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Innocence isn’t the right word for what the American people seem to project. It’s more like infantile purity. The people of the world seem tired and old, in spite of the youth of some. They are made jaded and cynical, knowing they can’t control the things that are important.

Unless something carries a gigantic personal price tag, they shrug their shoulders and say: Why bother?

Ours has become a desiccated world of triviality and war, without ideals, and living in it is like living in a desert. What is the political half-life of the American promise and lie that NATO would not expand into Eastern Europe?

With the promise, the ideal, brazenly broken, the evil leviathan has set the trap, the bait set.

To this day, no one seems to know who is guilty, but these are very retributive times, and someone has to pay.

A hell of a lot of bloodshed and war making has gone by, but has that made a difference in the way future generations will run things. Evil machinations for centuries have guilt coddled the world work force into thinking of its digital pay envelope as an entitlement.

The psychological violence permeating life in America and the world is smothering society everywhere. There may be good, even big money in mass anger, but it is the devil’s gold.

The business of Congress and their K Street unelected lobbyists is to keep the American people sullen but not mutinous, capitalizing on the seams of vindictiveness that can be bored into and mined, and traded on Wall Street by Congressional insider trading.

Scattered all across New York and Washington are the dull suited, oily lawyers drilling loopholes like pipelines through the very ventricles of equity. They and their commodious mental software from safe havens like Liechtenstein and Hong Kong, along with their bankers and accountants from Zurich, the Isle of Man and Aruba, provide presence by proxy to clients who wish their participation to be secret.

They have spent decades, centuries really of never telling the truth, yet these back office officialdom to oligarchy, who are always dripping the undisguised class ridden contempt of Anglo-arrogance and power, are never worn down by good conscience, in dealing with the deflections and obliquities of their dirty duty dance.

The globe-girdling tentacles that they whore for have curled around and grasped the entire known universe of human sentience and useful commercial enterprise.

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It’s incredible the power evil, corrupt, and mafia men have on people who are essentially honest and good. Their evil influence, the sucking sound of their deference, their bronzy, boomy and boozy influence that multiple zeros, and eight and nine figure investment accounts make on people’s minds, their calculated calculus of ambivalence, are entirely destructive, lacking any enduring ideals.

Relativism is their crutch word for the denial of all fixed values, making everything subject to change or disposal, especially if there are millions or an ego trip in it.

When in doubt, they go dumb, dumber and dumbest, taking it so far down, putting extreme degrees of dystopian pressure on man’s brain. The pen being mightier than the sword, went out for them with the dodo. They’ve maliciously combined Rome, Hollywood and Television; the Holy Trinity of the Dumb, the numb confusion of self-neutralizing emotions.

A billion people around the world, the global middle classes, are terrified of the homicidal underclass and barely getting by. They are too scared because of Covid to go out of the house, stewing in resentment as they sit in front of the tube, thumb punching their iPhones in isolation, easy prey for the mental junk food manufacturer. They, we, are no longer a captive audience but rather a trapped audience.

They have rinsed the brains of the world audience to the point they believe that what they’re told is true. They have created a population hooked on banal spectacle that has an IQ level of about the national speed limit.

Millions of Americans' political philosophy comes down to one word: against. Against this race or that tribe or that faith, against war, against peace, against the rich, against the poor, against their own well being, societal sociopaths feeding each other’s fury, as their neural machinery is becoming pre-prehistoric.

Web sites have long existed for every hatred, deviancy, socioeconomic grudge or dystopian doctrine. It was as if Satan had reached out a digital finger and, like God tapping Adam’s forefinger, gave flaming life to the pathology of sadism and American evil.

This is what Versailles must have been like in the days of Louis XIV. All hope and connection, potential and future, dependent upon and governed for the tiniest gradations of royal acknowledgment, forcing the emotional calipers to a faint kingly grin, the precise angulation of an imperial arched eyebrow, and the smallest incline of the royal head.

We’ve been mentally transported into a weird archaic game of phoniness that uneasily mixes up an ancien regime's snootiness with nouveau riche pushiness, where everyone is trying to be someone else in a contest for undefined laurels and rewards.

Americans who constantly gripe about how America has changed are ignorant of the likely root cause, or at least a defining viral symptom. Since 9/11, a virtual monopoly on anger, antipathy, and self-pity has filled America like virus laden pollen.

We must have an enlightened freshness of spirit, un contaminated by the daily hustle, by the millions, or by craven calculation, and greed.

A new breed of rough worn and unspoiled enlightened people, is sorely needed, a modern day reformation and epiphany of Galahads in buckskin, bringing back the birth of enduring ideals to a desiccated world.