Progressive Endorsements March 8, 2011

Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley


March 8, 2011, election

Los Angeles City Council
District 2: Paul Krekorian
District 4: Tom Labonge
District 6: Tony Cardenas
District 12: Brad Smith

Los Angeles Unified School District 
District 3: Louis Pugliese

Los Angeles Community College Board
Seat 1: Mona Field
Seat 3: Steve Veres
Seat 5: Scott Svonkin
Seat 7: Miguel Santiago

Los Angeles Ballot Measures
G: Yes
H: Yes
I: Yes
J: Yes
L: Yes
M: Yes
N: Yes
O: Yes
P: No position
Q: No

San Fernando City Council
Gilbert Berriozabal

West Hollywood City Council
John Heilman
Lindsey Horvath
Abbe Land

West Hollywood Measure A: No


  1. John John Jr says

    I have worked with Tomas O’Grady. His temper alone disqualifies him as a serious candidate. Plus his record on the Neighborhood Council is less than stellar..

    L.A. Progressives made the right choice with Stephen Box. He is intelligent, experienced, and a true visionary.


  2. says

    Thank you for endorsing a YES on Measure O. This would tax big Oil which is pouring in money for a No vote. Time to get an extraction fee for oil pumped in Los Angeles. This would add 4 million a year to our city and extraction fees are common in Texas and Alaska. Time for us to stand up and get our fair share.

    I also urge everyone to support our children and vote YES on Measure L. Thank you LA Progressive.

    Margie Murray

  3. Mr. Tandy says

    Re 8th District City Council Endorsement: Hogan-Rowles was a DWP Commissioner and on her watch DWP raised their rates adding to their already overflowing surplus. What’s progressive about that? Vote March 8th for Jabari Jumaane, the true People’s Candidate, the true progressive and community leader. He opened the first Certified Famer’s Market in south Los Angeles (Harambee Farmer’s Market) bringing fresh food (and health workshops/services at the AFIBA Ctr) to the people of So LA long before the city even thought about having a farmer’s market there.

  4. Tia Williams says

    It’s shocking that the Progressives did not endorse JABARI JUMAANE for 8th District City Council Seat. Mr. Jumaane has a long track record of activism in the community as a community organizer and has taken the lead in providing much needed legal and job training, and business creation not just for residents of the 8th but for all So Central residents. I guess his over 30+ years of progressive activism including standing up to the Fire Dept. against their city documented sexism and racism towards women and Black firefighters was just too progressive for you.

  5. Mary Ellen Strote says

    It’s shocking that Progressives have endorsed Fred Gaines, especially given that the endorsement meeting was held at the Calabasas City Library (part of the City Hall complex) without the knowledge or presence of the other candidates. Only Gaines was allowed to speak to the endorsers.

    What’s more, Gaines was unanimously endorsed by the City’s Council members BEFORE the filing period for candidacy even closed. If that is not the definition of cronyism, what is?

    Finally, Fred Gaines is a well known and highly effective property rights lawyer, who has made a living suing the County, the Coastal Commission, even the City of Calabasas (!) on behalf of developers who flout planning laws. What is progressive about that?

  6. says

    Very disappointing that LA Progressive did not look more closely at the candidacy of Tomas O’Grady in CD4 ( He was endorsed by the Southern CA Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action – a very progressive organization here in LA, and the Co-Chair of the San Fernando Valley Green Party. This guy is a resourceful progressive who is bringing folks together to fight the good-old-boy incumbency of Tom LaBonge. He is viable- just submitted for matching funds, and is as committed a community activist as you will ever know.


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