Politics or Pedagogy? with John Cromshow — This Thursday

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DATE: Thursday, November 18, 8 p.m.

Politics or Pedagogy?

with John Cromshow

TOPIC:  “What is missing in the education-reform media-stream?”

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  • Sharon Kyle & Dick Price, L.A. Progressive

  • Los Angeles teacher, Wade Kyle
  • Torrance H.S. Seniors, Jed & Nea
  • UTLA President, Duffy, speaking at the CTA State Council re: “Value Addled Measures” Caucus meeting of SCRAM (Support Cadre Resisting Administrative Maltreatment)


  1. says

    I heard the program and the discussion about whether community college education should be free (as it once was)…

    That turned my thoughts back to 1975, when David Rockefeller (yes, my tinfoil hat is in place as I write this) organized The Trilateral Commission, whose gathering of international business and political leaders resulted in publication of “The Crisis of Democracy” (there’s too much of it, and it isn’t “efficient”…)


    A part of the group’s findings involved the notion that in the future, the expectations of the citizens of the world’s industrial countries must be lowered… and one of the means for doing so will be… restricted access to higher education…

    I have no way of knowing whether that suggestion gained any traction and is currently in play – only that overcrowded campuses and ruinous tuition are having that effect now, whatever the reason.

    Corporations needing brainpower can get it outside the US, on the cheap, by offshoring, via satellite, or via special visas for needed technical people…

    I also believe that politicians, CEOs and generals would have much to fear from a well-educated American population….another reason to restrict access to higher education.

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