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Welcome to CONNECT THE DOTS. I’m your host Lila Garrett, scared to death. As we approach the finish line, which easily could be today December 19th, when the Electoral College votes Trump in…..or, let us pray, votes him out, it is clear we are looking at the future not just of our country, but the world. What’s at stake?

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Electoral College: What's at Stake?—Lila Garrett

First, certainly our democracy. What’s most amazing is how vulnerable it is. We have been wallowing in pride over our founding fathers, our Constitution, our system of checks and balances, our diverse population of many colors genders and religions, living together in 3 ½ million square miles which make up the United States, and managing it. Not perfectly, not without threats to this minority or that, but hanging in there nevertheless.

How did we, the richest most powerful democracy in the world, allow a paranoid narcissist to sweep aside our democratic institutions, line up a cabinet who are determined to destroy the very agency they head.

What’s at stake? Certainly our position as leader of the free world. If we are going to be honest, we didn't exactly earn that position. We demanded it. Sometimes countries welcomed it like Hawaii and Alaska (they used to be separate countries, remember?) Sometimes it took persuasion, violent persuasion—Korea, Vietnam, most of South America. And of course we have a thousand or so military bases around the world, whether they’re welcome or not. One of the largest is Rumstein, in a free nation that is proud of its own sovereignty—Germany. We decided long ago no country is going to have a stronger military than the United States. And no country has. Despite that, Trump is going to double it. So even though, despite our hunger for empire, we don’t own all the world’s countries, they seek our approval to do just about anything….or else.

What’s at stake if we continue on this path? The physical beauty of our country for one thing. Think a minute…except for 9-11 and, long ago, Pearl Harbor, we have never been attacked. The 9-11 attack involved two buildings and killed 3000 people. We’ve allowed our rage over 9-11 to rule our foreign policy ever since. Two buildings, 3000 people. Unthinkable. Infuriating.

Ironically, instead of teaching us the horrors of war, it seemed to free us to do the same to others. With our endless war policy destroying two buildings and killing 3000 people is all in a day’s work to us. We have been waging random war ever since. 9-11 was the catalytic agent that set our endless war policy from George W Bush and the Iraq and Afghanistan debacles, to the present.

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Under Obama we’ve been attacking at least seven countries….including Bush’s two, which are still raging. Add to that Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and God knows where else. Meanwhile the arms industry is ecstatic. And the media is mysteriously reticent to note that or to check on our constant wars. They’re too busy exaggerating the effect of Russia’s “hacking” our election.

Endless war has created the horror of ISIS…the rogue band of avengers with the grotesque practice of killing when and how they choose. On MSNBC, last week the news ticker that runs through their programs proudly reported that we had killed 50,000 members of ISIS. How do they know those were all ISIS members? They don't. Bombs, drones and missiles don’t ask for your identity before they blow you up.

Trump once raged that he would “carpet bomb the bastards”. Well, he can relax. We do carpet bomb them…and we take thousands of innocent victims with them. Aleppo is the poster child for the results of such attacks. Even though the perpetrators there were Russia and Iran the results were the same. They always are. Turn homes into graves and innocents into corpses is the drill.

So the question is, how did we, the richest most powerful democracy in the world, allow a paranoid narcissist to sweep aside our democratic institutions, line up a cabinet who are determined to destroy the very agency they head. How did we allow ourselves to get to a place where we are reeling helplessly while one war loving ego-maniac (my apologies to ego-maniacs) creates a plutocracy run by himself and his children. Maybe he has a kingdom in mind. We are moving backwards at such speed it would be no surprise. Have we, with all our military might, no defense against such a takeover? Or did Trump actually lose the election by 3 million votes and still somehow win it.

Have we a Congress whose greatest skill is rolling over? Or, most outrageous of all, have we a system where our vote doesn't count….literally.

Lila Garrett
Connect the Dots