Can You Pour the LA Progressive a Cup of Coffee?

coffee cupsOkay, make that two. Sharon and I both like to start our day with a hot cup of joe as we put out the morning newsletter, then rush off to our day jobs. We’re looking for 300 of our regular readers who can spare $5 a month to keep us in the rich, aromatic black. Click here if you’d consider being one of them. Or perhaps you could consider a larger one-time donation.

When Sharon and I started the LA Progressive in early 2008, there were a lot of things we didn’t know. We had no sense of the growing numbers of readers we would attract so quickly, not just here in downtown Los Angeles, but all across the country and beyond. And we never dreamed how many fine, insightful writers would join our team, many of them contributing their work weekly, some more often than that–all for free. The LA Progressive would be no place without them.

We had some sense of how much work would be involved for us, but I don’t think we could foresee how joyfully this effort would consume us. Every morning, we have that newsletter to put out and email to answer. In the evenings after work, we edit and post our writers’ articles and polish and promote the website. And on the weekends, we cover events and write our own stories, when we can. It’s joyful work, but it is work.

Truth is, we could continue just as we are financially far into the future, paying our server bills and related costs with the bit of advertising revenue we generate and the occasional donation.

But we’d like to do more than perk along. We think we could offer an even stronger service to the progressive political community if we could devote more time to our joyous obsession. Sharon’s becoming a lawyer is a big step in that direction. And I’ve taken the approach of growing older so I can retire into full-time work on LA Progressive. Your modest gift—just two cups of black coffee once a month—would accelerate that process, and you would quickly see the result.

sharon and dickThat $5 a month from 300 regular readers would also confirm our sense that we’re on the right track. We welcome your thoughts in the comments block below for how the LA Progressive can best serve your interests or what you value about it now.

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle

*A big hat tip to Tikkun Daily, which originated this approach.


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    Count on me Dick/Sharon. Since meeting you guys online a few years ago, I’ve lived in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. I love the work you do to get the progressive voices heard! Goodness, we certainly know the conservatives haven’t had that problem! Wish I could actually have a cup of coffee with the two of you, but for now, I’ll just pick up the tab!

    PS As the owner of a marketing consultancy and web designer, let me know if I can help get the word out.


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