Poor, Poor Sarah Palin

palin-barbie.gifby Denis Campbell —

I feel like a Cheshire cat who swallowed a big-haired ‘g’ dropping canary whole ‘dontchaknow,’ gives me energy and sustenance without leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Saturday Night Live’s writers are feverishly re-working tonight’s Palin sketch having been handed today’s gift: Sarah Palin was found guilty of abusing the powers of her office in violation of state law by an Alaskan legislative committee when she fired public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, for not firing her State Trooper ex-brother-in-law. The sun shines brighter in Wales and birds sing more beautifully this morning because the lipsticked pit bull finally got caught going “a bridge too far.” Enough twisted metaphors for one paragraph?

I was thinking back to Spiro Agnew, the last Vice President to resign in disgrace. He was investigated by the U.S. attorney in Baltimore for allegedly receiving payoffs from engineers seeking contracts when Agnew was Baltimore county executive and governor of Maryland .

Agnew asserted his innocence, then resigned the Vice Presidency eight months ahead of his boss, Richard Nixon, in 1973. He pleaded nolo contendere, or ‘no contest,’ to a single charge he had failed to report $29,500 of income received in 1967. He was fined $10,000 and placed on three years’ probation. After his resignation he started a successful business career as an international broker.

That seems quaint and honourable compared to destroying a man’s career and opening the state of Alaska to criminal and civil cases that will ensure that former Walt Monegan becomes a very rich man and earns big bucks on the speaking circuit for his troubles.

So the Mainstream Media will spend this weekend finally doing their job and digging deeply into Ms. Palin’s questionable tenure as Governor. This is a gift to them because the major networks have been cowed into submission for weeks by McCain campaign attacks of sexism in their coverage. Their gloves now come off and there is nowhere Governor Palin can now go without being hounded by the press to answer all the charges.

I’m halfway through the book written about her Vice Presidential idol, Dick Cheney, subject of the book Angler by Pulitzer Prize Winning author Barton Gellman and can see his fingerprints already all over the predicted McCain/Republican response. “We fully support Governor Palin and will appeal this decision all the way to the Supreme Court. This is a partisan witch hunt. My friends, Sarah Palin is a dedicated public servant persecuted and abused by Democratic demagogues. Who is Barack Obama, why are you not focused on that? The Mainstream Media is in the tank for Obama. Obama’s team influenced this.” and the list will go on and on and on.

And the there is the whole secessionist movement where she pals around with terrorists… scary.

The GOP (that’s their new brand hoping we’re dumb enough not to know that those initials stand for the Republican Party) will completely fracture itself live over the next week as moderate Republicans fighting to stay in office try to wipe the stain of BCMP (Bush, Cheney, McCain & Palin) onto flaming wood to distance themselves from the top of this fiasco of ticket.

The word ‘Republican’ will be further eliminated from even more adverts and flyers as the down-ticket races for Senate and House arrange deck chairs on this Titanic and pray nothing else bad hits in the last 24-days of the campaign. And the whacked out far right will fill arenas rushing to defend their poor, poor Sarah, the GOP’s money and celebrity machine.

And this is all so deserving of a woman who snidely and smilingly incited such racial hatred on the campaign trail. See, no one notices this stuff in Alaska . Walt must be very happy she was selected to come under the national spotlight. Is benefits would have run out and been stuck. Now McCain and Co. are sick this morning knowing that the vetting process is exposed as a complete sham.

denis-campbell-2.gifLike I said, I’m grinning from ear-to-ear because it couldn’t happen to a nicer pit bull and her pals. Now if she and Cindy McCain could also be charged by the Secret Service for inciting crowds against a protectee, I will dance all weekend.

Denis Campbell

Denis Campbell is a US journalist based in the United Kingdom. He contributes to newspapers and magazines, is a BBC Radio election commentator and publishes the daily e-magazine The Vadimus Post from the Latin Quo Vadimus – where are we headed and do we know why?

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  1. says

    The argument made by LaValette is filled with errors and tautologies. Good job, Denis, in refuting his statement.

    The fact is the report said Palin did violate a law, state ethics legislation. Whether or not she was responsible for it being passed is irrelevant; she broke it for using her office to advance personal issues. It brings her judgement into serious judgement, much more so that whether Barack Obama had a handful of charity board meetings with William Ayers.

    Moreover, if Mr. Wooten was such a threat to Palin and her family, as she claims, why did she disband her security detail after becoming governor? If someone were threatening me and I could have state troopers providing protection for my family and me, I damn well would not dismiss the guards.

    Beyond this, the dismissive “partisan” arguments only arose after Palin became McCain’s pick for vice president. As Denis notes, the investigating committee includes 10-count ’em-10 Republicans and a mesely four Democrats. But LaValette somehow constructs the argument that not just Democrats are against her but also Republicans. Well, as the old saying goes, sometimes even paranoid people are actually being followed.

  2. says

    Absolutely not. The man does not deserve to wear the badge if the charges levelled against him are indeed true. And the operative word there is “IF”. There is a procedure for removing an officer of the law and a member of the patrolman’s union that does not include the husband of the sitting Governor making 19-phone calls pressuring then Commissioner of Public Safety to summarily fire him.

    I know you may not ever have a use for it yourself but the current Administration suspended habeas corpus rights for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. There used to be a presumption of innocence unless proven guilty in our country.

    As for the Alaska political establishment, she went against it when there was enough personal cover to so do. To call a committee of 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats unanimously making their finding ‘biased’ is a politically expedient and convenient re-writing of history.

    There is ZERO honour and accountability today in politics. In 2003 I lived in The Netherlands and watched a decent and honourable PM (Wim Kok) resign because the Dutch UN Peacekeepers stood down and believed nothing would happen whilst Milosevic’s men slaughtered every man and boy in Srebrenica. He said “because it happpened on my watch, my entire government must resign.” WOW… Cannot see that happening today where the buck stops here and someone holds their hand up and says we dropped the ball, we resign in deisgrace.

    Rovian politics say anything goes and if you get caught, you were stupid! Would Nixon’s crime even make the radar screen (he resigned the Presidency in 1974)? Would Agnew have resigned today, HELL NO!

    They would all lawyer up and see what they can get away with. That is the real disgrace LaVallette.

  3. LaVallette says

    So you are in favour of cops to remain on duty who threaten death to their fathers in law, drive drunk on duty and taser their 10 year old
    step sons. You claim that “she fired public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan” As a matter of fact she did NOT fire him, she transferred him to other duties and he resigned. The report did not say she acted unethically because she acted against Monegan for “personal reasons” but that personal reasons MAY have influenced her action against Monegan. I mean if we are going to score points let at least be accurate.

    Finally, lets us all be clear; the entire political establishment, in Alaska, democrat and republican is against Palin because she attacked the “the entire political establishment”. To be elected governor she defeated a Republican establishment nominee in the republican Primaries attacking him and the republican establishment as a whole for “corruption”. Therefore both partiesd have the knioves out against her.

  4. Phil says

    I’m grinning like a beauty queen at the Miss Alaska pageant about this news, however…
    I wish someone in the media would point out that the “Troopergate” investigation was started in July, almost 2 months before McCain picked Palin for his running mate when she was enjoying an 80% approval rating in Alaska. This being the case, why would the Obama campaign want to drag her name through the mud as claimed by McCain spokes person Meg Stapleton? Obama probably had not even heard of Sarah Palin in July. Also if this is just a partisan witch hunt as claimed by Meg Stapleton, people need to realize that the committee that voted unanimously to initiated the investigation and to release the findings before the election was made up of 10 Republicans and 4 Democrats. When it started in July the Governor and her spokes person, not Meg Stapleton at that time, said she had nothing to hide and welcomed the chance to prove it. Apparently the bi-partisan committee made up of mostly her own party members, who should know her better then most, thought it was important that this information get out before people make their choice in November. Finally I find it interesting that the ethics law that she was found to have violated was a law that she had pushed through the legislature last year. Something she had promised to do in her campaign for governor.

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