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The media circus over the standoff between rancher Cliven Bundy and the Feds in Nevada reminded me of the time the Ku Klux Klan visited the Kentucky town where I was a newspaper reporter.

domestic terrorists

The bed sheet brigade was hoping for some publicity. The local media didn’t oblige.

When it dawned on the Klowns that nobody from the fourth estate was coming to give them a platform from which to spew their hate, they packed up their hoods and sheets, furled their Confederate battle flags and decamped, never to return to my knowledge.

Bundy and the assorted right-wing crazies who rallied to him crave the limelight, too. The national media obliged and gave the Bundy bunch way more press than their story merited.

Thanks to the media, they got the national forum they wanted. At the same time, the militia yahoos who showed up at the showdown loved it when Nevada Sen. Harry Reid called them “domestic terrorists.”

Heat-packing, conspiracy-fantasizing paranoid wackos they are. However unwittingly, Reid played into their hands.

His slam made them heroes to fellow fanatics of the far, far right fringe. (It seems appropriate that Bundy’s spread is near a town called Bunkerville.)

Unintentionally to be sure, Reid also provided rich fodder for the reactionary blovinators on radio and TV and for the internet nuttynet.

Berry Craig

Anyway, the Bundy bunch would have been bummed big time had the media mostly left them alone to sweat in the Silver State sun, rant and rave to the cows and coyotes and form a gun-toting group hug against Uncle Socialist and the guy in the White House whose skin color is rocket fuel for their hatred.

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Berry Craig

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