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"Don't Wear Obama T-Shirts to the Polls", says Office of L.A. County Voter Registrar

We've all seen a slew of emails distributed that warn Obama supporters to refrain from wearing Obama T-Shirts when they go to the polls. When I first saw these warnings, I went to the California Secretary of State website to see if I could find an official position posted.

I thought I might find something in the FAQs (frequently asked questions) or maybe in the Voter Bill of Rights online pamphlet. After several attempts at locating specific language that clearly states that the wearing of campaign t-shirts to the polls violates election rules, I found nothing specific. So I telephoned the Los Angeles County Voter Registrar.

The person I spoke with told me it was, indeed, against election rules to wear campaign T-Shirts to the polls but when I asked him where I could find such a rule posted, he could not find the site. He then put me on hold for about 3 minutes. When he returned he told me that the L.A. County Voter Registrar also needed clarity on this issue so the office asked the Secretary of State to send them a document.

The letter that refers to this rule was sent by the California Secretary of State's Office to the L.A. County Voter Registrar's Office. I have a copy because the person at the L.A. County Voter Registrar's office was kind enough to send it to me and, I might add, within 15 minutes of me asking for it. Good Job! Here it is:

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Evan Goldberg, Chief Deputy Secretary of State spotted this post and provided a link to the entire document put out by the Secretary of State's office on this issue in September.

Evan also provided a link to the County Elections Officials

Thank You Evan!

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