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Early inauguration day one could hear the gunfire from the local outdoor gun range near our home in a farm area of the county outside the city limits. This is “our” protest against that “black, Muslim, foreigner’s” attempt to convert the United States into a “socialistic,” or “communistic” society -- depending upon who you talk to and their level of uneducation.

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In the region there is much speculation about Sandy Hook actually being a slick conspiracy, by the Obama administration, in an elaborate scheme to subvert the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and put into motion a massive gun grab “just like Stalin and Mao.”

Not wanting to give up any more seats in the front of the bus, Republican legislators here in Alabama are introducing legislation expanding gun owner rights and guaranteeing “our” right to bear arms; it also appears the Arizona and Wyoming Republicans will do something similar. The Republican state governments in Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas see no need to even address the gun issue.

The Republicans have successfully deceived the public with their smoke and mirror politics avoiding the real issue underlying all their actions over the past four years -- institutional racism. What better time to address this issue than on Martin Luther King Day? Many north of the Mason Dixon Line do not realize this used to be Robert E. Lee Day until the ‘meddling’ federal government changed it some years ago. What has been lacking in any dialogue or political conversation is straightforward honesty which goes to the heart of the political gridlock in Washington.

For outsiders to remotely comprehend what is really going on, ponder an experience I had during the 4th grade in Montgomery, Alabama as the situation since that time period has only gotten worse. I loved comic books and one story I read was about some white scientists going to Africa to explore the Sahara. They hired a native guide and somehow ended up lost, for an extended period of time, in a sand storm. Because they lacked water death appeared certain until the guide utilized a long straw like tool to extract water from deep beneath the sand’s surface. The native guide was able to suck enough water from under the ground to save everyone in the party.

I was impressed by this creative ingenuity and shared this story with my classmates, whose collective response was “…ohhhh those guy’s drank water that came out of that (“Negro’s”) mouth…we rather die…”

I also read an impressive comic book that dealt with a war between land creatures and water creatures with the clear message that any form of hate, especially prejudice based upon physical features, was not good. Adults explained to me the dangers of comics especially those printed in (“Communistic”) New York or California as the coded message really was that whites and blacks should get along in a civil manner in a society where everyone was treated equally. In the reality of my childhood, Jim Crow was law and these types of comics were considered subversive.

I remember history teaching me that Abraham Lincoln was a “bad president” who violated the Constitution by ignoring state’s rights and not allowing the will of the people to prevail with succession. Lincoln was the “white turn coat” who freed the slaves. Many times, adults who supported Republican positions were beaten up or had their property damaged.

That changed overnight with the Democratic support of LBJ’s civil rights legislation in 1965. Because the Republicans opposed giving voting rights to Southern blacks, Dixie became a Republican stronghold faster than a twinkling of an eye. Remember these are the same hypocrites that criticized Apartheid in South Africa.

Democrats became the “Negro lover’s party;” the party that gave away hard working white tax payer money to shiftless, lazy, welfare mooching Negros. Over the previous 48 years the Republicans have refined and continuously reinforced this message of hate.

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While hiding behind patriotic and religious based themes, the Republicans have generated millions of dollars by the utilization of race baiting and fear mongering. They have misused their power and positions of authority to morph from an organization of hate to a legitimate domestic terrorist organization.

I submit for your consideration the following facts. Section 802 of the Patriot Act (HR 3162): “Acts committed within the United States dangerous to human life that are a violation of criminal laws can be considered as acts of domestic terrorism if they appear to be intended to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion or to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.”

Let us consider the recent acts of the Republican Party. Like Islamic fundamentalists in Middle Eastern nations that force their religious beliefs onto their female population, the Republicans are legislating their fundamentalist Christian beliefs in many states controlled by the GOP. With this anti-female legislation, the Republicans have put massive numbers of women at risk and prevented various health procedures especially to middle class and poor women.

In states controlled by the GOP, legislation has been passed stripping workers of Constitutional rights and collective bargaining; people who don’t look white now have to prove they are in the country legally; voter suppression and anti-immigrant legislation became hot button issues in the “red states.” Gender equality and civil rights for all people became issues. Life saving stem cell research and climate change science are prevented by the Tea Party’s inquisition mentality that convicted Galileo of heresy in 1632.

The Republican Party has become toxic for America and they must be held accountable for their actions. Apologist as Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, and many Democrats, seek a “reform” of the Republican Party singing the praises of the “two-party system.” This is the only issue the Democrats and Republicans will ever be united on -- the suppression of all other political parties. This insanity, as well, must end. Their stranglehold on US politics must be terminated and the American voter should have the option of voting for other political parties without the current restrictions in place on them by the two dominant parties we now have.

In 2012 the Congress only worked 109 days of which most were devoted to fundraising and reelection efforts. They managed to pass just 219 bills (the least production of any Congress); however, although they are opposed to raising the minimum wage for the average American, one bill did include a significant pay raise for themselves. Perhaps this can best be explained by a recent FRONTLINE report (no wonder Republicans want to defund public television) exposing that during Obama’s first inauguration night, fanatical Republicans were also meeting in D.C. –the likes of which included Eric Cantor (R-VA); Paul Ryan (R-WI); Jim DeMint (R-SC); Jon Kyle (R-AZ)-at which time it was decided that the Republicans, as a national party, would agree to nothing Obama wanted in an effort to discredit him. This is the same group that derailed the US economy and pointed the finger at the president, and is consistent with their anti-women, anti-labor, anti-abortion, anti-GLBT, anti-human rights legislative efforts.

Now this same group has created a smoke screen with the 2nd Amendment which clearly states: “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA…” which would have been the Colonial equivalent of a National Guard has the right to “bear arms.” By their own admission, many NRA gun owners have spoken out on FOX News that they need weapons to “fight the federal government….if necessary.” There is no common ground between the two positions.

These are hateful, well-financed bigots that are preying upon the ignorance and fears of their base in red states. They do not have the best interest of America in their scheme to defame the president. It is time to stop pussyfooting around and call them what they actually are: traitors and domestic terrorist. It is our duty to stop them before they can create more damage and reek global havoc with their ill conceived racist agenda.

jim rhodes

James Rhodes

Monday, 21 January 2013

Image: Bigstock Photo