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Democracy Take Back

Truth is a liability. It can be championed only at a cost. Therefore, the victors of society, with more to lose, always have more to gain, by avoiding truth.

When in the course of the healthy evolution of mankind, it becomes obvious that corrupt oligarchical corporate structures are mutating and dissolving the natural bonds of love and understanding which connect the people of one generation to another, both past and future, it becomes incumbent on us to declare and destroy the causes of this disgraceful disharmony.

The history of Anglo-American, menopausal, mendacious men ruling the planet, has been a history of the continuous destruction of the harmonious laws of nature, all having the objective of creating a tyranny of power by the materialistic aging ruling class, over the gentle peace-loving people of the world.

These old white debauched American rulers have maintained continuous war against other species of life, spreading a lethal carpet of bombs and drones over the body of the earth. Now, with assassination of an Iranian leader, they have at last created an imperial suicide, a Dr. Strangelove style self-immolation, as they continue to glorify the material values of resource acquisition, while degrading and disregarding the spiritual.

It is the mindless and soullessness of the powerful that is the real immorality of our time, for with it, there is associated the organized irresponsibility, that is presently the most destructive of the national system of corporate power.

When the plunder of sovereign nations becomes a way of life for a group of immoral men in society, they create for themselves over time, a legal system that authorizes it.

When the plunder of sovereign nations becomes a way of life for a group of immoral men in society, they create for themselves over time, a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it, and a corporate media that short circuits peoples' critical facilities, by ignoring our country's atrocities around the world.

After World War I, Germany being successfully cut off from the Russian and Middle East oil, soulless men of the British Round Table, secretly by prior wartime agreement of Rockefeller oil in America, obtained a "protectorate" status over Palestine (Israel), and the important oil-producing areas, especially Iraq. These arrogant, racist anglos evil conspiring, established a protectorate over Palestine that set the stage for their planned creation of a Jewish state. This intent was proclaimed to British Zionists in a letter from Britain's Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, to the banking Czar, Walter Lord Rothschild, representing the English Federation of Zionists.The letter became known as the Balfour Declaration, which was not implemented until after World War II. The craven imperial planners of new world geo-politics knew during secret meetings at the Versailles Treaty talks after World War I, that the Jewish population was to be used after World War II, as a ploy by the British and American corporate and government fascists to create a Jewish homeland located in Palestine, beholden to British and American oil oligarchs for survival, while surrounded by a pack of of squabbling, Balkanized Arab states.

In 1946, the lineage of these evil subversive men that created the Jewish homeland, men of the Republican controlled Congress, the willing tools of crony capitalism, overturned the passage of the Army's orientation course Program 64, which was to teach recruits about the evils of fascism. They were trying to offset the fascist propaganda circulating at the time.The fascist propaganda was glorifying war, insisting it was smart and realistic to be pitiless and violent, against other countries. The Republican controlled pro-fascist Congress voted against Program 64. They did not want the new recruits to know what they were fighting against.

These men in their craven lust for a tyranny of power, created in 1950, the National Security Council Document 68, NSC 68, that turned the United States decisively away from New Deal social programs, to endless military buildup, exaggerating the "Soviet threat," setting up the cultural course of war, and the heresy hunt on sovereign nations for generations to come.

In the 1970s these corrupt militant American officials admitted in news conferences, that they were "neo-Malthusians." Malthus, was an English clergyman who, in 1798, wrote an essay claiming that human populations expanded geometrically, while the growth of their food expanded only linearly. The Malthusians then came to believe that populations must be limited, and, if necessary, governments should enhance the operations of war to produce needed mortality. Consistent with this craven pseudo-science, Henry Kissinger produced in April 1974, the highly classified National State Security Memorandum 200 (NSSM), directed to Washington high level secret team officialdom, defining a program aimed at population reduction in Third World countries possessing needed raw materials. Kissinger listed 13 countries for population control, including Brazil, Venezuela, India, Egypt, Mexico, Ethiopia, Columbia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Africa and other countries.

These men have, in their lust for control, set up systems of compulsory education, where civics and government is not taught, in order to malign the minds of the young, and destroy truth and wisdom.

In their lust for power, they have controlled the media, and all means of communication, in order to prevent the free flow of information, and truth.In their lust to control the mind of man, they have socially engineered a society of the endless vapid spectacle of sports, titulation and distraction that glorifies violence, guns, murder and sexual exploitation. In their fear, they have created great armies of secret police to spy on the people.

In their fear, they have invaded our internet privacy and sanctioned illegal search and seizure, unwarranted arrest, and contemptuous harassment, and created a private, for profit prison system.

In their greed for immense profit, they created the regressive tax system of supply side economics, now cloaking it with the disingenuous terminology of neoliberalism. For their amoral profit, they have polluted the air, the rivers, and the seas. In their greed, they have bribed and instituted a political system of financial fraud and banker criminality which has forced mankind into a plastic conformity of debt peonage, and despairing alienation.

In their anger, they have set up an economic system that coerces the young, against their will, to join their killing armies and wage murderous wars against the innocent and gentle people of other sovereign nations.In their mania for power and control, they have created a political extortion industry, of corporations being considered people, and money being free speech, making an un-empowered politically engineered anxious class subservient to the one-percent over class.

They have in every manner, attempted to impose a robotized uniformity, in order to crush sovereignty, individuality, independence, and freedom of speech and thought.

Yet, they never admit a mistake. They unceasingly blather about the virtue of greed and war and faux democracy building. The good and soulful admit their past misdeeds, and seek forgiveness, redemption and atonement, while the bad, the evil and the misanthropes in power, driven by their unconscionable greed, continue to create incalculable human suffering for millions, always denying their trespasses.

Their obvious errors and Potus's daily multitude of lies only sickly stimulate them to greater destructive pathologies of error and noisier narcissist self-approval and delusion.

The fallen empire of the United States, will now use Iran, as their scapegoat for failed U.S. policies in the Middle East, and their abject failures in their heresy hunts, in the war against religious Shiism.

The fallen empire of the United States, will now use Covid 19 and blame China, the economic powerhouse that is building real trusting friendships in countries around the world, for causing the worldwide pandemic.

These immoral imperialists, these Pentagon generals dressed in the decorated uniforms of mental straight jackets, these Congressional representatives, Republicans and Democrats, two parties obsequious to the same donor class, these Congressmen who on December 17, 1999, during the impeachment hearings of POTUS, approved a 1.4 trillion Defense Authorization Act and struck from the legislation, the requirements of Congressional approval of any act of war, have in their greed, and acts of insider trading, perpetuated an economy that makes the killing machine of the manufacture and selling of weapons the basis of our economy.

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It's as if, these abhorrent humans, infatuated by their own corrupt wealth creation, have been mentally transported into some unconscionable addiction to a god complex, where they claim private, personal ownership of God's land, driving by force of arms, the gentle from their passage on the earth.

We have warned the propertied class of their iniquities in their immoral brandishing of imperial power and blind aggression. We have attempted to point out their warped and withered sense of righteousness. Yet, worshiping only force and money, they listen to only force and money.

The class struggle is the backdrop to the framing of our Constitution in 1787. At the Constitutional Convention, our Founding Fathers were very conscious of the anger they saw in parts of the colonies, and the rising of the poor against the rich. General Henry Knox wrote to George Washington: "These people, because they fought and won the Revolution, against England, think that they are entitled to an equal share of the wealth of this country."

Our Constitution was formed in the fear of trouble, in the shadows of Shays' Rebellion, the uprisings of farmers in western Massachusetts protesting unfair taxes, and in the shadows of slave uprisings and the active protests of the poor. Our founders, 55 rich white men all of the wealthy propertied class, wanted to set up a strong federal government that would have an army that could control things, put down rebellions, and as they said in one of the Federalist Papers, filter the grievances of the people through a legislative body, the Senate, so that by the time the grievances made their way through the Senate, the anger and bitterness of the people would be softened.

The Senate would appease the anger and anguish coming from the House of Representatives, and temper the passions coming directly from the people. The system constructed by the Founding Fathers, did nothing to take care of poverty and class division in the country.

The Declaration of Independence was indeed a very remarkable historical document that had never been promised before. Yet, the original words of the original Articles of Confederation, the first Constitution of the United States, were changed by the fearful and arrogant propertied class, from, an equal right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property, to, "the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." They were motivated by their economic self-interest to construct a type of government that would protect their wealth against "an excess of democracy," as Alexander Hamilton called it. Those wealthy men did not agree with the liberating agenda, born out of the European Enlightenment, of the common people of our country, who had risked their lives to repel the unjust chains of the British Empire.

It was land and property that became the first species of the privileged. The founders did not try to establish a monarchy, but instead made wealth the king. These selfish men altered the triumvirate of Enlightenment era rights. The aspirations of "we the people," were disregarded by the wealthy Federalists who wrote the current US Constitution. They enthroned wealth as the repository of the right to govern.

There was nothing in these slave owners' Constitution about economics, and about the rights of working people. There was nothing in the Constitution that granted the right of a job, the right of social security, the right of health care, the right of housing, nothing.

If we're going to change society, we cannot depend on something created more than 230 years ago by the Founding Fathers, and we cannot depend on a narcissistic mafia don as president, and the Pentagon "deep state" war machine that controls him. Nor can we depend on a bribed Congress and a co-opted Supreme Court.

Democracy does not come from the top. Democracy comes from ordinary people, you and me, seeing what we have in common and seeing what we are lacking.

If we have no anger at our country's moral less actions, anger at its willful mendacities, anger at its blithe indifference, anger at its murdering hordes, anger at it smug myths, anger at its exploitative habits, anger at its catastrophic wastes, anger at the smile on the Republicans' hyena hungry faces, anger at Trump's corruption and stupidity, anger at the electoral system and corrupt paperless computer voting system that vomited up Trump and Bush, and anger at the Republican hypocrisies, then you belong to the fascist tyranny that is destroying Democratic liberties around the world.

When you and I get together, we combine our energies. We protest together, we demand things together, we walk the streets in protest together, and we protest in the suites together.

This is how we can make change happen and get close to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

When, in the course of human events, it becomes incumbent on, "we the people," to repudiate and dispel the obsolete societal behaviors that have estranged man from his consciousness, we then must join together and create with all the youthful energies of the world, evolutionary and revolutionary communities, free from the corporate tyranny of fossil fuels, and the corporate tyranny of non-organic processed industrialized foods, and corporate farming, full of deadly animal fats, sugars, salts and chemical additives.

Our call to action must include, ending the corporate tyranny of fossil fuels, and global warming, by living light on the earth, by eliminating meat from our diets, as it represents more than 20% of greenhouse gases, through animal release of methane gases. We must actively support the "Green New Deal," of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Sunrise Student Movement.

We must actively secure the rights of Palestinians, and support the Boycott Disinvestment and Sanction Movement, BDS, against Israel, and the powerful, militaristic, unjust killing lobby of the American Israeli Political Action Committee, AIPAC.

Most importantly, we must fight the tyranny of banking and finance, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the European Central Bank, and the United States Treasury, that is impoverishing the world, by supporting the Global Insurrection against Banker Occupation, GIABO, by joining the Bit-Coin currency network, a politically neutral, currency of peace, our modern alternative to the bankrupt fiat currency of the petro-dollar.

We must fight to secure these rights, and then we as citizens of the earth, can declare our love and compassion for all the conflicted hate-carrying, greedy, war-mongering men and women of this tender world.


We the people," will stand as Socrates stood, like a marching, enlightened pillar of light and right, in the black desert of history. Our march will be made successful by millions of our dusty hands, all from a shared long lineage, born and strewn of the sucking muck, slime, and the bribes and corruption of banker occupation, and financial oligarchy, from which all humanity, will soon, no longer struggle.

It is our transcendent enduring duty, our call to action.

Tim Duff

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