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Last year, the coronavirus pandemic no doubt limited the fun and excitements that come with horse racing. Fans that enjoy the adrenaline action by being physically present at racecourses had to stay at home and settle for what the screens have to offer.

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The biggest bummer was the drop in revenue for race organizers, racecourse owners/managers, and of course, sports betting fans who couldn't get huge returns for their passion. As we all hope this new year will be better than the previous, we can stay on the ITV 7 tips to give us a good shot at winning some bets this year. Let's see some of what 2021 has in store for us horse racing lovers.

1. Cheltenham Festival

From 16th -19th March, the 28 race event, Cheltenham festival, will grace our TV screens and of course, the racecourse. Spectators will be enjoying the game in person as long as they stick to the coronavirus safety rules and regulations. The 4-day event usually welcomes about 70,000 people; however, there may be some restriction on the number of spectators to ensure effective social distancing.

The first-place winner gets to cart away around 600-700 thousand pounds. Visitors can win as well as a sports betting fan won £160 thousand with only a £2 wager in 2019. Apart from the horse racing action, there'll be other side attractions such as live music, and a display of exquisite fashion.

2. The Grand National

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One of the most exciting horse racing events will still be held at the Aintree Racecourse from 8th to 10th April.

While this year's horse racing event will witness some changes and new rules, one of the most exciting horse racing events will still be held at the Aintree Racecourse from 8th to 10th April. Grand National will still remain a handicap steeplechase over 4miles/514yards. Grand National is one of the most expensive jump races in the United Kingdom and Europe altogether.

The previous race had the usual 40 riders and their majestic beasts competing for a whopping £1 million cash prize. If you are interested in activities, you'll find many non-horse racing lovers and non-sport betting fans who are only going there for an elegant display of fashion on the ladies day

3. The Derby

You may also know horse racing events as the Epsom Derby, the Investec Derby, or Derby stakes. The Derby takes place on the 4th and 5th day of June, just a few days before another prestigious horse racing event, the Royal Ascot. The Epsom Derby has the biggest worldwide media audience. You'll, no doubt, enjoy the 2-day event like a sports fan and a lover of fashion as the event also doubles as a fashion competition.

4. Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot takes place in June, from the 15th - 19th at the Ascot Racecourse. The Royal Ascot attracts many racehorses from around the world. That's because there’s a chance to compete for a jaw-dropping £8 million prize money.

The 5-day event will also have exquisite food and show off of fashion from elites and celebrities. With about 30 races in an almost week-long event, sports betting fans that know the ins and outs of horse race betting will stand the chance to win lots of money. Just remember to bet responsibly.