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Bad Mojo Rising


A malevolent cloud is sweeping across America tonight. It has permeated the air with betrayal and cowardice. Around the District of Columbia, our putative leaders are breathing in the foul stench of capitulation and finding it to not be as nauseating as they imagined it would be.

Our fearsome and feckless Democratic Senate is poised on the precipice of utter degradation. Tomorrow, July 10, 2008, a majority of Democrats in the Senate will march in robotic step with a majority of Democrats in the House and drag our Party, the Constitution and our Republic into the gutter of craven careerism with gusto and enthusiasm. They will vote for the abridged FISA act and gut the Constitution.

Our venerable ”Fourth Amendment” -- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized -- will be immolated on the floor of the Senate in the name of “National Security”, which of course will then be impossible to preserve because our “freedom” is our “security”. The stench of this massacre of reason and truth will not be cleansed from our Party for decades to come, let alone from the carpet on the Senate floor.

Oh yes, we know the exhausted elucidations of pragmatic exigency that will be paraded before us -- spewing from every mass media outlet -- by earnest apologists for the prevaricating “centrist” Democrats. We can see their bloviating bobble heads rising in the mojo mist of dawn even now as we drift off to dream of terrors yet to come. They’ll smugly chortle, “It was the best compromise we could get” or, “Politics is the art of the possible” or perhaps, “There are Islamic Jihadists in our midst!” It will all be lies, disingenuous lies, and damnable disingenuous lies. They will all do it to save their phony baloney jobs. They don’t fear any “terrorists”. These recreant cardboard politicians are afraid they will loose their job and all of the bloated perks that come with it -- healthcare, pensions, per diem, staff, travel, dinners, country clubs etc -- all of the perks we pay for and they deny us. Therein, dear friends, lies the problem.

One last act before the curtain: will our presumptive Presidential nominee stand for us or lie prostrate before the heel of the tyrants Cheney and Bush? Which Democratic patriots among the cowering 100 will rail against this pulverizing of the, “flag for which it stands for” into nanodust suitable for sweeping under the rug or mounting on a lapel pin? Mark their names fellow Americans; those few who brave the siren call of the incumbency circus. For these are the last
representatives left in D.C., from the proud liberal ideal, the New Deal, the Great Society and the Democratic Party. In the dark years to come they will need our help.

So Democrats, if you have ever questioned the need for a Progressive Movement, there will be no better demonstration of its undeniable necessity in our lifetimes than this promenade of submission. Our ancestors are rising from their graves to demand of us the strength to deny this groveling cabal their complete usurpation of our inherent rights and independence. Heed the call. Never capitulate to the clamor for silence and complicity. King George Bush has committed high crimes against America and humanity and the Democratic Congress is aiding and abetting him in this latest illegal act. Will he ever be brought to justice? Will no Democratic leader stop him?

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Do not accept the specious narration being offered by Democratic Party leaders, electeds or consultants that the dying light of our Republic and our Party is actually a bright new flame of change. Resist the woeful songs of the gradualists and incrementalists, who claim they are on our side but we will have to wait. Remember July 10, 2008. There’s a bad mojo rising. It not only comes from the Republican Anarchy Collective but from the heart of the Democratic Party. And that is the reason for the Progressive Swarm to renew its commitment to our cause -- a Progressive Democratic Party and majority in America. Stand up for your rights. Show up and demand change in the Democratic Party. Speak up whenever and wherever possible and never let anyone shut you up!


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By Brad Parker
July 9, 2008

Brad Parker is an award winning artist, songwriter, producer and musician. He has recorded, toured and produced hits in North America, Europe and Asia. Parker owns Indie label Riozen records and is a co-founder of “”. Brad is a prolific political writer and speaker as well. Parker is very involved with Democratic political organizations including: President, Valley Democrats United, Vice President, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles, Platform Committee of the California Democratic Party and Delegate, CDP Central Committee from the 42nd Assembly District.

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