In Praise of “ObamaCare”

obama thinkingObamaCare

I thank President Obama enormously for having persevered against much rancor and dis-information to pass health reform. My family, along with all American families, will benefit a great deal.

I have had health insurance my entire adult life, whether working for one of two large corporations, or, for the last 15 years as a self-employed business owner. At present, to cover my youngest child (a 19-year old Pasadena Community College student) and me it costs $600.00 a month or $7200.00 annually. And, that’s for a $5000.00 deductible plan – yes, you read it correctly, I pay $7200.00 in premiums, plus $5000.00 out-of-pocket before ANYTHING is covered each year.

I am blessed with good health, and take none of the medications many of my fellow baby boomers now take. However, my Anthem Blue Cross plan does not cover annual physicals, mammograms or any other preventive measure that under ObamaCare will be covered. Last week, quite by accident, I found I had an unusual stomach infection that will require a prolonged antibiotic regiment.

Obama’s new plan helps my little family immediately, as follows:

  • I can change from my current high-priced provider (Anthem Blue Cross) to a less costly HMO, reducing my monthly costs and eliminating the $5000.00 deductible;
  • My 19-year old daughter can stay on my plan (so long as she is a student) up to age 26;
  • My new provider cannot reject me because this pesky little infection will no longer be considered a “pre-existing;” and,
  • Preventative health care/well care (e.g., mammograms, annual physicals, etc..) will be free . . .

diana peterson moreHurray for Obama Care; I look forward to his using tremendous communication skills to make his case, so that everyone appreciates how ObamaCare improves the lives of all Americans!

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