The Next Presidential Election

With the Presidential Election looming next year, the Republicans are becoming excited that they may just take the Presidency away from the weakened Democratic incumbent and win control of both houses of Congress. Then the Republican “wish list” of things they have wanted to do since the New Deal would become possible.

Then they would be able to continue to protect the United States from the enemies of the country that seek to bring it down, by continuing to fight the foreign wars that have protected our democracy so well. A patriotic American from the Southwest who wears cowboy boots and has a handsome face has emerged to lead the party to victory. Some people think he is really not that smart, but he is a likable fellow. He has the conscience of a conservative, and in fact has written a book by that title, and he has proven that he can win elections, and in fact has never been defeated for public office in his home state.

He has a loyal, and some say, rabid following, and the strong support of a conservative movement which has often operated outside the Republican Party but has become a force to be reckoned with within it. People who have never before been active in Republican politics have been swept up in the movement to elect this charismatic man to be our next President.

Who is this man? Turn the page to find out…


  1. Joe Weinstein says

    I am not sure why Ted Vaill goes to the trouble of reminding us what happened in 1964 but fails to draw any operative conclusions. So I will draw them.

    As of 1964 LBJ was an EFFECTIVE president who implemented Democratic programs and came out swinging for them. And so he won.

    As of 1968 LBJ had become an INEFFECTIVE president who was betraying the Democratic agenda by diverting his and the government’s energies and focus to the miasma of the Vietnam war. And so the only hope for his party was for him to move on. He was smart enough (or responsible enough or pushed enough) to do so. Despite all that then went wrong (Robert Kennedy assasination, etc.) the Democrats almost won the White House – and the party kept its integrity, agenda and morale.

    The lesson from both 1964 and 1968 is that Democrats had better nominate a real Democrat, not the incumbent wimp wannabe Gop.

  2. Elaine says

    You know how all of you that voted for Obama, which some of you claim was a vote against Bush, see what you have helped him to do to the United States of America? You put our country in the hands of a self admitted Muslim on three continents, he says, and whose goal is to destroy America and Americans and businesses and leave us as a third world country with no free trade, no money, no businesses, no jobs for all of our citizens, who is planning on letting Imlett with GE take the plans of the stealth’s that Boeing builds to China and give them all our valuable information that should be secret just because they have move one of their plants to South Carolina where they can hire non-union workers at a much better price and keep these unions from dictating to the union employees and blackmailing the business to do what they want to. This is a free country & those people in South Carolina really needs jobs but do not want to join a union to take member dues that they spend on electing their politicians. Too bad those of you think that life is to live under Marxist Rule & forget the American Dream.

  3. George says

    I shook hands with Barry Goldwater when he was running for President.
    He was not a Christian Dominionist like most of the current Repugnican ringleaders. Unlike them, he also was not actually criminally insane.

  4. Joe says

    A little more detail in to fill in Dave Blake’s correction of Goldwater quote:

    I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
    Barry Goldwater, acceptance speech as Republican candidate for President, 1963
    US politician (1909 – 1998)

    Depending on how we define “liberty” and “justice,” I could go for the ideas!

  5. dave blake says

    I don’t know what’s going on in meme world (and in fact I find the phenomenon tantalizing), but for the second time this week (I alREADY can’t remember who the first time was, but it sure wasn’t Ted Vaill, whom I do not know) I’ve had to correct this über-famous Goldwater quote, which reads, “Extremism in defense of liberty [not patriotism] is no vice.” (The second half of which is, “And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”)

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