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sarah palinThis week, two polls were conducted assessing the likelihood of Sarah Palin’s success should she run for president in 2012 against President Obama.

The polls, released Friday, produced two significantly different outcomes. One was conducted by Time Magazine/SRBI, the other by Public Policy Polling. Although both were developed to gauge Palin’s chances of beating Obama, there were a few major differences in the way the polls were conducted. In an article by Mark Blumenthal which was published in the Huffington Post on July 16th, Blumenthal found that the surveys were conducted using different sampling methods and different questioning techniques.

Unsurprisingly, the Time/SRBI poll showed that Palin wouldn’t have a chance against Obama, with Obama ahead by more than 20 percentage points.  The Public Policy poll, however, showed that an Obama / Palin contest would result in a tie.

While many question the Public Policy polling techniques, it might not be wise to simply dismiss this poll. Sarah Palin’s popularity has not waned since the 2008 election even after  she quit her job as governor of Alaska. In some polls her resignation caused a slight increase in her popularity. 

And it is now being reported that she is commanding speaking fees as high as $100,000. This week,  California State University at Stanislaus revealed that the university paid Palin $75,000 for her controversial 40-minute speech, this, during a time of economic crisis. In an article published by the Los Angeles Times on Friday, July 16th, Palin’s appearance led to a record breaking fund raiser for the university – garnering more than $200,000.

Of course, it is possible that Palin’s celebrity will never be more than that – celebrity and she’d be clobbered if she were to actually enter the bid for the presidency.  But, so far, things have been working out pretty well for Sarah Palin.

What do you think about the results of the poll? [poll id=”29″]

Several of you read a piece written by Tom Degan, a frequent commenter on the LA Progressive who recently began to contribute articles to the LA Progressive.  In his piece, “Sarah Running in 2012“, he envisions a future where Sarah Palin is the president elect and the people at Fox News are beside themselves with glee.  Here is a comment we received from on of our readers after he read Tom’s piece:

. . . the conservatives who are the only ones with enough love for this country to lay bare the hypocrisy of the liberal media and the incredible stupidity and incompetence that has been shown over the last 18 months. Obama is a failure, as are his hand picked radical far left minions, and the sooner this dangerous but clueless man is gone the sooner we can get back to being a republic.
This country is not going to follow this muslim down the road of socialism/communisim no matter how hard he and you blindless libs want that. Why anyone would want to destroy the strongest nation on this planet for the absurd utopia that this adminstartaion craves is a mystery to me, but come November the ship will begin to slowly right itself.

The LA Progressive receives thousands of comments per month, many of them are from people who are not socially progressive. Given that this publication is read by all political persuasions, we offer yet another poll. How would you react if Palin were to run in the 2012 election?[poll id=”30″]

Sharon Kyle


  1. Judith Cee says

    I think it is foolish for Dems to take the attitude that a Palin run would guarantee an Obama reelection. If you will recall, when George W. Bush was selected as the Republican presidential candidate, the GOP did not expect him to win. They needed a candidate and he was selected. He won.

    His first term was awful, the country was in the pits and sinking. Two weeks prior to the election, his defeat was pretty much assured. His campaign team pushed two issues in critical red states: anti-abortion and gay marriage. Their campaign was so effective that not only was Bush reelected; he received an increased number of black votes, at least in Ohio.

    The GOP is superb at selecting the “right” fears to inflame their base, independents and any other group they need to get enough votes to win. They are master manipulators and Americans can be really gullible. That Sarah Palin is not only still in the spotlight, but that she has amassed enormous wealth, power and popularity is proof of that. This should never have happened, but it did.

    This is not the time to be smug. Be careful what you wish for. The money and power using Palin to regain control of this country is monumental.

  2. Bob Gotham says

    Sara Palin running as the Republican Presidential Candidate in the next election would be a priceless gift to the Democrats. Go Sara!

  3. Beverly Franco says

    Sarah Palin meets all the requirements for a female news “reporter” and I use that term loosely. She’s pretty, she’s charming, engaging and always knows when the spotlight is on her. I don’t have a high opinion of many of our news anchors and that follows that I don’t have a high opinion of their so-called news. She is an opportunist and is happy to swim around in the shallows. But throw her in the deep end and she would sink.

  4. timoburke says

    Nobody ‘gets’ the Palin hazard: she will sweep any male GOP Presidential Candidate into office by her gracious acceptance of the VP spot on the GOP Ticket.

    She’s the one who will get any of the sorry lot elected, whereas in 2008 she was the one who lost for them.

  5. M.R. in L.A. says

    Blindless: one without blinds; without any window covering.
    Blindless Lib meaning a liberal/progressive with a clear view of reality. One who is unable to shutter out reality and live in delusion as a NeoCon.

  6. annieR says

    I think it was John Stuart Mill who said that it isn’t unreasonable to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the injuring of your little finger. I believe Sarah Palin would choose to avoid the pin-pricking of her finger.

  7. Greg Winters says

    Run Sarah, Run…

    Best thing that could happen for progressives. It would lay bare the ideological bankruptcy of the “conservatives” for all the moderates to see.

  8. David Podolsky says

    Aside from the childish name-calling, what in the world does “blindless” mean? I guess when one runs out of buzzwords one must invent new ones. Maybe it’s a self comment, a combination of mindless and blind? These people really scare me. How do you argue against mindless ignorance, bigotry, and stupidity?

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