records, spousal abuse records or not having had their drivers licenses taken away in the past 2 years for drunk or drugged driving.

Those who want to own a legal firearm must then pass written and shooting proficiency tests conducted by regulated state facilities that oversee well regulated militias. Should those interested pass all tests they then are to be issued a photo ID Federal license that grants them the right to posses a legal weapon for hunting or home protection. This training and licensing process must be repeated every two (2) years or said weapon(s) owned by the individual in question must be turned in for destruction. The firearm(s) may not be sold individually or passed down to a family member who is also licensed, without the transfer being authorized and recorded by the State into the Federal database.

No one under 21 may have access to or ownership of a firearm without licensed supervision, whether at a firing range or while hunting.

5. Require all firearms and legal gun owners to be registered in each state and that data is to be connected to a national database tracked by the FBI and ATF.

6. Require all firearms and their owners to be insured for the harm they may cause if legal weapons are used beyond personal protection or hunting needs, as in the commission of a crime.

7. Establish a 90-day waiting period to purchase a weapon with a photo ID gun license which must be acquired through a licensed and approved facility. This is a cooling off waiting period which a licensed individual may cancel the purchase at anytime prior to the end of the 90 day period and allow the database be rechecked for violations of license restrictions.

8. End private gun sales and for profit gun conventions, only licensed, registered facilities approved by the State and Federal Government will be allowed to buy/sell or transfer weapons. All weapons must be tracked to their owner and where the weapon is stored in a federal database system.

Owners who move place of residence must update their location at least 48 hours prior to moving or lose their license and be fined up to $1000.00 per weapon.

9. All licensed and approved gun owners must carry a $5 million insurance policy for themselves and for each weapon they own.

10. Approved gun owners must pass strict firearm training and testing every 2 years costing no less that $50 per test to cover State/Federal costs for the approval system.

11. All gun owners must be part of a well regulated State militia that tracks all owners and weapons in the Federal database.

Each militia organization may be held legally and financially responsible for members use of said firearms where criminal violations may occur. These Militia must conduct all business transparently and follow all Civil Rights laws allowing all non-violent members of the community to join. Militias may not be political organizations and may not lobby, advertise for political campaigns or influence elections in any way.

12. All legally registered firearms and ammunition must be held under locked containment when not being used at firing range or hunting.

13. Any crime committed with a firearm is punishable by life in prison to be paid for by gun manufacturers and what is left of such affiliated organizations. The registered owner will also be held legally liable for all civil/criminal penalties associated with the crime, whether the gun owner committed the crime or not. This will emphasize the importance of locking each weapon and securing it from use by others.

14. Possession of an unregistered and uninsured firearm will be punishable by a sentence of no less than 1 year in prison (paid for by gun manufacturers, the Gun groups and State Militias found negligent) and a fine of no less that $1000.00 per weapon.

15. Possession and purchase of body armor must be outlawed except for use by police and military personnel during enforcement duties that may still require these items.

Finally, all purchases of ammunition must be marked and tracked by the State as well as the licensed gun owner as the FAA requires tracking of commercial drone usage. The sale of hollow point/cop killer ammunition must also be banded, and possession of the materials to manufacture such ammunition must be a crime with sever penalties.

Enough is enough, we must implement Gun Control Now or we will forever live in a state where the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is lost to all.

wayne williams

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams is a Progressive activist working for life, liberty and justice for all.