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It is no secret that Los Angeles is America’s capital when it comes to both the movie and TV show industries and that it is the city that hosts the vast majority of popular TV programs aired throughout the country.

When it comes to soap operas, a number of the most popular soap operas that are still airing to this day come from various LA studios. Here is a quick look at several of the most popular soap operas that you may be into that are produced and filmed in LA:

General Hospital

Often referred to simply as GH, General Hospital is the longest running American soap opera still in production. For this, the show made an appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records. At this time, GH is only trailing behind Guiding Light, but has a chance to overtake the show as it is still being aired.

Los Angeles is the capital of all cinematography in the USA and some of the world’s most popular soap operas are filmed there. Find out what they are and what’s interesting about them.

The first episode of General Hospital was aired on April 1st 1963 and was filmed in Los Angeles. This ABC drama is the longest running program ever produced in Hollywood and is one of the staples of America’s TV capital.

Today, General Hospital is the last ABC soap opera still in production and it is still getting excellent ratings on a regular basis. The show follows the lives of families of medical workers, showing both their life dramas and various cases in the hospital they work in, thus combining two of the most popular themes of soap operas in general.

Days of Our Lives

Another major soap opera title that is filmed on a regular basis in Hollywood, LA is Days of Our Lives. Also falling into the category of the longest running TV shows in the US history, DOOL started airing back in 1965 and has aired nearly every weekday since. The show has now reached more than 13,000 episodes and is quickly climbing the ranks to the top of the longest running shows list, with many competitors already cancelled.

Days of Our Lives is a drama show that follows the lives of several families in a town called Salem in the USA. The show has covered all types of topics through its years, many of them controversial back in the 1970s, which earned it the title of the most daring TV show in history.

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Days of Our Lives now runs with 60 minute episodes and is still one of the most popular soap operas in the USA and abroad, having been syndicated to many other countries throughout the years. The show is known to be a favorite of many famous people including none other than Julia Roberts.

The Young and the Restless

Created by William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, The Young and the Restless is a CBS produced drama set in Wisconsin but filmed in LA. The show started airing back in 1973 with 30 minute episodes, which were later expanded to 60 minutes in 1980. Today, Y&R is America’s highest rated daytime drama and is scheduled to keep filming until at least 2024.

The show focuses around working class and rich American families such as the Fosters and the Brooks, which were the show’s original families. While many other characters were added over the years, the rivalry between Jill Abbot and Katherine Chancellor has endured throughout the years, making it the longest one in American soap operas.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The youngest of the running soap operas in the USA, The Bold and the Beautiful (or B&B) is produced by CBS and one of the most popular TV dramas in the world. With an estimated audience of over 26 million people worldwide, B&B is the most watched soap out there and one that is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Unlike many other soaps that started airing back in the 70s, B&B premiered in 1987 as sister show to The Young and the Restless which was already airing. The show is filmed in Los Angeles and the entire action also happens in this city, as the exploits of the Forrester family and their Forrester Creations business are followed each day.

The Bold and the Beautiful has received a total of 31 Daytime Emmy Awards to date, making it one of the most decorated soap operas out there. The show currently stands at over 8,000 episodes, with many more likely to come in the years ahead of us.

Even More Soap Opera Trivia

Whether you are a soap opera lover or just curious about them, there is plenty more fun trivia regarding these shows that you probably don’t know about. Check out the infographic below to find some amazing details about soap operas that you never knew and that may just shock you below.



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