Post Racial America?! Hell to the No!

It started with a vile comment that I read on a post at It was the typical racist crap and I paused to give it a thumbs down vote. The screen handle was “obanana” and the person posted repeated comments featuring the n-word.

I did a Google search of the screen name, curious as to how prolific the small-brained racist was. My search led me to a website bearing the title, (In order to write about this site, I’m breaking my own rule and spelling out the n-word. You need to register to see all the wonders of the site. It’s impossible to fully conceptualize how bad this site is without seeing it for yourself. You may sign in via my registration. User name: Lady J, password: maju2625.)

The site proudly proclaims on its home page: Nigger mania is the best site for nigger jokes and facts about niggers since 2003. Please join our nigger-bashing forum too.

I know that this type of virulent hate is difficult to read. This site makes me feel physically ill; however, hate thrives best in the dark. We all know the oft repeated statement in its many variations that evil thrives when good people do nothing. I like this more precise statement by Edmund Burke:

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

This site boasts that it has thousands of members and is still growing. People make donations to fund hosting of the site. A lot of bad people, men and women, have combined on this web site. The rest of us cannot allow such hate to grow unchecked and unacknowledged. Ignoring it will not make hate go away.

One of the site founders, Tom Shelly, insists that the site is not about hate. He’s a liar. In his own words:

Personally, I do not hate niggers at all, I just correctly understand that they are not human and treat them accordingly. They are nothing more than wild niggers running around loose and one must act accordingly around them. A hundred and fifty years or so ago, people in this country treated niggers accordingly and kept them contained and controlled. We made them useful by managing their numbers, containing them, and forcing them to work and be somewhat productive. But the natural empathy of the White man caused him to unrestrain (sic) a species of animal (niggers) largely due to the fact they they mimick (sic) humans in their behavior and dress. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, he can’t be put back in and we’re stuck with living around 30 million wild niggers. — Tom Shelly

This site and its partner sites represent the most insistent, total racism that I’ve encountered in my 57 years on this earth. I thought that by now I knew racism inside and out. However, it has taken me aback that such blatant, vile racism is freely distributed in 2012. These people are pure evil and I see no possibility for their redemption. I think that they should be isolated from the rest of us. They are an infectious disease.

The blatant lies and twisted views are disseminated across the Internet. No doubt the comment maker who sent me on my journey based his conclusions on “facts” gleaned from There are parental filters that can be used, with some success, to prevent children from surfing porn sites but what prevents them from being subjected to the intentional indoctrination of hate sites?

What about black children? As an adult, my pulse grew more rapid and I began to feel that someone was standing on my chest as I read through this site. What about black children who stumble across sites that proclaim that they are not human and which cite studies by Arthur Jensen featuring his declarations that blacks are inherently intellectually inferior to whites? What psychological damage is wrought by exposure to these unrelenting racist lies?

Sites such as these may make an argument for their right to exist as a first amendment issue. I suspect that they continually assert that the site is not about hate to protect themselves against a possible challenge of their 1st amendment rights based on the use of hate speech to incite violence against a protected class–race, religion, national origin, etc. I lack the skills to mount a cyber attack against the site as one of my friends suggested. Besides, it would accomplish nothing; they would still be slithering around corners fomenting racism.

What I would like to see is a lot of attention focused on these people. Turn the spotlight on their sickness and expose them for the rotting carcasses that they really are. They are vampires; they don’t feed on blood but on ethics, on morality, and everything that makes us decent. A stake through the heart isn’t the only way to end a vampire; dragging them into the light will render them into a pile of dust.

sheria reidSo pass along the information about these sites. Tell your friends. Tell anyone who insists that the only issue with race is that black people keep playing the race card. No matter how well intentioned, burying one’s head in the sand and pretending that the monster doesn’t exist never works out well. To save the day, the heroine must kill the monster and destroy its lair.

Sheria Reid

The Examined Life

Posted:  August 16, 2012


  1. Rulio Gaspacho says

    The black man is from the flying saucer. They were not wearing the tin foil hat that day. Were it not for them we wkd not have our Martian colonies.

  2. says

    I’ve never seen a group of lifeforms so willing to go to such inconceivable lengths to guard themselves from even one small, painful truth as the American negro. Niggermania is the home of truth, and there is nothing American negroes hate more than the truth. I count it all joy!

    • Dan says

      …I can’t even believe people like this still exist. I mean, really? I’m not black or white but if you just have the same socio-economic situation as anybody else it seems people turn out the same. So one guy is darker than you, who cares. For crying out loud you have a black president. No wonder this country is so messed up.

  3. Lotrell Washington says

    So you’re saying that niggers aren’t really ruining this country? Cool, I have a house in Detroit I’ll sell you cheap. The neighbors are going to love you.

  4. sadgurl55 says

    It’s pretty interesting that the author of this article is so offended. Surely, she can see the behavior amoung those in her ethnic group that this site describes as “Typical N-word Behaviour or “TNB”. How many times have we heard of white kids in gangs that enter and pilfer/loot stores in herds? Does bringing this behavior to light merit disgust? When a sexually mature woman has children out of wedlock with zero income, why has it become a “civil right” that it and it’s sprogs be supported by those who work? Isn’t it wonderful to own a home and pay outragous property taxes that fund schools that are unfit for your kids to attend simply because of the rude, vile, violent, and corrupted offspring of the residents of public housing? You betcha!

  5. Ralph Sampson says

    Girlfriend, there are no lies on that website. If you see any, please post them here in the comment section. Because you certainly didn’t make note of any lies in your blithering article. I await your reply.

  6. Jeff says

    Sheria, how do you account for the fact that less than 6% of the population (15-35 yr old ‘n’ males) commit 55% of the crime ?

  7. Boxer says

    The last poster is a name associated with Tom Shelly, if you Google the correlation. The things that they post are so pathetic, and the puns are so juvenile, that I almost feel sorry for them. It’s interesting how they call black people “stupid,” and yet, they cannot employ proper English and fall for the dumb fallacy of “correlation does not equate to causation.” Fools.

  8. James Riske says

    I noticed you were unable to prove any of the facts and opinions on the site to be wrong. The site provide page after page and fully sourced material to support their message. It’s not enough to just say, “You’re facts are lies and you’re wrong.” If you really want to get rid of them, prove them wrong. Put them in their place. If they prove that blacks consistently perform poorly on scholastic tests regardless of their income or social status or part of the world they are in, prove them wrong. The monkker of racism no longer has any impact due to over use. Also, is it really racism to point out that the human races are different, both physically and mentally? How is that ‘racism’. ?

  9. JBH says

    Thank you Sheria,
    I was un-aware of this site but i should say i’m not surprised in hearing this story..
    We must take some responsibility for how many of these people look at us..
    We all know someone that we look at and shake our heads regarding their looks and actions and education doesn’t help..
    I stopped attending football games because i don’t care for the dance routines used by the cheerleaders.. and these actions reach all the way into our churches..

    Why do we have to be theatrical in everything we do ?
    This includes the preachers..
    The images that we portray to the world certainly leaves some questions on the table.. Wouldn’t you agree ?
    I am a black pastor and businessman and Sheria you’re an attorney often times i am mistreated by my people because i chose not to hire some black employees or because i don’t act foolishly…
    I went into city-hall one day and this young lady sitting at a desk away from the counter ask if she could help me ! I had to speak out loud in front of all the people in the room what i was there for.. Not only did she not know the answer !
    But she yell to a white lady across the room and ask if she knew…

    My point is ! I am sure when they hire her for that position she didn’t yell out during her interview…
    Just think if one of those people on the site you are writing about was in that location and saw that happen….

  10. Carl says

    These racists are cowards. They do all their dirty work behind the scenes. They are a group of uneducated morons. I will be sure to vote for President Obama. Adolph Hitler is alive and well in these cowards. America, wake up. The Nazis started out as a small group too.

    • funktologist says

      Careful that you don’t kill us off. Who’ll keep the planet going when we’re gone? Look at Sub-Saharan Africa and Detroit. When white people leave, it’s game over.

        • Douglas says

          @ geesbeez2

          What a stupid comment.

          The richest states are majority white. The poorest states are majority white. Every state in the union is majority white.

          But the worst places to live are where blacks predominate. Detroit, East St. Louis, and many other inner cities.

  11. says

    Thank you Sheria, for being strong enough to go exploring in such vile territory. I come from a family that intermarries with other “ethnic groups” very casually. It is a sad that such a site is allowed the same freedoms of speech as more enlightened human beings…I used to give my children a pep talk every morning, tell them an educated [non-white] is worth more than a few ignorant “whites” who turn to the color of their skin when they have nothing else left to make them feel superior. These poor people claim to worship the same God that “made out of one man, many nations…” Peace.

  12. harry wood says

    I knew these people 50 years ago. I wonder how he can drive from one state to another without using a restroom. None of them are labeled “bigot”

  13. says

    Thank you so much for sharing. My mind wanders back to childhood when someone wrote K.K.K. in the cement on the new sidewalk in front of our Catholic school. I also think about the time in the summer of 1961 when I took a bus from Indiana to Huntsville Alabama to visit a friend who had moved there to live with her Grandmother. What an eye opener to see the division so outwardly displayed in the south.

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