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LA Progressive, June 21 to June 27, 2009

No Nonsense Census — Carl Matthes


Illusion, Reality & Courage in Iran — Carl Bloice

Experts Wrong: Newsom Clear Beneficiary of Villaraigosa Non-Entry — Randy Shaw

Iran’s Youth and Women’s Movement — Herndon Davis

The Politics of Mourning Michael Jackson — John Delloro

What’s With Cable’s “All Jack-O All The Time” News Coverage? — Charley James

“What Can I Do?” — Robert Reich

No Villaraigosa for Governor: LA Needs a Full-Time Mayor — Anthony Asadullah Samad

Voting Rights Act: Have We Changed So Much? — John Peeler

Message to Media: Opposition to Progressive Reforms Is NEVER About Money — Randy Shaw

The Revolution Will Be Twitterized — David A. Love

Lalibre Reports: Is It Too Late for Eastern Congo? — Georgianne Nienaber

Dylan Ratigan?! Really MSNBC, Don’t We Have Enough Ranters Already? — Linda Milazzo

Lax Enforcement Keeps Slumlords from Cleaning Up Act — Adam Murray

Empathy for the Common Man — Tom Hall

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Schwarzenegger’s Budget Battle II: Another Bad Sequel — Joseph Palermo

Obama: Walking the Tightrope on Iran — Ivan Eland

Why the Critics of a Public Option for Health Care Are Wrong — Robert Reich

Obama’s Upcoming Hush-Hush Damage-Control Meeting with LGBTQ Leaders — Rev. Irene Monroe

Savage Blames Immigrant ‘Gang-Bangers’ For ‘Destroying California’ — Andrea Christina Nill

Immigration Report Highlights Bush Administration’s ‘Flagrant Disregard For Rule of Law’ — Andrea Christina Nill

Foreign Workers for U.S. Are Casualties Twice Over — T. Christian Miller

Yet Again, The Right Is Wrong – This Time About Cap-And-Trade Costs — Charley James

Jingoism Isn’t Journalism! Why I Don’t Trust CNN & Corporate Media To Cover Iran — Linda Milazzo

Memo to the President: What You Must Do To Save Universal Health Care — Robert Reich

The World Should Be Thanking Nico Pitney — Charley James

Battle Hymn of the “Republic” Party — Ron Wolff

Judging Mister Mayor: Los Angeles Magazine’s Rip of Antonio Villaraigosa Put in Perspective — Peter Dreier

U.S. Government Threatens to Prosecute Waterboarding — David Swanson

Ticketmaster Takes Artists’ Web Content and Runs — Georgianne Nienaber