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More Than Enough Bushes

Tom Degan: So, the man who is in serious competition with James Buchanan for being remembered as the worst, most insanely incompetent chief-executive in the archives of human stupidity finally has his own library?

"We've had enough Bushes." -Barbara Bush on the Today Show

"Ain't it the truth! Ain't it the truth!" -Burt Lahr, as the Cowardly Lion

So, the man who is in serious competition with James Buchanan for being remembered as the worst, most insanely incompetent chief-executive in the archives of human stupidity finally has his own library? A place where future historians may romp with scholarly abandon to their little hearts' content? Hmmm....

bush library

I live less than 40 miles from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum in Hyde Park, New York. I visit there as often as I can because I really like the place. I always feel a little better about this doomed country whenever I leave there. It is truly a fitting monument to a great American leader, arguably the greatest in history. I might be persuaded to visit the Dubya Library someday - if only out of morbid curiosity, you understand.

I imagine any place that is designed for no other purpose than to put a sugarcoating on the sick and twisted legacy of George W. Bush ought to be just oodles of fun to visit! I liken it to putting a smiley face on the carcass a decomposing pig. "Whoa! Lookie thar, Martha, ain't that purdy!"

Revisionism can be a riot of laughter; a cornucopia of mirth and amusement for anyone with a half-way-decent knowledge of history. So it was with the cascade of nonsense flowing in torrents out of the George W. Bush Presidential Center at its opening this week. It was a hoot watching the speakers pay tribute to the disgusting little thug - especially the Democrats! The very spectacle of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama attempting to twist the English language like saltwater taffy in order to honor this guy was too much for the senses to even come close to comprehending. About the best the president could come up with was this beauty:

"To know George W. Bush is to like him."

Somebody hand me my chisel.

It was about as surreal as any news event that has been my dubious joy to witness with my own eyes. Did you catch the aptly-named, Andy Card? This bird-brain was actually bragging to a reporter from CNN about Bush's economic record! I believe the words he used were, "second to none". Does my man Andy even know the definition of the word, "irony"? More than a few people on this day were saying that history would be kind to Bush. Someone on Fox Noise even had the chutzpa to put the hideous little bastard up there in the pantheon of great American presidents:

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"George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan....George W. Bush"

It's bad enough that these knuckleheads still insist on putting the likes of Reagan on the same level as Lincoln and FDR - but George W. Bush???

Can grown adults be that completely unhinged from reality that they sincerely believe that Posterity is going to forgive the worst blunder ever made by the American electorate? Remember the reason people gave for voting for Bush? They would rather have a beer with him than the nerdy, policy-wonk, Al Gore. Truth be told, I would prefer having a beer with George W. Bush. You see, I have this fantasy about pouring a bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon on the half-witted little frat boy's curly locks.

We can console ourselves in the knowledge that the elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen. Had every vote been counted - and every registered voter given access to the ballot box - Bush would have lost both of those contests. He won the state of Florida in 2000 because his brother, the governor, denied 57,000 legally registered African Americans the right to vote. He won the state of Ohio four years later because the Republicans made damned sure that polling places in the cities of that state would be limited, and therefore, quite crowded. People left in utter frustration. A lot of them had children at home waiting for dinner. Nowadays, the success of the GOP depends upon the suppression of votes. What do you think those "Voter ID" laws were all about? You might want to make a little note of that.

One does not envy the people in charge of developing the exhibits for the Dubya Library. Whoever the poor bastards are I hope they're paid quite handsomely for their efforts. It takes real talent to turn a mountain of chickenshit into a tasty plate of chicken salad.

Sure, Bush and Cheney rid the Middle East of a naughty "evil-doer" named Saddam Hussein, but they did it by means of some incomprehensible evil-doing. Does the Iraqi War Wing of this place take note of the fact that by invading the (like it or not) sovereign nation of Iraq, the Bush Mob created a Geo-political catastrophe that will be with us for decades? I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that they probably neglected to include that nasty little reality in the presentation. Why waste one's time with cold, hard facts when fantasy is so much more palatable to one's deluded sense of reality? Welcome to Bush World. Enjoy your stay - and watch yer step, Buster, ya hear?

Knock! Knock!

I wonder if they have a wing that highlights what "a heck of a job" his disgusting administration did during the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. I really hope so. I've only been to Dallas, Texas once - and that was a very long time ago. I don't imagine I'll be passing through the town any time soon, but that alone would be worth the price of the journey! Can you imagine the job it took to sugarcoat that one? It was Katrina, more than anything else, that finally woke the American people up to the horrible realization that sending these idiots to Washington was an error of incalculable dimensions.

I can remember the first time I ever laid eyes on George W. Bush. It was in May of 1988, when his father was being seriously challenged in the South Carolina primaries by the preacher-from-hell, Pat Robertson. He was being interviewed on NBC News, telling the correspondent that no one was "gonna whup" his daddy. If you had told me then and there that in 13 years this inarticulate jackass would be the president of the United States of America I would have said, "Have another sip". As Fats Waller liked to say, "One never knows, does one."

tom degan

Tom Degan
The Rant

Tuesday, 30 April 2013