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When Swine Flu Hits South Los Angeles

First to the haters–No, I don’t have it…yet, anyway. And if I did I wouldn’t tell you and give you a reason to finally get that black dress out of the cleaners.


Moving on…

Mark my words…at some point this Swine Flu will hit South Los Angeles—and there ain’t a damn thing we can do about it.

And for those that live in L.A., they know exactly what I am talking about.

I just had to get that off my chest after over hearing conversation after conversation today about the Swine Flu and what people are and aren’t going to do.

Reality check…if you live in Los Angeles about the only you can do is sit back and wait for it to hit and say a prayer, chant, or whatever it is that you do and hope that it doesn’t affect you or yours.

As for me, I’m just chillin’. No need to go out and buy masks or gloves. Like that’s really going to do a damn thing if it came down to it. Although I do think, it’s kind of ironic that Americans are willing to rush out and buy masks to wear to fend off the Swine Flu or stop eating pork (even though you can’t get it by eating pork), but won’t do the same with condoms to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS or put the piece of bacon or neckbone down because they’re a heatbeat away from Type 2 Diabetes or a congestive heart failure. Now, why is that? Just a thought.

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It’s also interesting listening to Conservatives blame Mexico, as if, once again, Mexico is the source of all that ails California and America. If you closed the borders today and not another Mexican came to the U.S., the Swine Flu would still be an issue–as would the failing economy, health care system, and Black-on-Black crime.

And being the conspiracy theorist that I am, I think one of two things are going on here.

Either this is something that our government created and it went awry and or something much bigger and sinister is happening while our attention and focus is elsewhere.


Wait—wasn’t there a movie about something similar to this? Oh yes—V for Vendetta one of my all time favorite movies.

Does this make me crazy?

Jasmyne Cannick

Jasmyne Cannick, is a critic and commentator based in Los Angeles who writes about the worlds of pop culture, race, class, and politics as it relates to the African-American community. A regular contributor to NPR’s ‘News and Notes,’ she was chosen as one Essence Magazine’s 25 Women Shaping the World.

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