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At a time when diplomatic relationships between the United States and our most trusted allies in Europe, including the United Kingdom and France need to be strengthened, President Trump seems determined to “deconstruct” the diplomatic state of affairs that have bound us together since the end of World War II. Terrorist attacks in these two countries have tested a commitment to democracy there while the daily deluge of mounting investigative evidence suggesting collusion between Putin and Trump have raised caution flags here about the strength of our own democratic principles. Democratic governance is under attack and a staunch and united response is needed now more than ever.

buy trump out

This is not a partisan or even a political concern. It is a reflection of concern that transcends mere politics and sends shivers up and down the spine of those dedicated to the notion that freedom and liberty serve as a bulwark of our collective democratic experiences. Donald Trump has clearly shown that he has no earthy conception of the seriousness or sophistication of diplomacy and hence cannot be relied upon to lead the charge. He has no idea of the historical perspectives that have shaped either domestic or international policies, but more troubling his impetuous and confused statements are not only a poor defense but actually a detriment to the defense of democracy.

He is absolutely clueless as to how to inspire constructive interpersonal relationships, as exhibited on his recent trip to the NATO and G7 meetings. His judgment with respect to choosing leaders to either admire outwardly or praise in telephone conversations or demean through his uncontrollable tweet disease shows he is clearly not responsible enough to make life and death decisions on the world stage.

His inability to comprehend the basics of the American governmental decision, including the most elemental workings of the three branches of government or an appreciation for the role of the Fourth Estate, let alone any fundamental knowledge of federalism and coordination between state, local and national governments is abominable. And he has yet to confront a full blown crisis. He has basically rendered himself irrelevant and needs to be muzzled.

Mr. Trump, leave the hard stuff to the professionals and stay on the golf course. In other words, STFU!

His juvenile misapplication of context in responding to The Mayor of London’s call to bring reassurance to a populace traumatized by the the horrendous attacks this weekend are frightening. Mr. Trump, leave the hard stuff to the professionals and stay on the golf course. In other words, STFU! You are so out of your league that you are a danger to the world. You need to bow out gracefully, if possible, and let others who are capable of handling complex and difficult decisions take the helm.

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Since the only metric by which to measure the value of any situation in Trumpworld is by the almighty dollar I think I may have an answer to the threat posed by this dangerous lunatic. How bout we simply buy him out? Seriously, he obviously is not up to the job, does not like it, and is so flustered by its complexities that it is having a paralyzing influence on his already addled brain let’s do him and the world a favor.

Offer him $1 billion in cash to simply walk away from the White House. It will give him more time to be with his family, he can dabble in real estate with more than a modicum of liquidity, but more importantly it will remove him from any position of power that can alter the shape and direction of the world. As a taxpayer I will gladly sacrifice my tax dollars for such an expenditure.

Consider this transaction as money well spent, the return on investment is solid, it is a win-win proposition all the way around. Oh, and if he balks, whether it be from a tactical negotiating perspective or just plain ego, commission John McCain to present him with the ultimatum to either accept the deal or risk going to prison for treason or impeachment for obstruction of justice. If neither is convincing enough threaten to invoke the 25th Amendment.

We simply cannot allow this man-child to be in the position he occupies one day longer than possible. He is poised to do something atrociously evil that will affect large numbers of innocent people as his stress levels build to a point of bursting. He is a sick man and by all rights belongs in a secure facility with plenty of medications. And this is not said tongue in cheek, it is said with all seriousness and concern. The fuse is lit and it is only a matter of time before all hell will break loose. To my Republican friends you will need to step up to the plate and do what is good for the country and the world. Failure to do so could be catastrophic.

To the rest of the civilized world, simply don’t pay any attention to what he says, either in speeches or in tweets. Disregard him, ignore him, and bear with us while we sort out what is obviously an intolerable and dangerous situation. On behalf of humanity, the people of the United States apologize and are profoundly embarrassed.


Lance Simmens